How To Awaken The Awe In Your Life


Are you living with AWE in your life each day? Do you marvel at the wonder of life? Are you feeling rapture?

I know myself how it’s all so easy to get caught in the routine of life, up out of bed, off to work, get through your emails, complete your daily tasks, then trudge back home again. The constant routine can numb your sensory perception and you lose the fascination and awe of the world all around you. As Mr Silva in this clip so eloquently puts it: “Overstimulation to the same kind of thing, the same stimuli, again and again and again, renders the said stimuli invisible.”

Check this clip out and enjoy the rapture!

If you’re able to still your mind and awaken your senses with a burst of the NOW, then you’ll discover that right here, right now is something so truly remarkable that you’ll laugh at how simple it is. If you’re like most people and have trouble stilling your mind, then you might be interested in learning how to quieten your mind here. This meditation will help you live in the now and experience rapture and amazement.

Gentle Breath Meditation

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One Clip That You Must Watch…

This is one of my favourite videos. It is the very wise words of Alan Watts, the English philosopher.

In this clip you will explore the premise that you are all of  THAT, all of Reality. You are the omnipresence of God, and as Mr Watts says “Only you are pretending that you are not.”

Life is fascinating isn’t it? How did we make it so complex, with so much suffering?

This is 3.38 minutes, and of all of the 3 plus minutes in your day today, this is well worth allocating your attention to.

Enjoy and please share with me what you thought of it by leaving a comment below.


If you would like to explore this further you might like to delve into the 7 States of Consciousness. These are advanced levels of awareness that open up within us when we start to meditate. Most people live in only 3 out of the 7 states of consciousness. Why do we ignore those other 4 states of consciousness, how do we discover them, and what is life like when we do experience them?

All of this is revealed in my recent book Spirit & Soul. One reader named Phil says:

“Your book Spirit and Soul was astonishing in it’s clarity and simplicity. It is so revealing and inspiring.” – Phil

Spirit & Soul 3D


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6 Tips To Kick Suffering Out The Door

joyCan you remember when you had some pain in your life? OUCH! It hurt. I know, I had lots of it! I had lots of suffering also!

Is there a difference between pain and suffering?
I recently had a discussion around the topic of suffering as a question was raised: Was is it possible for mankind to live without suffering?
I feel the best way to arrive at this conclusion is to work out the difference between pain and suffering.
Think of a time when you had a splinter. The first instance that we knew there was a splinter was the sensation of a small degree of pain. It was this pain that alerted us to something that needed to be tended to and removed from our body.

To extract that bit of irrelevance from your body we must get the pin or needle and dig that splinter out of our flesh. In this process we will experience again, a certain level of pain.
There is no way to avoid it, there will be, to some degree, a level of pain experienced as we prod and poke our skin trying to remove the splinter from our flesh. However once the splinter is removed, the pain will subside and eventually go away; the skin will heal and there will be no more pain.
However if we continue to prod and poke with the needle into the flesh even after the splinter was removed, continually revisiting the wound with that needle, going over and over the fact that there was once a splint in there, then the pain will shift into suffering as the wound becomes deeper and possibly infected.

Pain is one of Nature’s finest tools of evolution. It alerts us to the need for change. It alerts us that we need to act and address an area of our life that we may have been ignoring or not seeing clearly, usually our state of consciousness.
Pain is part of our own growth, just as it played a necessary role in alerting our attention to the fact that we had a splinter in our skin. We can certainly minimise pain by adapting and shifting very quickly to what’s needed, however it may still pop up in some form at times. That’s ok.

Suffering however, is something completely different. Suffering is the resistance to change. Suffering is when we hold onto a model that is no longer relevant and we refuse to listen to the cues that Nature is giving us. Suffering is when we contract in fear instead of expand in love. Suffering is when we hold on to the pain like it is our dearest friend. Suffering is a by-product of not adapting when there is pain.

