Who Would Have Thought Such A Violent Act Would Inspire So Much Love?

flowersThis week in Sydney has been a challenging week for many people. I’m sure you would have heard about the events that occurred here. But this morning I found myself very moved by what was unfolding. Not so much the event, but rather the reaction to the event.

It’s circumstances like this that in many countries might invoke rage, revenge, fear or hatred. However something different happened here in Sydney. Not only has a huge sea of flowers, candles and cards been created in the centre of Sydney out of respect and love towards the people involved, but something else happened that I feel was truly beautiful.

It began with a woman named Rachel Jacobs, on the morning of the siege, who saw another lady at her train station take off her religious clothing out of fear of reprisals. Rachel said to her to leave it on and that she would walk with her for safety. The woman starting crying and hugged her for about a minute.

Rachel then tweeted this incident and from this tweet a huge movement spread across Sydney with the hash tag #iwillridewithyou. All across the city people were offering safe travel for others who may fear reprisal attacks. There was no anger, hatred, or revenge; rather it was a beautiful solidarity of Oneness and love. #iwillridewithyou then became a global phenomenon as spread across the world, trending to number #1 on Twitter. People in other countries then began offering the same support of companionship on public transport to assure their safety.

Love finds many ways to express itself, from lighting a candle, buying flowers and placing them at a memorial, to offering someone you have never met before companionship and a safe trip home. We may not be quite there yet, but it was heart-warming to see humanity make a choice of love over fear or hatred. #loveoverfear


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