How To Have Your Own Easter Resurrection

Jesus-Resurrection-Walking-out-of-Tomb-900It’s a pretty remarkable story isn’t it? That someone was killed by being nailed to wood and stabbed in the heart then three days later he was seen again walking around the streets? I mean seriously, this is some pretty out there stuff! Really, without the ‘seen again walking around the streets’ part to the story after his death, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be celebrating 4 days holiday and a bunch of chocolate eggs would we? It would be just some guy that said things that the Roman Government didn’t like, they decided to quieten this troublemaker, and then no one would have heard of him again.

Although I was always curious as to why we didn’t hear much more about this person three days later while he was walking around after his death? Like what happened to him 2 weeks, a month, or years later after he resurrected from the dead? Didn’t the Romans want to kill him again? How did he die again after that, or where did he go? If he appeared to the disciples why did he not appear to the Romans? Was he ascended as a soul and no longer physical at all? So many questions…

But in essence, do we need to answer them or can we simply take what valuable insights there are from this Easter story and apply it to our own lives in a way that will add immense value not only to us but those around us? The gist of the story is that there was a resurrection, a return to life from a seemingly dead position. What if we can go through our own metaphoric resurrection when we transform from a dark space of tragedy to a realm of light and love? Can this be our own resurrection of sorts? Perhaps you have already had one, where you had been in a dark tragic circumstance then rose out of the darkness and rebuilt your life with a new awareness and way of living, one based on compassion and love, one on empowerment and vision.

Recently I have met many people who are suffering. I know many of you are facing challenging times. What lies beyond this moment of that dark night of the soul for you? What can you do to have your own resurrection? I always see a big shift in my coaching clients when they shift their awareness from the past of being a victim to the future, where they are empowered with their own choices and change how they feel. It’s often easier to keep looking back at what was, and be influenced by those past circumstances. These situations are very affecting on us, leaving what is called in Sanskrit samscaras. These are deep wounds that leave an imprint that binds and can continue to affect us for many years, if not our entire life when they go unchecked.

Samscaras don’t have to be for life though. Each day our body is replacing cells and our mind is a malleable software that is upgradable. Which means our software and hardware, (ie, our mind and body)  is changeable. We are adaptable and where we are today doesn’t have to be where we will be tomorrow. Something amazing happens when we redirect our attention to what will be. Ask yourself deeply, what would you like to feel? Then take the progressive steps to make this become your new reality. Are you choosing health? Are you choosing love? Are you choosing kindness? Are you choosing compassion?

Beyond our stories and busy mind is a deep sweet serenity of stillness. A calm that heals and nurtures our body. It’s restorative. Of course, the ego doesn’t enjoy this, it’s like a death of sorts for the ego when the mind enters the silent void. And the ego will fight for its existence, it will throw everything at you to stop this silence occurring. “Don’t dare ignore me” it will scream at you in various ways. Yet when you dive into the bliss of Being, the ego surrenders and you are left with your Unbounded Glory of Divine Self. It takes time, have patience, and this Easter, pause, take time out and let go. We have a four day celebration, not for religion, but to celebrate life, rebirth, and transformation. Make this one yours. To me, that is a resurrection worth talking about.


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Why Your Spiritual Practice Could Be Holding You Back


If you have a daily practice, be it meditation, prayer, yoga, or a religion of some sort, there is every chance that it is holding you back from realising the entire grandness of who you are.

Think of your spiritual practice like a cast on a broken leg or arm. (Please bear with me while I labor on this metaphor). You have a bone that is damaged and needs stability to allow it’s natural healing process to repair it. Remembering here that it’s not the cast that is repairing the bone, all the cast is doing is creating a stable environment so that the bone will do what it is capable of doing, healing itself.

But you get excited by this cool looking cast. It’s your point of difference to everyone else. You show it to people and even get people to draw on it and write on it. It grabs a lot of attention wherever you go, with many people starting up conversations about this new thing in your life. You openly tell everyone about how you had this damaged bone; you go into the intricate details of how you broke it, and how this amazing cast is healing your bone.

Over time though, the bone heals, and it’s time to take the cast off and let go of all the attachment to the cast. Its task is complete and it’s not longer needed. But you love this cast. You have people’s names on it and you become so attached to this incredible thing that healed your bone. You don’t want to let go of it, and you want to keep it on. After all, it saved your arm or leg right?!

