4 Steps On How To Live More Spiritually

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Many people have a goal of becoming spiritual, but how does one actually go about doing it? We are all able to grow without exerting any specific efforts, because as humans we have been given the drive and motivation to evolve, overcome, survive, and ultimately thrive as we move through life. Spiritual and personal growth often happen naturally.

So, should you be concerned about who you are spiritually? Or where you’re at in your life when it comes to what kind of person you want to be?

Actually, there are a lot of reasons why you should take an active approach to your own spiritual practice:
• Developing your spirituality helps you to expand your awareness as a person and ultimately contributes to personal growth
• Spiritual growth in particular is your way of getting in tune with the larger universe and seeing life from a broader perspective – this can help you to achieve peace and contentment
• Learning about spiritual practices can help you to uncover new aspects of your personality and can challenge you to understand different ways of life other than your own

When you decide to improve upon or develop your spirituality, you are making a commitment to understanding your own inner nature. However, simply saying that you want to be more spiritual will not get you anywhere. Just like you need to exercise and eat a balanced diet in order to lose weight or maintain your health, you also have to ‘practise’ your spirituality in order to become spiritual.

Meditation and Spirituality
Meditation is becoming more and more popular as a means of helping people to nurture their spirituality. People who meditate practise getting in tune with their own inner self on a regular basis, and a spiritual presence or a feeling of being connected to the divine follows naturally.

Four Steps Towards Greater Spiritual Growth
You can use these four simple steps to get on the right track when it comes to inspiring personal growth.

1.Read spiritual texts.
Even if you’re not religious, texts like the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, Yoga Vashishta or the Qur’an contain valuable messages that can help you to learn more about your own existence, your inner self, and the divine presence. Remember that underneath every religion is a desire to improve mankind, and although certain religious groups have strayed from that path at one point or another, you can still use religious works to nurture your spirituality.

2. Attend public celebrations of spirituality.
Once again, even if you’re not religious, religious ceremonies, group meditations and public celebrations can help you to see the bigger picture. As humans, we all have an innate desire to connect to a higher power and to find that source within our lives. When you go to a temple or attend mass with your family on a regular basis, you will feel like you are a part of something much larger than yourself. Choose a form of public worship that works for you.

3. Practise social justice.
There is nothing like spending your time helping others to make you feel more whole. When you volunteer or take some time out of your day to do something for someone other than yourself, you will stop seeing the world in terms of your own selfish needs and wants. You are able to open yourself up to new possibilities and give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Your contribution to the world doesn’t have to be gigantic, so long as at least one person is affected by your kindness and compassion.

4. Pray and meditate.
Meditation and prayer are two routes to the same goal of spiritual and personal growth. When you meditate you connect your inner self with a higher power and when you pray you speak directly to the same presumed higher power. Both of these practises can help you to focus your attention on your relationship with God and try to find contentment in your life. Practising Stillness will help you to focus on this goal through meditation.

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