10 Tips For Better Relationships


I worked for my previous employer for 26 years. Yup! One company for 26 years! Insane or smart it’s open to discussion.

Now that might seem ridiculous but most of my colleagues there were also employees for 20-25 years. We are talking about a money broker (like stock broker) company that employed young staff straight out of uni and even some straight out of school. So how did a company in finance manage to keep its staff for so long? What kept us from leaving to go somewhere else?

I believe they had a philosophy that should not only be embraced by companies all over the world, but also anyone with personal relationships.

Here’s why I think they had the keys to creating better relationships.

Recently I had a coaching client come to me in a state of disarray. He ran a real estate business and he had just had 6 staff members leave his company to go to another company. He couldn’t believe it, he was shattered. Partly because his revenues took a hammering and partly because his ego took a hammering. 

I asked him, “Were you offering them the BEST option available in the industry?” He looked at me dumbfounded.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, if your place of employment offered the best option for anyone wanting to be in real estate, then they would have no option but to stay with you. There would be nowhere else to go. They obviously left for one reason only, there was a better option.”

I have to give it to ICAP, my previous employer. They knew:

  1. That their bottom line was a result of good staff.
  2. You need to keep good staff.

It’s a simple formula. It’s really not complicated. So they did everything they could to keep their staff. Here are some of the added incentives this company laid out for us:

– A full time chef who made us breakfast and lunch

– Shower facilities with fresh white fluffy towels every day

– Personal trainers twice a week

– Team building weekends away

– Partner dinners for our extended family

– A family Christmas day for client and staff families

– A percentage share in profits paid to us quarterly in bonuses

Yes, other companies approached us all the time. And when you sit down with that ‘other’ company and discuss what they are offering, you weigh up not only the benefits that your existing company is offering you, but also the loyalty you feel to your company for their investment and goodwill in you. It became a no-brainer, and why myself, along with most other employees, stayed there for so long. 

The company I was with was the best option…. full stop.

How can this translate to personal relationships? 

Ask yourself, “Am I the best option for this person?” Or, “Can they get a better ‘deal’ elsewhere?” 

Sounds very technical and business-like doesn’t it, but again it can be quite simple. 

If someone doesn’t want to be with you, ask yourself “Why don’t they want to be with me?” 

It might be a misalignment in values or differences in lifestyles as people change and not always at the same rate. 

But it might be that you’re not offering them a very good deal. If that’s the case, what can you do to sweeten the deal? 

So rather than throwing in quarterly bonuses and some new fluffy white towels in the linen cupboard, here are some other ideas to help you be the best option for them:

  1. Be kind and caring about their well-being
  2. Be supportive in their life and encourage them with their goals
  3. Contribute financially where possible
  4. Be openly communicative, so they don’t have to always second guess what you’re thinking
  5. Bring lots of fun and laughter to their life
  6. Inspire them with new knowledge that you are discovering in your own journey
  7. Give them independence and personal freedom so they don’t feel caged
  8. Contribute to the workload around the home
  9. Be affectionate, passionate and tender
  10. Be accepting of their flaws weakness and vulnerabilities

These are just some suggestions that could help you be the best available option for them. There will be plenty more and I’d love to hear any other suggestions that you might have so please connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to hear from you. 

If they still want to go to another company or person when you feel you have offered the best option, then there are obviously other factors at play. But start by looking within and asking yourself if you are doing everything you can to be the best option for them.

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Our retreats are a powerful way to not only restore balance to your mind and body, but also a way to get clear about your future. 

You will eat incredibly healthy food, meditate, do yoga, receive massages and get lots of much needed rest in peaceful locations. In amongst this you will do workshops and talks that will help you map out your future and learn techniques that will help you make this become a  reality. 

These mind mapping exercises will help you overcome deep limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your potential. Attendees in the past have said:


“I can honestly say that my time at the retreat was the most rewarding and insightful experience ever. It fed my heart, soul and spirit and has allowed me to move forward in my life with great positivity. I feel blessed and totally inspired. Meditation is now a priority in my daily life.”

– Caroline


“The words life changing, inspired, excited, blissful, are only a few of the words that come to mind. I feel lighter and more at peace than I can ever remember feeling. I am free. So amazingly, liberatingly free! Free of expectations and limitations. Free of my past. Free of negative emotions such as hurt, pain, anger, guilt. Free of fear which held me back, and free of that little voice inside my head which kept telling me I wasn’t good enough. Look out world, I’m finally free to be me, the truest, purest version of myself and that version is pretty Goddam amazing!”

