How to Cure Insomnia and Dive Deep In Meditation

If you are struggling to go deep in meditation or fall asleep at night it usually means the same thing…an addiction to thinking. I used to have the most chronic insomnia, taking me hours to fall asleep each night, and that changed dramatically to the point where I would fall asleep in minutes! In this short video I share some tips on how to fall asleep quickly and also go deep in meditation.

Going Deep In Mediation and Curing Insomnia

Are you struggling to go deep in meditation OR suffering from insomnia? Well in this video we cover both of these and how you can sleep better and go deeper in meditation.

Posted by The Stillness Project on Saturday, 6 July 2019


Tom is a meditation teacher, author, corporate speaker and personal coach. He provides one on one coaching as well as group coaching in his Zen Academy for Transformational Leadership. For his 21-day, meditation program Faster Deeper Bliss click here. To contact Tom about receiving his guidance or booking him to speak at your company click here.

A Tip On How To Keep Your Sanity And Thrive While Being A Parent!

So you have just been through an intense few months of carrying a young human around in your belly, then you go through a 20 hour labour that is beyond any pain you may have ever experienced or will ever experience, you’re completely exhausted, then you are given a little fragile child to look after 24/7 with no manual!

Welcome to parenting! I realise this isn’t the way it is for everyone, but it’s how it was for my wife only it was slightly different, it wasn’t one child it was two! Being a new parent is an incredibly challenging time that can place a big strain not only on your own health and happiness but also on your relationship. Yet ironically it’s in this time that you really need to bond and support each other, and also have a heap of overflow for these beautiful little beings that have entered the world.

In this clip I share how meditation can play a big part in you getting through these difficult and challenging times. For instance, my wife would meditate while breast feeding during the night which would help throw off fatigue and release more serotonin and oxytocin into her body keeping her feeling elevated. So if you are about to enter into parenthood or are currently a parent check out this this clip below.

If you have young children then check out my kids book Missy Moo Meditates. In this book you will go on a journey as Missy Moo teaches her sister Boo how to meditate. Not only will your child learn to meditate while reading the book, but you will also receive a bonus guided meditation Mp3 to download and use whenever you want. Our whole family would sit on the sofa, turn off the lights and do this guided meditation before bed and the kids would sleep so well after it! Check it out here.

A Video I’d Rather Not Have To Make

It is with deep regret that we recently see another member of our community take their life leaving behind very sad family, friends and colleagues. The ripple effect of this is huge. Their deep depression and ensuing action to end that pain spreads far and wide. This person had been using medication for depression and bi-polar however it wasn’t enough to remove the darkness.
Is there more we can do when we are faced with this dis-ease and dis-connect? What else can we do to support us through these dark times and help us come out the other side into the light?
Check out my short video…

If you are experiencing anxiety, panic or depression then here is my free book to help overcome these. This book reveals a wholistic approach to living a calm, happy and purpose-filled life.

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Why Awareness About Mental Health Simply Isn’t Enough

smilingIn the last few years in Australia we’ve seen a rapid increase in organisations specialising in mental health awareness. Some are privately run through sponsorship funding and some governmentally funded. What’s inspired this growth is the dramatic increase in poor mental health in our society. These bodies are reportedly seeing huge increases in anxiety and depression across the population.

On one hand it is great that we are bringing awareness to this issue, but on the other hand, the question is….What are they doing about resolving the issue? Have we seen a decrease since these organisations have appeared on the scene or has the issue continued to balloon?

I applied as a speaker at one of the organisations a while ago, offering my services to support those who may have suffered with anxiety or depression. In the interview process, they asked me what sort of topics I would be discussing in my presentations, to which I replied:
“Effective strategies to overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety, panic and depression.”

“Oh No. We don’t like to discuss strategies, we are about awareness.” They replied.

I was a bit confused.

What does awareness alone do to help people recover from a lack of mental health? Don’t these people need strategies and a process to go through to help them recover and regain their mental health back? Apparently this was not what this incredibly well funded organisation was about.

Needless to say, they declined my application.

If someone sat down in front of you and they said they were physically unhealthy, would you talk about it or propose some steps they take to improve their health? No doubt, you might suggest they exercise 3 times a week, make veggie juices, go to bed before 10pm, stretch 2-3 times a week, drink 2 litres of filtered water a day, avoid drinking too much alcohol, decrease their sugar, gluten and processed foods.

