How To Break Writer’s Block And Become More Creative


Creativity1Do you have writer’s block?

Are you struggling for inspiration?

Are you having difficulty with your job or wealth creation?

Do you find your life boring and dull?

How would you like direct access to the source of infinite creative potential?

I recently asked people to share their experiences with their meditation sessions and I received a number of responses where the meditators had experienced bursts of creativity.

– ” Jumping with ideas and great thoughts. Sometimes I want to stop the sessions to write them down.”

– “Other times there is a rain of thoughts and ideas, but it amazes me because I can stand there just watching them come and go while I focus on my stillness sound. It’s amazing.”

– “I have experienced countless bursts of creativity like geyser springing forth from me lately!”

The big question is why do people have these creative impulses when they are meditating? Isn’t the goal Stillness? Isn’t meditation about NOT having thoughts? Why, if you are meant to be quietening your mind do you have all these creative thoughts?

During the deeper transcending style meditation sessions, the mind is lured with the repetition of a mantra away from the surface level of thought to deeper and deeper states of awareness. As the mind quietens down it moves towards the ‘Source of Creativity’.

This is an infinite reservoir of ‘creative potential’ that the mind dips into when you transcend.

This is an immeasurable field that lies beyond the structured realm of thought. The mind soaks in this creative ocean and will bring the student out of the deeper state with bursts of amazing ideas!

I say immeasurable because of it’s infinite nature, however what is measurable is the thinking process of the mind during meditation and after. There was a recent study completed by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato and her fellow researchers at Leiden University. The results of this study proved that certain meditation techniques had advantages far beyond simple relaxation. The study supported the idea that meditation can have a long-term positive influence on human cognition and creativity.

So there is tangible evidence beyond a few students personal experiences to prove that sitting in meditation can improve your creative thinking. So if you’re looking to remove writer’s block, overcome relationship or wealth creation blocks or have a more dynamic life, then your solution may lie in the simplicity of stillness.

There are many forms of meditation from guided, concentration, chanting and the deeper transcending style meditation techniques. If you haven’t learnt these deeper styles of meditation you may like to learn more about the weekend workshops I hold in Sydney by emailing me here. Otherwise you may like to try our online 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss by clicking here.

Then once you start meditating on a daily basis one of your next challenges will be how to handle the flood of creative ideas that flow into your life and to not get too distracted by them all! It’s a good problem to have though.