Are You An Addict?


As we are all friends here, let’s be really open and candid with each other. I have had many addictions in my life. If you know anything of my ‘previous’ life you will know those addictions led to darkness, anxiety and turmoil. And I’m not alone. Most of us have an addiction of some sort, only a lot of the time we just aren’t aware of it.

Are You An Addict?

Let’s be honest with each other. Think about your life, is there something that you feel you HAVE to have daily or weekly? Is there something that you crave and if you don’t get it, you feel empty and down? And when you do get it, you feel awesome! Perhaps it’s ice cream, chocolate, alcohol, sex, gambling, coffee, coffee, coffee…did I mention coffee???

So what drives this addiction?

The same thing that drives ALL of our actions, the quest for fulfilment.

Everything we do, is driven by the search for fulfilment.

I get really excited when people enquire about meditation in the hope to recover from an addiction. “YES!” I say. “Great news.”

Addicts make great meditators! Why? Because the driving force behind an addiction is to seek something else, a higher experience. My belief is that we aren’t actually addicted to the drugs, the alcohol, the coffee or sex. We are addicted to the sensation we experience when we are having it, and that sensation is one of an enhancement of life.

Admittedly, it doesn’t last long, which is why we have to return back to the source of what made us feel good temporarily and get another dose of ‘feeling good’. So when addicts learn to meditate with me, it’s like a light goes on in their head, their eyes sparkle and their energy shifts.
Yes! They just had the serotonin and oxytocin hit! BOOM!

Overcoming Addiction

In my first week of meditating it was like everything I’d been looking for in my life I was finding right here in the stillness. It was like I’d finally found home. What was I connecting with in the stillness that made me feel this way? I was re-connecting to me…the deep core of my very Being. Here, beyond my body and mind, I connected with something so vast and blissful. It was calm, it was loving, it was gentle, and the amazing thing was, it was in me.

My yearning for those ‘other’ highs started to fade as they became replaced by something much more charming and sustainable. What did that look and feel like? A deep inner calm and bliss. Sure, it wasn’t instant and permanent, more like a gradual fading in of calm and bliss, and fading out of addictions and need.

If you are able to acknowledge that yes, there are addictions in your life, then that’s ok, you’re doing just what all of us are doing, you’re looking for fulfilment. You’re looking to re-connect to YOU.

There, beyond your mind and body, beyond the layers of the ego, lies something so vast, deep and full of love. Meditation just so happens to be one of those portals that will take you there.

Are you ready to take the leap? Then dive deep into my powerful meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. This program has been changing people’s lives all over the world. People like who said:

“I want to pass on my profound gratitude. While positive things have been happening, today’s meditation was just amazing. I was only a few minutes into my meditation when an immense level of gratitude welled up in me. Tears rolled down my cheeks with overwhelming peace and excitement for these epiphanies. I am enormously grateful.” Julie B
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Without This, The Last 3 Days Would Have Been Very Tough!

Tom Cronin_59aThere I was, reclining back in gentle yin yoga on a Sunday night and my tummy starts to spasm and ache.

“Hmm, food poisoning from lunch? It will pass.”

That night at home, aches, pains, shivers and gut aches.

“ Hmm, must be some terrible bug thats going round. Bummer dude.”

Next day was intensified stomach cramps and aches. “Lets check Dr. Google out.”
Fever- tick
Aches- tick
Sore stomach lower right side- tick
Nausea- tick

Uh Oh…something wrong with the appendix. It’s midnight and I decide to head to emergency on my own on a rainy Monday night. After 19 hours of being pushed, prodded, poked, scanned and analysed it was time to cut open and find the source of the problem. Fatigue, hunger and an infected appendix were all taking its toll on the physical body. Add to the mix, x-ray scans, huge doses of antibiotics, and a general anaesthetic, the body was battered and bruised!

In the end the little critter was removed and I returned home less than one day later to recover. Sure, there was plenty worse in there than me, heaps worse! No doubt you have been through moments like this or worse as well.

One thing that I did noticed was that through each step of the process there was a detached simple calm Observer within me witnessing it. It was like, “Ok, this is what we do now, so lets do it”. This independent observer is not your reactive emotional state, your body, or your mind, its your field of consciousness. After 20 years of transcending the three vehicles of my body, mind and emotions and connecting to the field of Pure Consciousness you are able to move through random events like this with almost an equanimity of blissful calm.

Often in these situations we tend to drop into a deep emotional ‘woe is me’ experience. Sure it’s not your preferred option to be there in that place, and sure, your body may yelp in pain with the jabs of needles, but that deep emotional “woe is me” and self loathing can be avoided. It’s these deep lows we get in reaction to unpleasant random events that actually prolong the negative experience. When you sustain a calm blissful manner naturally through those challenging events, the events will unfold quite quickly, preventing the cascading effect of attracting more challenging events.

The key to this liberation from the binding effect of events is daily meditation. Going deep into the transcendence of meditation daily, stabilises the connection to your Higher Self. This is your independent Observer that is always there blissfully overseeing these fluctuations with mild fascination. If you’d like to find out more about how you can make that connection with your blissful observer within then click here

And for now, it’s back to walking around ever so slowly and eating hearty nourishing home cooked food!

And please, share with me some of your stories below of how you found meditation helped you through difficult moments. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Gentle Breath Meditation

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