I Thought Gun Policy Was The Answer For The USA, Then I Realised I Was Wrong

love not war

Far out! Another mass shooting in the USA! This is the 254 mass shooting THIS YEAR and even more concerning a statistic, over 10,000 deaths by guns in the USA. All just in 2015! Is this crazy?

As you can see I felt quite strongly about this issue. I posted an article on my Facebook wall and commented on others posts about this. Today I was going to write a blog about why the USA should have tighter gun laws but all that changed this morning as I lay there in shavasana at the end of my yoga class.

It dawned on me that guns were not the issue. There was something else that needs to be addressed here. And it’s not just for those that own a fire arm in the USA, but it’s for all of us, you and me too. For example, in 2005 a survey revealed over half a million women in Australia suffered some form of domestic violence in the previous 12 months alone! I can only imagine now in 2015 that number has skyrocketed.

As I lay there on my mat in yoga class, I felt a lot of love in my heart. I felt a bliss and joy pulsing through my body. I thought to myself, man, I could never imagine going and buying a gun. And I imagine none of the yogis in this room right now will be out gun shopping today either.

Everything we do is a result of the energy we feel inside us. First there is energy, then there is the action.

If I feel love and kindness in my body, then my actions are very different than if I feel hate and anger. If I feel sadness or loneliness, then my actions are very different than if I feel joy and bliss. This includes the food I eat, the books I read, the people I associate with, the way I spend my morning, the work I choose to do. It affects everything about our lives. How we feel can change regularly, and so to will the things we decide to do each day as a result of this.

I originally thought guns were the issue. Now I believe our energetic state is the issue. What would motivate someone to buy a gun or beat someone up? It would appear there is a correlation between violence, war and guns and fear, anger, hate and rage. It doesn’t stop there though, as I look at my own life and see the times when I have fallen down and where I’ve hurt people, I can see my decisions were motivated by a lack, a fear, an anger or an unfulfilled desire. When I feel calm, fulfilled and loving, my life is very different.

I feel we have a global crisis of ‘love-deficiency’. This might sound a bit woo-woo and hippy for you but when it comes down to it, it’s really that simple. When we feel more love in our heart, we will feel less separate, more compassionate and more accepting of others. Hey, its one big round clod of Earth that we all got to hang out together on. It’s going to be a whole lot easier and more enjoyable when we do it with love don’t you think?

PS. Perhaps some tighter gun laws might also help. 🙂