It wouldn’t be a complex process but one that once applied would certainly bring about an improvement in someone’s physical health. It shouldn’t require huge amounts of discussion and awareness, just being proactive and empowered in making choices and presenting an option. Once they take that option and embark on those steps, invariably we see their physical health improve.

The very same goes for mental health. Being mentally healthy is a process. It requires action. It requires processes. It’s not complicated to get the basics of mental health. The foundation of being mentally healthy is quite simple and presenting the options to those suffering is the key to improving someone’s state of mind.

I once had very poor mental health. It’s certainly better these days than where it was. Is it perfect? No, I’m not sure we can reach perfect mental health. Are we ever going to feel happy all the time? (Maybe the Dalai Lama?? Even there I’d be surprised.) But by taking a series of steps and continuing with them daily I found that my mental health improved dramatically. So if someone does have a lack of mental health, what steps could they take to improve the health of their mind?

1. Read self-help books daily: There’s a Sanskrit phrase, yad bhavam tat bhavati which means what we think we become. By reading positive self-help books we continuously over-ride those negative conditioned thoughts in our mind.

2. Meditate daily or ideally twice a day: Meditation is like going to the gym for your body. It’s a work out and will help develop the mind into more positive space. Science has revealed that meditation increases grey matter, and the biochemical’s of serotonin and oxytocin that help you feel happy and calm. Meditation also helps move the body out of sympathetic nervous system state and into parasympathetic nervous system where it restores balance.

3. See naturopath and get your gut health checked: The gut is considered the second brain and if we have poor gut health this can affect our moods, leading to anxiety and depression. Issues like low healthy gut flora, inflammation and lack of nutrients all influence our mental health.

4. Avoid negative media and as much as possible, negative people: As per point #1, constantly being around people and reading media that is filled with negativity will affect your thoughts and your mental health. This isn’t always as easy to do, however where possible, make mindful choices about engaging in negative gossip, discussions and watching only the negative aspects of global news. There is a lot of good going on out there as well, only it doesn’t sell as well as negative news!

5. Gratitude daily: When we feel gratitude for the good things in our life it immediately changes how we feel. It’s much easier to see the negative things in our life than the good things, so it will require a structured process. I have gratitude journal by my bedside that I write 10 things I’m grateful for that day. It can be a small as having a hot shower, the warmth and light from the sun, the oxygen provided by the trees or your family.

6. Avoiding technology and going to sleep by 10pm: A good night sleep is crucial for mental health. The mind is a muscle and if it gets overworked it gets worn out and tired. Providing sufficient time each day for the mind and body to repair is key to good mental health.

7. Eating more organic healthy wholefoods: The brain needs to be fed nutrients and minerals to be healthy. If it’s starved it will suffer. I don’t subscribe to diets, but I do like to eat nutritious whole foods preferably locally sourced from my weekly growers market. Another way to feed the brain is with the powerful micro-nutrients found in Q96 Empowerplus. The vitamins and minerals feed the brain helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

8. Exercise: Yes this is a physical practice that will help physical health but it has been proven to also help mental health. When we exercise we release healthy endorphins into our body, increases serotonin, and reduces inflammation by detoxing through sweating.

Mental health means just that, a healthy state of mind. To achieve physical health, requires a regular regime or process, and the same too for mental health. We need to be proactive and embrace daily actions that constantly improve our state of mind. Bringing awareness about the poor state of mental health in our society, I’m all for that, but can we also offer options and strategies to help us all continuously achieve good mental health?


If you would like to learn to meditate and have yet to find a technique that you can truly go deep and find inner calm, then try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. This program has been changing lives all over the world with people like Clare saying:

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Then a gentleman called Thomas emailed me to say:
“Your meditation program with Tom is an answer to years of prayers.  Thank you!”
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Why Some People Are Afraid Of Going Deep In Meditation

meditationThis student was afraid of going deep in meditation??? This is going to sound ridiculous to many people however there’s a very good reason why this happens.

Firstly what does that actually mean ‘deep in meditation’? Meditation is meditation right? No. There are layers and diverse experiences to be had when we meditate. Some meditations are gratitude statements, some are being mindful of the breath, some are placing your awareness on the heart chakra.

But some meditations, when you dive into a deep transcendence, that is where you go beyond the realm of thought altogether, this is a totally different experience. In this space, your whole awareness of you, the egoic structure, your identity, even the physical structure, has dissolved from your experience. In this space you are no longer aware that there is a body, or a YOU! It may be described as spaciousness, formlessness, unboundedness, bliss, love or for some a serenity of timelessness.
So why would something that sounds so incredibly splendid trigger fearful sensations? Why on Earth would we be afraid of this?? It sounds so amazing right? Well our ultimate fear is the fear of death. The one thing more than anything else that we are attached to is our physical and mental identity. We LOVE being who we are! And who are we?