– Sandra

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Learn How To Manifest Abundance In All Areas Of Life

Sprout.The Law of Attraction and “abundance” are two concepts that have recently become quite popular as methods to help people get what they want in life. But do they really work? Maybe you know someone who is a master ‘manifester.’ That person can’t seem to stop attracting success, wealth, positive relationships, and happiness. It can seem as though he or she does it effortlessly, without consciously focusing on manifesting abundance. While it’s true that some people are born with this innate knowledge, that doesn’t mean this capability cannot be acquired throughout one’s lifetime.
How Does it Work? 

Manifesting abundance is a skill just like any other. If you can learn how to ride a bike or play a musical instrument, you can learn how to manifest. How successful you are at manifesting will depend on how much you practise and how effectively you practise. Having natural talent to manifest your desires also does not imply that you are better at it than someone else. In fact, manifesting is a way of thinking, and once you adopt that way of thinking it doesn’t matter if you had it all throughout your life or not. Whether you use the Law of Attraction consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant, so long you are seeing results.

So What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is a principle built on the supposition that we create our own reality. We attract those things that we ‘put out.’ What does this mean? Well, the simplest way of stating this principle is that like attracts like. If you are a happy, outgoing, and appreciative individual, with the frame of mind that you have all you need – then you will attract happiness, friends, blessings, and wealth.

Manifesting abundance begins with the right frame of mind. For this, you need to understand a principle called Stillness. The Stillness Effect is centered around mindful meditation, and how it can help you to overcome your own inner limitations and achieve abundance. When you regularly focus on quieting your mind, you teach yourself how to express gratitude, feel pure happiness, and adopt the right attitude to attract the things you want. It’s really quite simple. Take some time to find out more about Stillness today.

The ‘Less is More’ Mentality

When you have the right mindset to manifest, you don’t focus on negative or defeating things. For example, instead of saying “I have so little” or “I wish I had this or that” you make yourself believe that you have enough. You go over the blessings that you have been given and try to feel real gratitude for those things.

When you are appreciative of all the things you do have, you will naturally act more like someone who is happy, successful, and fulfilled. You see your negative beliefs will naturally stand in the way of you achieving your goals. For instance, if you keep telling yourself “I have no money,” you will become ‘stuck’ in that situation. All you will experience is having no money, and all of your interactions with money will reflect your attitude towards money – that you don’t have enough of it.

But, using the principle of manifesting abundance, you can take on the attitude that money comes and goes, that you don’t need to cling to the money you have because there is always more to be had. This doesn’t mean spending your money recklessly; instead, it’s finding the optimum balance between saving your money and spending it on things that make you or others happy. Having a positive outlook on the future – that money will come and go but ultimately your happiness won’t be affected by it – can also help you to manifest financial abundance.

Ultimately, manifesting abundance is all about how you see yourself in the world. If you believe that you are worthy, that you are entitled to having the things you want (with a little hard work of course), and that good things will come to you because you are a good person, then that will be your reality. But, your mind is behind these attitudes and opinions. The first thing that you need to do to inspire this kind of thinking is learn how to eliminate self-defeating thoughts. To support you with this we have created The Empowerment Series. These are three 1 hour audios on how to attract abundance in relationships, wealth and your life purpose. Find out more about this by clicking below:



The Key To Manifesting Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  – Rumi

Rumi was perhaps one of the greatest poets writing on love that this world has ever seen. And although he lived in the thirteenth century, his words are still incredibly apt today. When it comes to love and soul mates, it’s as simple as your beliefs. If you’re single and you think that you will never meet anyone, you never will. Or, you’ll meet people who reflect your own negative attitude towards love. But if you’re single and you believe that the person you are meant to be with is out there and you will meet him or her when the time is right, then that’s how things will happen for you. Manifesting love is like manifesting anything else – you have to put out what you want to receive from the universe.

Defeating Beliefs
Let’s look at this idea in further detail. According to the Law of Attraction, the people and things that we draw towards us throughout life reflect the vibrations that what we send out. That means that people who are single and want to meet someone or people who constantly seem to attract the wrong person are sending out messages that create those situations. Think about the following commonly-held love beliefs:

  • “I’m not complete without love.”
  • “I want to find my soul mate.”
  • “My partner doesn’t value me.”
  • “I will never meet someone.”
  • “Something is missing in my life.”