To avoid suffering something needs to change. Are you ready to make changes in your life to eliminate suffering? Here are some tips on how to eliminate suffering from our lives:

1. Find a guide, mentor, coach or counsellor to get a sound independent view on things. Complaining to your best mate or girlfriend won’t cut it. There’s a good chance they will ‘take your side’ and not offer wise insights. You might like to try the Inner Sanctum coaching program and global meditation membership. For less than 2 cups of coffee a month it’s been hugely successful! Find out more here.

2. Look beyond the current situation and hold a vision of what you would like things to look like once your current situation is resolved or changed. By embracing this feeling of hope and positivity you will be clearer about what you need to do to change things to improve the situation.

3. Changing physical circumstances is usually a slow process. Be it your partner, career, health, or financial situation. So in between the time of that actually happening and your intention to make it happen, be patient, have faith, and keep your hopes high for a positive result.

4. Avoid negative talk and energy. During these difficult times it’s often we participate in gossip, bitchiness, and constantly placing our attention on negative things. This unfortunately only spirals things into deeper negative territory. As challenging as it will be, keep positive, light and in a space of inner lovingness. This will influence what you attract, and also be much healthier on your body.

5. Meditate twice a day. During challenging times there is a lot of wild fluctuations in our emotional state. This will have a big impact on your health and wellness. When you meditate you take your mind and body into a deep restorative state of healing. The fluctuations will be there when you come out of meditation, however you will have the groundedness of stillness to support you through this. This is your home base to come back to during the wild storms of life.

6. Read self-help books. There are numerous books published now that will assist you with insights and guidance during these times. Now is the time to look for creative solutions and adapt. There are many wise authors that walked this path and have captured many nuggets of gold in their books. I have outlined just some of these books in this blog here.

We can live without suffering. There is no need to suffer. As for pain, well it plays a role in our own growth. It certainly has in mine and it’s been like guiding light! Some of my biggest shifts were born out of pain. How about you? Has pain guided you to change things in your life for the better?

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The One Question To Ask Yourself Each Day

Simon Sinek Sinek TED TEDtalk awareness inspirationNO! Not that ‘why’!

The ‘WHY of life’ is a whole new blog and conversation for another time.

This WHY is the why do you go to work? WHY does your business operate? WHY write, create, build, sell, and do the things you do?

Why do you get out of bed each morning?

Most people and businesses look at the WHAT and the HOW, but how often do they ask themselves WHY?

Simon Sinek calls the WHY of business the “golden circle” that is at the centre of the HOW and the WHAT.

The WHY is what motivates you, what drives you; it’s your mission, your inspiration, your life purpose. Your business and your drive will take on a whole new momentum when you place the WHY in the centre of your focus.

Sinek explains a whole lot more about this and how Apple and the Wright Brothers were both so successful in his inspiring TED talk because they focused on the WHY.

I highly recommend putting aside 18 minutes in your day to watch this amazing TED talk, and then share with us what your WHY is down below.

Being aware of your WHY is a big part of our attention in the Zen Academy For transformational Leadership. This is a 12 month coaching program that is to give birth to your inner leader. Like an acorn has a giant oak tree in it so to do you have a great leader within you. the Zen Academy will help you find that leader and nurturing it into REALITY. Find out more by clicking below.

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Cutting This Out Of My Life Changed Everything!


Everything you read, everything you listen to and everything you eat is leaving it’s imprint on you. You’re a vibrational being and so to is everything around you. Energy can’t be destroyed, it can only be transferred.
Every article in the news you watch and listen to has a vibration to it and it is transferrable through to you.

With this in mind I decided to do an experiment one Sunday morning. You see Sunday’s are usually a media and technology free day for me. I try to avoid it as much as possible and just keep the day as simple as I can with family, friends, yoga, surfing, bush walks, beaches and rest.

But today I thought I’d try something different. I went and bought the Sunday newspaper. You see I wanted to study the vibration of the news stories that everyone was reading while they ate their breakfast or had their picnics.