For most of us we are our body, our stories, our past and future, our possessions, the people in our life, the daily pleasures AND tribulations. Our identity is associated with all of this. It’s the measuring rod for who we are. Then you learn to meditate, and start repeating your mantra, and your mind starts going deeper, deeper, and deeper, until eventually, you’re on the edge of a HUGE abyss, looking over into a spaciousness of YOULESSNESS (I made this word up but you can use it). Once you cross that threshold, and dive into the depths of the boundarilessness, all that identity that you have become so attached to fades away. Puff! Off it goes.

I recall my own initial experiences of this in my first week meditating. I would get to that edge, get swamped by waves of fear, then find myself pulling back out of the meditation. It was a completely new and unknown experience beyond that edge and this unknown scared the hell out of me!

“I’m not going down there! I have no idea what’s down there and besides, I’m not ready to let go of everything that I’ve built up as my constructed identity!”

I’ve seen this same experience with many meditation students, as they resist the process of surrendering their attachments to ego structures, which in turn is holding them back from deep immersive meditations. Once we feel secure in the knowing that we never truly disappear and that in letting go of our ego structures in meditation, we are able to really dive deep and discover the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE, then our meditations become deeper.

If you have ever struggled with going deep in meditation it could be that:
A) You are using a meditation technique that doesn’t lead to deep meditations
B) It could be that there is some resistance to letting go of your identity

In letting go of one thing, you will find so much more. Know that you are safe. You’re aren’t really losing yourself, you are FINDING YOUR SELF. Then the glory of you will be revealed.

If you need some support with your meditations then feel free to check out our Inner Sanctum monthly meditation coaching. It’s less than $1.90 a week! Our session last week had a huge response with attendees saying:
“Your description of deep transcendence brings me to tears.”
“Wow, Magnificent! Thank you Tom.”
“A brilliant focusing of the concepts developed through meditation.”
“I always feel so invigorated after these sessions, thank you Tom!”
You can find out more by clicking here.

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What To Do When You Are Not Where You Want To Be

Sometimes you might feel like you could be so much further along your path than where you are right now. Is this you? I certainly recall the inner angst of wanting to be beyond suffering and reach some fantastical nirvana that I had pictured in my mind. I pushed myself so hard doing course after course and devouring book after book to try to ‘get there’. Well in today’s clip I share with you some insights around how to make the process a little more enjoyable and ease off the frustration.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts below 🙂

Peace and light,


If you’d like to join our monthly global meditation and coaching sessions with our Stillness Tribe then click the link below. For less than $1.90 you can be a part of these powerful sessions that are leaving the attendees lighter, clearer and full of joy.
“Words cannot express how honoured I was to be a part of the call today. Your wisdom, passion and serenity are infectious”- FK

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My Meditation Student Nailed It When She Said This

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.50.19 amBoom! My student nailed it when she said this. It was like the penny dropped, the light went on and all the problems in her life went up in a puff of smoke!

See during a recent meditation workshop we were discussing manifesting outcomes in life. A few students were asking how to manifest in life. They wanted to know how they can create the life they want. Much to their surprise I said that they already were.

Gulp! “What? No that can’t be right. This is not the life I want!”

“Well why do you keep creating it?”

We explored how the human mind thrives on looking into problems and analysing them. This gives the mind purpose and pleasure. We are also deeply programmed that life isn’t easy…that it’s complicated. So it is very common for our mind to always be analysing our problems. The mind LOVES problems! If we didn’t love looking into the problems of life then the media wouldn’t be feeding you all those news stories everyday. Isn’t this what most of the media is all about? It’s problem after problem. We do this in our personal lives also. The water cooler gossip in the office, coffee catch up with friends, business meetings…so many of these sessions are delving into problems. I was noticing my mind this morning in meditation even wanted to spend a lot of its time trying to find a problem! Cheeky mind.

