How To Have Your Own Resurrection From A Death

freeI had a death then a resurrection once also. It wasn’t as dramatic as nails on a cross and a crown of thorns, and yes, it wasn’t actually a full death, however it was initially dark and painful, then on the other side it was like a rebirth, lighter with more love and life. In fact I’m sure you also have been through your own mini-deaths and rebirths like this. The actual meaning of ‘resurrect’ is to restore to life. There are times on our journey of life that we may feel like we are sleep-walking, numb and lifeless. Then a shift will happen and we will transition through a window and come through the other side with more awareness and feeling lighter and clearer. It’s like a resurrection of sorts.

During this contemplative time of Easter, we can embrace the resurrection of Christ as a literal historical event or a metaphor for the process of evolution. It’s all subjective to each person. These transition points or resurrections are well described in one of my favourite books by St. John of the Cross, Dark Night Of The Soul. In this book he writes about letting go of attachments to who we think we are, as we delve deeper into our Soul and the connection with Divine Self, in other words Pure Love. He writes:
“As the soul becomes purged and purified by means of this fire of love, it becomes ever more enkindled in love.”

The process by which St John urges the reader to make this journey is through quiet contemplation and stillness-
“a calm and repose of interior quietude.”

This is the pathway I took through those dark moments or metaphoric crucifixions. When the turbulence is whirling around you, try slowing everything down, and find a silence within. It won’t be easy at first, and that’s ok. The mind and world of sense will distract you and pull you externally. Observe how your ego gets pulled into the story of life ‘out there’. Then continue the inner path, towards a deep quietness within. It takes time, however it’s here that you find solace and true peace.

Then each time after each meditation, as we return to the outer world, the world of ego and senses, we bring with us some of that deep soulful connection. This is an ongoing process, that will continue on through life. Each time we let go a little bit more of what we thought we were and discover the Truth of who we really are. Divine Love. The letting go can be painful, as we often become very attached to our outer layers. These outer layers are the measuring rods for who we think we are. It’s what we have come define ourselves by.

The stories we constantly remind ourselves of each day and night are just stories, however we can be very affected by them. In essence they are just the story, and beyond that, when we let go of the story and pass through that dark night of purging, we become more of the expression of Love and Light. As St. John so eloquently writes:

“The soul feels its love to be increasing and growing in strength and refinement to such a degree that it seems to have within it seas of fire which reach to the farthest heights and depths.”

It has been a turbulent month for many, with your own challenges and mini deaths, but beyond that, is your next resurrection. Onwards we go, towards the light of Love.

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If You Are Looking For Inspiration, Check Out These 6 People!


Firstly I need to clarify, I’m not a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist and neither am I an atheist. I’m just a guy walking a path seeking answers to life. I’m a guy trying to find Truth, a Truth beyond the layers of dogma and conditioning. I’m a guy trying to break free of suffering, desires and neediness. It’s a tough journey at times and often I fail miserably at this and other times I soar like an eagle.

Along the way I turned to people for inspiration. People that represent wisdom, love and light. I’ve found many that have carried me through difficult times by their actions and words. They have guided me to live more from the heart and to love unconditionally.

There was Sri Anandamayi Ma, the beautiful divine incarnation of feminine form. She once said:
“My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Before I came on this earth ‘I was the same’. As a little girl ‘I was the same’. ………. Ever afterward, though the dance of creation changed around me, in the hall of eternity ‘I shall be the same’”

Then I came across Ramana Maharshi, a swami saint in India from the early 1900’s who said:
“Our own self-realization is the greatest service we can render the world.”

I can’t forget St John of the Cross, the Spanish mystic and Catholic Saint, who carried me through a dark time with his book Dark Night Of The Soul. In this he said:
“In the twilight of life, God will not judge us on our earthly possessions and human successes, but on how well we have loved.”

There was Buddha, the prince to a kingdom, husband to Yashodra and father to a child, who walked away from it all to find enlightenment. He said:
“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

And I would say this man is the number one reason I am meditating today- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This Swami played a key role in bringing Vedic Meditation to the western world. It’s because of him that I am able to sit in blissful meditation twice a day. He once said:  “There is no need to suffer in life- the ocean of bliss is in everyone.”

There were many many more, but there was one guy that I would say inspired me the most. Interestingly this guy had a huge PR machine behind him with 4 guys documenting their time with him. Now it wasn’t like they had an iPhone recording every word he said. No, they remembered things he said and did and then wrote it down decades later in a book. So you’ll have to forgive them if they used a little poetic licence.

Now this guy, we don’t really know much about him even though the book about him is the highest selling book in the world! This book left out 18 years of his life from the age of 12 till 30, and most of this book only captured 3 years of his life when he hung out chatting with 12 guys most of the day. He also had an ‘interesting relationship’ with a woman called Mary Magdalene which we don’t know much about either.

This guy loved to challenge the establishment. He became furious one day in a temple throwing the tables of the gamblers over. He became disillusioned and confronted by his shadow-side when he ventured into the desert on his own for 40 days. He also like challenged the political establishment and ruffled a few feathers there with quotes like:
“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
Now back in the time this would be bold statement to make yeh?

But what really inspired me was the way this man loved. He loved unconditionally. He loved the sick, the poor, the downtrodden, women and men all equally. Here he said: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

I’m not into idolatry. But I do seek inspiration at times and these are some of the people along my path that have given me so much knowledge and have reminded me of who I am. How about you? Who has inspired you on your path? I’d love to hear below.


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