These Women Had A Choice To Make…What Would You Choose?

If someone asked you whether you were average or beautiful what would you say?

Well in this short video clip a group of women were asked this question and you might be surprised by their response.

After you watch this you might start to rethink how you feel about yourself.

Many of us are waiting for someone else to ‘make’ us feel beautiful. We want others to say things or act in a certain way to improve the way we feel about ourselves. Is this really someone else responsibility? Do they really have the power to do this or perhaps it’s a choice we all have the power to make ourselves?

How can you NOT be beautiful??? Every aspect of you is sheer beauty. Your eyes, your skin, your hair, your breath, your nails, your beating heart, and yes, your soul. You are an exquisite expression of beauty.

If you could put aside 4 minutes today to watch this clip it will elevate the way you see yourself.

Then after you’ve watched this please share with us below what choice would you make? One word – Average or Beautiful?

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