Some other examples of this are negative projections like:
“I am coming down with the flu”
“I’m going to fail my exam”
“I am poor”
“I can’t find love”

I mentioned this phrase before in a previous article, Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavati – what we think become. When we keep thinking of our problems and projecting negativity interestingly we remain in the cycle of manifesting problems and negativity. This is when it dropped for my student. She cried out:
“Wait, so rather than putting my attention on the problem, imagine the problem isn’t even there?”
This is a game changer! Imagine what life is like if the problem isn’t even there. Try it. Go deep into the feeling of what life feels like, looks like and sounds like if you don’t even have that problem.

So if you are feeling sick, imagine feeling healthy. If you are poor, imagine feeling wealthy. If you aren’t in a loving relationship, imagine being in a loving relationship. Then watch what happens over time. The Universe will start to organise things around you to make this real. You will have spontaneous events, random people coming into your life and impulses of intelligence to guide you to your destination. But if your destination is your problems, then that’s where you will keep arriving.

This is challenging because how we feel is a result of the past or current circumstances. And yet how we feel determines what we attract in the future. So to break this circuit we have to break the pattern of our thoughts and feelings. It’s so conditioned for the mind to play in the lower realms of negativity and it’s not a natural process for the mind to be clear, positive and free of negativity. I’ve had to work for years on reprogramming a naturally negative mind. And its not just my mind either, its the collective tendency of society.

Daily meditation and mindfulness has played a big part in this. Firstly I empty my mind of all the ‘problems’ as I dip into stillness. In effect my meditation is the absence of the noise. Then each morning and evening, when I rise and before I go to sleep, I sit in quiet contemplation assessing what I’m feeling and if it is caused by my past or empowering my future? I will hold the vision and feeling of the life without the problems and then surrender the need to make that happen and let the universe start to weave its magic. Of course, you still need to take action, but much of that will be guided by subtle impulses of creativity that fly across your minds cape.

So if you find you are bogged down with lots of problems, then pause, and really check in with yourself and ask, what is life like if I don’t have this problem. I assure you, you will start to feel lighter quickly.


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This Man’s Life Changed Dramatically When He Decided To Do One Simple Thing

freedomIf you are facing a series of challenges in life and feel the Universe is going against you, then this story is one you will want to read. My mate Tony is a really good guy. He runs a burger joint in Bondi called Tony’s Burgers and is a very popular dude. I bumped into him down at the beach the other night and we got chatting about the challenging times he’d been going through.

See recently his life changed dramatically. There was a series of events, rather unpleasant, that triggered a flow on effect of mishaps and mayhem. It was an intense time and everything seemed to be going against him. As he said, even when he would go to sit and meditate, EVERY TIME a blow fly would come and start buzzing around him!

“GEEZ COME ON!! Give me a break!!” he yelled to the Universe.

He was progressively becoming more and more angry with the world. It seemed the more angry he would become, the more the world went against him. Finally one day he got to breaking point. He stopped one morning and said “Ok, I give up!” He threw his hands in the air and let go. He let go of his anger. He surrendered, softened and yielded. He decided he would stop the struggle and just accept everything that was unfolding around him.

Then something interesting happened. Once he let go of the need to control any outcomes, seek revenge or force different results, things started to flow more smoothly. The tension subsided, the anger dissolved and he was greeted with a series of successful and positive outcomes. He slipped into the Flow Zone. In the Flow Zone you move effortlessly through life, in tune with the subtle impulses of intelligence that guide you. You emit a needless energy that exudes a frequency of abundance, gratitude and fulfilment. When you are in the Flow Zone, because the Universe reciprocates what you send out, you will start to notice life unfolds very smoothly.

The Universe is always sending us tests. It is checking in with us to see how attached we are to our ego and if we are still caught in the illusion of needing life to ‘work out’ for our ego to feel satisfied. These tests aren’t easy, if it was it wouldn’t be a test. How would we ever learn if we weren’t challenged? There’s a beautiful sanskrit word called ‘nivartartvum’ which means to transcend where you are. Transcend implies to go beyond, beyond the ego, out of the duality of you and ‘other’. The ego thrives in the realm of duality. This duality gives the ego identity. “WHAT ABOUT ME” It cries out! The ego NEEDS life to work out. It NEEDS to seek revenge, to win arguments and have victory in battles. The ego NEEDS all of your expectations met to feel fulfilled.

The Universe is there to let you know you aren’t your ego. To do this it will challenge you, prod you, push and pull you, to see if you are getting it yet. These challenges are a guidance mechanism, as unpleasant as they are, to let go of our attachment to the ego. This is an intense process, as the ego will vehemently fight for its identity. It will scream out for recognition. Our journey is to transcend this ego, to leap into the Unboundedness of Self. Here we enter the Flow Zone and observe life with a cheeky grin and mild fascination. “I SEE! I have an ego but it’s not me.”

