How To Find Enlightenment…

Enlightenment is much closer to you than you think.

When I first heard about enlightenment, this utopian realm of equanimical bliss and love, I became hungry for that experience. This became my single focus. I wanted to have this experience. I read book after book, went to seminars, talks, energetic healing, chakra cleansing, retreats and I meditated day after day, all the while constantly in search of this nirvana.

Years went by and the bliss and lightness became more of my reality. This spurred me on with my quest. And then, one day, it dawned on me during one of my meditations.

I was experiencing spaciousness, bliss, timelessness, and egoless-ness. It was deep and still. There was no me. There was love and lightness, but no me. Then it dawned on me, that for all those years in my search for enlightenment, I wasn’t trying to find something. What I was really doing was not find something but lose something. I was losing my ego, my false identity, slowly day by day, dissolving the me that identifies with relativity.

What is the ego? It’s the identity that distinguishes itself as different from the ‘other’. It’s the identity that is defined by relating, through the perceptions of ‘others’ and circumstance. It’s the you that has highs and lows or that suffers when expectations aren’t met. It’s the you that worries about the future or regrets about the past. It’s the you that searches for a loving relationship,  the you that is ecstatic when you find it, and miserable when you lose it.

There in that moment in meditation, it became apparent that I had dissolved the ‘thing’ that was impeding my ability to experience my Self. This nirvana was me, is me, and always will be me. I am That. I ‘realised’ that I always was enlightened, it’s the core of who I am. How could I not see or feel it? It was blocked, hidden behind the veil of my ego. But through daily practices that veil slowly dissolved to reveal the very essence of who I was.
That is Light, Love, and Bliss. Non-changing Beingness.

You are already enlightened, it’s not anywhere but already within you. You are That.

Then I concluded my meditation, opened my eyes, and proceeded with my day, dealing with traffic jams, grocery shopping, queues, clashing trolleys, and snarling drivers. In the stimulation and activity, life returned to relativity and so to did the ego. I was responsive and affected by relating. And the journey continues, day by day removing the thing that’s not myself to reveal my SELF.…how fun!

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