How To Create A Life Of Purpose

Crawling out of bed each day to face another day at work feeling bored, lacking vitality and meaning in your life is not the greatest way to start your day. If this is you, then it’s time to discover your purpose in life. Anthony Robbins says that humans have 6 major needs.
1. Certainty
2. Uncertainty
3. Love/Connection
4. Growth
5. Significance
And lastly, one that often left out, is Contribution. When we feel we are contributing in some way to the world being a better place, we feel more energised, motivated and inspired in our lives. I know this all too well having spent many years in finance with the sole goal of making a shit load of money. It wasn’t until I felt completely unmotivated, depressed and stressed in the process of trying to do this that I discovered this wasn’t the way to live my life.

For many people it can be daunting trying to take those first steps to finding a purpose in life. They have such big goals that can take many years to realise and so often will give up. In this short clip I share some simple ways to add more purpose in your life and make this a fun and simpler process.

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