Some tips to enter the Flow Zone are:

1. Meditate. Transcending in meditation is a big part of the process. It frees you from the bondage of the Ego. It enables you to connect with that independent observer known as your Higher Self.
2. Observe. Take time to check in with yourself and see where and how you are being ‘charged’ emotionally by events around you. Simply observing this is an important step in the process of being free of the charge.
3. Ask. Ask yourself do you really NEED to win that argument, fight or situation just for the sake of winning it, or is your ultimate goal in life to feel love, kindness, gentleness and joy?
4. Breathe. Yes you are always breathing, but are you aware you are breathing? Stop, pause, and check in with your breath. Be present to the now.
5. Gratitude. This will be a tough one, but can you be grateful for the cause of your charge? Yes that annoying person or experience that has pissed you off? Why be grateful for that? Because they or it is your greatest lesson. What a gift! Thank you!

See how you go. Its not easy, but this is our journey. Please share with me below any thoughts that you might have on this. I’d love to hear from you.

If you need some support with learning to meditate then you might like to try my deep 21day meditation program Faster Deeper Bliss. Deep transcending meditations take you beyond the ego into a field known as Pure Consciousness. This is a wakeful awareness that the ego dissolves into like when a small block of ice melts into the ocean. If you are facing many challenges in life and feel your ego is yelling and screaming at you and you would like to feel it ‘melt into the ocean’ then try this 21 day meditation program by clicking below.



My 9 Tips To Bring Calm And Success To Your Life

If you have lots of stress and friction in your life then this video is for you! I was recently reminded that ‘trying’ and ‘forcing’ myself to succeed in life results in tension and disorder. It’s such a challenge to do the opposite to what we are conditioned to do which is push, force and try to create outcomes in life. I have many students that come to me for coaching with lives in turmoil and yet they are ‘trying’ so hard to make it work out.

Well today I share 9 tips to help remove some of that stress from your life. Some of these will sound really simple, but when applied, you’ll be amazed at the results!

Click here to watch the video:

If you’d like to learn to meditate try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss below. It’s been changing lives all over the world. People like Rionach says:

“Your Faster Deeper Bliss technique and course have been a life saver for me. Not only did it help me recover
from a very challenging time, but I feel as though I’ve finally found a meditation technique that works for me!”

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Three Life Changing Questions From World’s Leading Transformational Coach

Don’t you love a “Hero’s Tale”?

You know those stories where someone climbs out of the ashes and rebuilds their life to one of greatness? These stories offer us hope and inspiration.

Well I have one for you that stands out. Introducing Brendon Burchard. This guy was on death’s door after a car accident at the age of 19, and three questions inspired him to look at his life at such a young age:


Did I live?
Did I love?
Did I matter?

Three powerful questions that really make you sit up and think. What are you here for? Are you loving fully in every moment? Why are you waking up each day and are you living a relevant life?

Brendon has gone on to do some amazing things. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive. He is also a public speaker, and online trainer on the topics of motivation, high performance, and online marketing.

One thing Brendon puts a lot of his success down to is meditation. He’s been meditating for 10 years now and says:

“It is the magic method for improving people’s lives mentally and psychologically, and many people would argue spiritually as well.”

I have to agree with Brendon because it was transformational in my life. With just 20 minutes twice a day of setting time aside for stillness, my whole life changed for the better. Who would have thought that by doing something so effortless and seemingly inactive that it could have so much power in changing your active life. Brendon explains it so well here how simple it is:

“I close my eyes and do the meditation and in 20 minutes I’m fresh and feel like I just woke up in the morning, like I had a great nap and bam! Now I can write creatively, unattached to all the previous activities.”

We are accustomed to looking outside ourselves for fulfilment….

…yet happiness is not outside. It’s only when we go within do we truly find peace and happiness.

As Brendon says:

“It’s a sensation, a presence, an aliveness and freshness that most people have never experienced in their lifetime.”

So if you are trying to find happiness and success or trying to find love and money, then start by setting aside time each day to connect to your inner stillness in meditation, then watch what flows from that space.

If you already have a meditation practice, then that’s awesome! Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to go to that quiet space within.

If you need some assistance with meditation, then you may like to join my 21 day meditation journey where I will be there with you every day for 21 days to help you experience a deep, relaxing, meditation technique called Faster Deeper Bliss.

You can check it out here.