So you keep it on, and overtime it becomes infected. You get sores and wounds appear beneath the cast. You still refuse to let it go, after all, the cast saved you! Now it leads to a major infection that turns to gangrene. But this cast saved my arm, and now my arm is infected!? How can this be so? Isn’t my cast the saviour? How could this be??

I’m not here to tell you that I am God, I’m here to tell you that you are God.”
– Swami Nithyananda

Many of us require stability and guidance while we heal and find our essence. These structures, like our spiritual disciplines or sadhanas, our gurus and sages, are there for precisely that reason- to help us go within, to help us repair physically, emotionally and mentally (I don’t say spiritually because spirit is never damaged or broken). They help us reconnect to our Divine Grace. Sounds woo woo perhaps, so let me rephrase that. Within you is the essence of love, the same essence of love that is in your gurus, religious leaders, yoga teachers or idols. They may have the ability to remind you, guide you and help you feel secure and stable while you reconnect to this inner fire. But nonetheless, it’s ALWAYS within you.

I need to add here, I’m not advocating walking away from daily meditation, yoga, prayer or religion. I have my daily practice of stillness, stretching and contemplation and always will. But if we continue to always put ourselves below our practice or gurus, then we will never fully Self-Realise the magnificence of who we are as a Soul. Your tradition or religion is a structure. It maybe a very relevant structure that supported you and carried you through a difficult time. But whatever greatness and love you found in that structure, it is within you also. At some point, (is that now?) we have to realise that we are ALL OF IT too.

Just as it is inscribed on the wall at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, ‘Know Thyself’

Divinity is Divinity. Grace is Grace. Love is Love. It’s all within you.

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How To Receive Criticism And Be Comfortable With It

one-way-to-avoid-criticism-aristotle-quotes-sayings-picturesPut your hand up if you like to receive criticism.

Of course you kept your hand down. No one likes to be criticised. To the point where we often hold ourselves back from doing many great things in fear of being criticised.

I saw a quote this week by Aristotle:

“There is only one way to avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

Criticism can cut to the core of our ego. It challenges all the false beliefs that we’ve had about ourselves. We tend to measure ourselves by the perspectives of others and when that perspective becomes negative, then OUCH! It hurts.

I’ll let you in on a secret, which is not so secret now. I’m a recovering perfectionist, recovering in that I’ve been in ‘perfectionist rehab’ trying to wean myself off being a perfectionist. One thing about perfectionists is that we love to be perfect…. and what does criticism from others say about our perfectness? That it doesn’t exist! Our illusion becomes shattered and it’s brutally painful.

It was for this reason that I held back from writing, speaking, and teaching. I mean what if someone faulted what I did? Heaven forbid! But the compulsion became stronger and it was a tussle between what was the natural flow forward and my ego holding me back in fear. The block was in my ego, so that’s what I had to work on…dissolving that pesky little thing (only it wasn’t little, it was gargantuan!)

Through my meditation practice I was able to slowly dissolve the big E and allow my clear fearless expression to shine through. (Mind you its not totally dissolved, there is still some there)

Sure, I get criticised. It’s going to happen. But now I see criticism as something very constructive. It’s up to you; it can be destructive or constructive. I find it useful market research that helps me refine what I do and become better at it. In fact, only the other day I asked my children to critique me as a parent. I sat them both down and said to them (true story):

“Hey kids, so I have never been trained as parent and this is my first time at it. So I may be doing things wrong or things that you don’t like. I’m still learning. I want you to let me know how you’d like me to change as a parent and what you think I could do better?”

To which they replied along the lines of:

“Nah, we think you’re doing a great job Dad, you don’t need to change anything.”

It was a nice to hear but I was seriously looking for some constructive criticism to help me become better at parenting. I used to really struggle receiving criticism, it was a painful experience. But not I welcome it with gratitude. It teaches me to evolve and adapt.

But coming back to Mr. Aristotle, and his quote. What would you prefer? Not being criticised and playing the small safe, game or growing, expanding and inspiring others while you expose yourself to potential criticism?  You think Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela were never criticised? The choice is yours and you have greatness within you to share with the world. So what are you waiting for? Share with me how you would like to share your gifts with the world below 🙂

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