Why Did This Facebook Post About Not Posting Have More Likes Than Any Other Post?

It’s ironic isn’t it? I post about how I didn’t feel like posting on Instagram and Facebook and I get more likes and comments on that post than any other post I’d put out. Life is such a polarity yeh?! Why did this post get so much traction?

In the post I explained that I had experienced a number of events and experiences that were confronting and challenging, and this inspired me to go inward, to pull back, and be introspective. As a meditation teacher there is often a preconceived idea that you are blissed out and exuding love and light all day every day. Well not only is this not the case for me, it seems it is not the case for any teacher, leader or sage that I had come across in my travels and research. Even great enlightened Masters like Paramahansa Yoganada, Ram Dass, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Osho revealed their own inner conflict at times on their path.

For this reason I felt compelled to put the post out there. I grappled with it for a couple of days before posting it. Did I really want to show my vulnerability? Did I really want to expose myself like that? Did I want to pull everyone else into my story? Well interestingly what this post inspired was a huge opening of discussion and heart felt support. Support not just for my own current situation but also support for being open, raw, real and vulnerable.

It felt to me that the one thing people are appreciating more is realness and authenticity. It’s all too easy to share our joyous moments drinking turmeric chai lattes at sunrise on a beach, some awesome yoga pose on the edge of a forest at sunset or drinking champagne in your business class seat on your way to Maui! How do we manage social media and the realness of life? I’ve grappled with this for a while. How do I find balance in what I share? Obviously we don’t want to be posting our drab days sulking around the house in our worn out tracksuit pants and t-shirt (I.e. read pyjamas) navel-gazing about the meaning of life. It seems by default that social media will only reveal one aspect of our polarised existence, and that’s our happy, successful side.

I haven’t seen too many (any at all!) selfies in the bathroom mirror at 6am with bags under your eyes, hair like a birds nest, spots on your face and bloodshot eyes after a restless nights sleep grappling with a busy mind and a bombardment of EMF’s into your brain all night supported by ensuing hashtags #lovemylife #feelawesome. What you will get is a cheeky snap of someone in the mirror of their apartment block lift dressed to the nines, made up like a supermodel and on their way to the opening of a new restaurant. #rockstar #glamourlife

Up until now on the days that I don’t feel completely blissed out and eternally grateful for life I simply don’t post. But then this is extreme filtering and not really representing my true life. Do you want to hear about the mundane dull days where nothing much is going on and I am just getting through it as best I can? I doubt it. So how do we proceed into this new frontier of documenting all aspects of our life? I know some friends that post 1 photo a day and 6-10 story videos each and every day! And in each one they are doing epic things and they look like they are living a perfect life. In reality I know this isn’t the case and what it has the potential to do is make other people feel like their life is substandard in relative terms.

I don’t have the answer…. I’m simply asking questions. Perhaps you have more insight into this? Please share, as I’d love to open up a discussion below on the role of social media and how it might be causing an undercurrent of discontent and disconnect.

Why Social Media Has You Addicted


Do you check your social media at traffic lights?

Do you take your phone to the toilet?

Do you feel compelled to share an image of your meals on Instagram?

The reason you can’t help but post your feelings and photos on social media could go deeper than you think.

I was at the beach this morning and went for a walk on the rocks with my family when we came across these amazing rock formations.

It was really quite beautiful and I went to grab my phone to take a photo and share it on Instagram and realised I didn’t have my phone with me as I was in swimmers.

I was quite surprised at how disappointed I felt when I realised I wasn’t able to share it with you all.

Then it got me thinking. Why was I so compelled to share something as simple as a rock feature with you?

It wasn’t that exciting, I mean it was rocks! But I saw something beautiful and felt compelled to share it not just with my family, but with all of you also. This phenomenon is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

There seems to be a planetary shift where the world is drawn to sharing many of their experiences with as many people as possible.

Each day on Instagram I scroll through photos of green smoothies, cappuccinos, glasses of wine, fireworks, feet in the sand, flowers, clouds … it goes on and on. Is this the WE era Michael Drew talks about in Pendulum? In this book, Michael proposes that these cycles from ME to WE swing back and forth every 30 or so years. He suggests we entered a WE era in the early 2000’s and the creation of social media is part of this process. In the WE period, you will see the growth of communities, collaborations and sharing. There will be a sense of Unity, that we are all in this together.

Portals like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Kik and Voxer are they manifestations of this energetic force of cohesiveness?

It’s impossible to deny that humanity is more technologically connected and than ever before. I have friends in remote regions of Bali, Burma, India, Albania and Kenya among many other countries. They are able to send me photos and thoughts daily through social media.

We can resist as much as we like but the shift is here and it’s going to continue to evolve. Cultures, religions, and traditions- all barriers of separation are slowly breaking down.

It just so happens that social media is one of the vehicles that is driving this process. Another one that is a big part of the WE period is meditation. In meditation we dissolve the boundaries of separation, whether they are ideological or physical. In meditation we transcend our separation and individuality and merge into the field of Oneness. We are also seeing the formation of large groups of people meditating together more often. These large group sittings of stillness such as Med Mobs and Stillness In The City are spreading across the globe as nearly as fast as social media!

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