5 Tips On Living With Passion And Purpose In A Relationship

Are you living the fullest version of yourself right now? Are you embracing every moment in rapture at the infinite possibilities that each day brings? 

Or are you on a treadmill, fitting into someone else’s life, buying into someone else’s story, ignoring your passions, your visions and your truth?

One common theme that keeps presenting itself with my students is how many people are in relationships or have come out of relationships where they felt they had ‘lost themselves’.

One woman shared with me how she had just come out of a 13-year relationship. She felt she was overweight, unhappy, had lost passion in life and had not felt like she had lived for herself. 

Now she is learning salsa dancing, going to yoga, horse riding, writing regularly and losing weight. She has re-discovered that she had many diverse interests and passions before she entered into this relationship but somehow they all got swept under the mat.

How do we navigate the complexities of relationships, where there is the requirement to compromise, and surrender to some degree, and yet achieve the goal of living a dynamic full life at the same time?

Here you are with the greatest gift- to be YOU. 

Each moment is a ridiculous blessing. Yes, we have heard the clichés but do we truly live it and believe it? 

When a relationship becomes your source of fulfillment you disempower yourself. 

When you see relationships as outlets for the expression of your fulfillment then it empowers you.

Live fully, in the wholeness. Then from that space of radiance, of inner love and joy, share it with all who come into contact with you. 

You can re-write your paradigm right now, and embrace a life of purpose and passion whether you are with someone or not.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track, living your truth, living a life of passion and purpose whether in or out of a relationship with someone:

  1. Meditate twice a day

Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. If you can’t do it twice a day, try just once a day in the morning. This is a moment for you, to re-connect to the deeper essence of who you are.

  1. Exercise and stretch at least three times a week.

This keeps you connected with your body and feeling dynamic and enthusiastic for living.

  1. Each week put aside segments that are solely for you and your passion

Whatever it is, give yourself a chance to engage with what lights you up. Be it dance classes, surfing, bushwalking, sitting under a tree reading a book, or going to the movies, this is time for you. Just you. 

  1. Inspire others to also take time out for themselves to find their passions.
  2. Be honest and open about your passions and vision for your life. 

Share it with others and invite them to join you on your journey. 

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