We’re conditioned to think this way about love, and to feel as though we aren’t whole until the time we are married or have met our “soul mates.” But this thinking is harmful and unfortunately, it’s not going to help anyone find love. The good news is that you can change the way that you think about love and relationships in order to attract love with the right person.

Step 1: Love Yourself
The way to go about doing it is simple, but it might involve a few changes in the way you see yourself. Essentially, you need to figure out how to be ‘in love’ with yourself and fully comfortable with yourself before you can do the same with anyone else. Emotional baggage, neediness, insecurities, and hurt feelings can only contribute to a relationship that reflects those states of being. Overcoming all of these obstacles on your own is the first step towards manifesting love.

Step 2: Change the Way You See Relationships
Ask yourself what you want to get out of a relationship. Then, recognize which relationship goals are selfish or shallow and which aren’t. For instance, do you want to be married because all your friends are married? Do you want to find someone to be with so that you don’t have to be alone? Or, are you looking for a “better half” who will “complete you?” You need to realize that you’re never going to attract the right relationship if you have these beliefs about relationships. Instead, you should see having a relationship with someone as a chance to grow and challenge yourself as a person. When you’re with the right person your life will inevitably be enriched by that person.

Step 3: Enjoy the Waiting
When you have the right attitude towards yourself and relationships, you don’t have a sense of impatience or urgency to find your soul mate. You trust that the person you are meant to be with is already yours and you will meet him or her when the time is right. That means living as though you are already in love and enjoying the wait for that person to enter your life. You should try to relish the waiting period.

If you want to change the way you love and are loved in return, click here now:


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Bob Proctor On How To Break Free Of Fear

Did you know your subconscious mind cannot determined the difference between what you imagine and what is real. This opens us up to exciting possibilities however it also can create huge limitations in our life. Fear can hold us back from living a life of magnificence and yet most of the time we don’t even realise this is happening. We are programmed to live how we are living.

But it’s ok, you can break free of this and live fearlessly and dynamically. This clip from Bob Proctor will help you see life in a whole new dimension! If you want to alter your paradigm then check out this brief clip. If you are struggling to break free of fear and negativity and do need some support then come and join our Inner Sanctum membership. Here you will join our global tribe for monthly LIVE meditations and coaching with me. You will feel supported, inspired and nurtured after being part of this session. Find out more by clicking here.


Are you ready to break free of fear? Share with us below, and in doing so, you are sending a message to the Universe that yes, now is the time to soar!

How This One Instagram Post Changed My Life!

universe-mindI have to share with you that lately I was feeling some resistance and friction in my life. Not what you’d expect from a meditation teacher but yep, I became attached to outcomes and the more I forced things to happen, not only did I move further away from it happening, but I actually found there was more turmoil and friction occurring in my life. Interestingly enough this caused me to TRY even harder to make things ‘work out’ and of course what happens? Even more craziness! I was getting tired, frustrated, and yep, even sick!

Then one day as I scrolled through my Instagram feed looking at plenty of wings of planes with fluffy clouds in the background, sunrise shots of Bondi Beach (Oh wait, that was mine! :)), people performing yoga poses, and some organic, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free salads they had made, I came across one that said “The Universe Has Your Back”. Hey I’ve seen this one numerous times before with very little impact, but today it spoke to me. BOOM!

It was what I needed to hear at that point in time.

How could I doubt that things aren’t working out?
How could I doubt that there isn’t a beautiful sequence unfolding that will continue to unfold that is serving my higher purpose?

How could I doubt that there isn’t perfection in this imperfection?

And so I paused and meditated.…..Tom, stop TRYING, stop CHASING, stop FORCING.

Let it come to you….

This Universe has been expanding and contracting and will expand and contract for infinite time. For a glimpse I am me, Tom, in this space to explore, learn and play, and yet, I’m part of this Universe, no, I AM the Universe simultaneously. How simple. I am part of that continuum. How beautiful.

Wow, the relief, the freedom, the ease that came after this.

There is an old Vedic saying:

“Take it as it comes, and as it comes, take it.”

Note it didn’t say “Go after it, and if you don’t get it, try harder?”

If you feel there is friction in your life, if you feel you are TRYING hard to make things work, then…




Let go of the attachment and watch how things unfold. You’ll find life will become lighter, smoother and you’ll be smiling a lot more 🙂

Have you had any moments where you let go of your attachment and things unfolded gracefully after that? I’d love to hear from you awesomeness!

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