How To Awaken The Awe In Your Life


Are you living with AWE in your life each day? Do you marvel at the wonder of life? Are you feeling rapture?

I know myself how it’s all so easy to get caught in the routine of life, up out of bed, off to work, get through your emails, complete your daily tasks, then trudge back home again. The constant routine can numb your sensory perception and you lose the fascination and awe of the world all around you. As Mr Silva in this clip so eloquently puts it: “Overstimulation to the same kind of thing, the same stimuli, again and again and again, renders the said stimuli invisible.”

Check this clip out and enjoy the rapture!

If you’re able to still your mind and awaken your senses with a burst of the NOW, then you’ll discover that right here, right now is something so truly remarkable that you’ll laugh at how simple it is. If you’re like most people and have trouble stilling your mind, then you might be interested in learning how to quieten your mind here. This meditation will help you live in the now and experience rapture and amazement.

Gentle Breath Meditation

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