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! Out of the first 20 articles I came across there was actually 4 that were positive in their vibration. This is a much better score than I expected.
These 4 stories were:
1. Sydney beaches are cleaner.

2. A truck company is now totally carbon neutral

3. An engineering company in England made petrol out of air and electricity

4. Women aren’t afraid of turning 50 any more

One of them was about what women were wearing at the races on Saturday so I wasn’t sure which category to put that one in. Any thoughts on that one?

By looking at the positive stories and filtering out all the negative content I was able to skim through the paper relatively quickly and not lower my frequency by reading about murders, muggings, wars and political errors. I was genuinely interested in those stories that I did focus on and found that the negative stories that I could skim over really didn’t serve any relevance to me at all. I simply can’t see why I need to know about someone being stabbed in a lane in another city to me, or for that matter even in my city.

Do we really need to know all of that negative content? Or is it a ‘fascination with the abomination’ as Kurtz said in Heart of Darkness? Why are we drawn to this darkness and negativity? Or are we drawn to content of this nature because it’s aligned with our current energetic state?

Here’s an exercise you may like to try: see if you can go without news for one whole week and measure how much difference that makes to your life. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. With all that spare time you might like to fit some meditation in. It’s a great alternative! Here is a link to our 21 day program if you’d like some guidance with learning to meditate.

Click here to learn to meditate>>>



How To Avoid The Busy Life

busy life

Have you noticed that the usual response you receive from people when you ask them how they are is “SO busy!”

Everyone is busy, busy, BUSY.

Days just fly by and it seems like no matter how much you get done each day its never enough! Do you experience this also?

Yesterday I stopped to have my meditation and ‘check in’ with my body and I noticed how busy everything was. It was a much welcomed respite to stop, sit still, quieten the mind, and not be stimulated by more data and social interaction.

It had me thinking about society. I wondered what it would be like to not even have that 20 minute period each morning and evening in stillness. What would it be like to just go, go, go all day, with no rest for the mind, body or nervous system. Yeh, we all sleep at night, but it’s been proven that sleep isn’t the deepest most effective form of rest. Have you ever found that you woke up after a night’s sleep and you’re either cranky, tired, low on energy or worse, have a cold or flu?

After numerous tests it was scientifically validated that deeper states of metabolic rest were achieved through deeper transcending styles of meditation. The reason being, when the mind is alert and awake, yet not in the thinking process, then the body will go into a very deep state of rest. This 20 minute period of respite from a day of activity is welcome relief for the body as it is a great opportunity to repair itself.

Yes, life is speeding up, however we can effortlessly move through it without the busy reaction within our body. Transcendence in meditation is a powerful process of being aware and yet being free of the effect of life’s events. Meditation frees you from the binding effect that grips the ego and pulls it into the daily fluctuations. Each moment of life has a story and will leave its imprint on you. When life is busy, like most of ours is now, this constant fluctuation has a deteriorating impact on our mind and body. This is leading to sickness, depression, ADHD, anxiety, stomach disorders and more.

Through daily meditation and retreats, we can achieve a freedom whereby we are in the world, and yet blissfully un-attatched from the impact of those events on your mind and body. In Sanskrit this is called moksha- liberationTo attain moksha, daily meditation is recommended. The transcending experience on a daily basis will over time deliver you to this space. To boost this process along, 4 or 6 day retreats can have a very powerful effect. It has been said that the compounding effect of the deep meditation and yoga practice done on the retreats is equivalent of 2-3 years of daily meditation.

As one retreat attendee said:

“I have had some spectacular and spiritual experiences in my 43 years on this planet but so far none has initiated the lasting, life enhancing, goose bumping change and connections like the retreat in Bali led by the awesome and inspirational Tom Cronin” -LR

When you add to the daily meditation and yoga, healthy nourishing food, massages, swimming, and breakthrough workshops, you will come through feeling lighter, clearer and certainly less busy! If you feel you need to slow down, be less affected by the busy-ness of life then click here to find out more.


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