Learn How To Manifest Abundance In All Areas Of Life

Sprout.The Law of Attraction and “abundance” are two concepts that have recently become quite popular as methods to help people get what they want in life. But do they really work? Maybe you know someone who is a master ‘manifester.’ That person can’t seem to stop attracting success, wealth, positive relationships, and happiness. It can seem as though he or she does it effortlessly, without consciously focusing on manifesting abundance. While it’s true that some people are born with this innate knowledge, that doesn’t mean this capability cannot be acquired throughout one’s lifetime.
How Does it Work? 

Manifesting abundance is a skill just like any other. If you can learn how to ride a bike or play a musical instrument, you can learn how to manifest. How successful you are at manifesting will depend on how much you practise and how effectively you practise. Having natural talent to manifest your desires also does not imply that you are better at it than someone else. In fact, manifesting is a way of thinking, and once you adopt that way of thinking it doesn’t matter if you had it all throughout your life or not. Whether you use the Law of Attraction consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant, so long you are seeing results.

So What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is a principle built on the supposition that we create our own reality. We attract those things that we ‘put out.’ What does this mean? Well, the simplest way of stating this principle is that like attracts like. If you are a happy, outgoing, and appreciative individual, with the frame of mind that you have all you need – then you will attract happiness, friends, blessings, and wealth.

Manifesting abundance begins with the right frame of mind. For this, you need to understand a principle called Stillness. The Stillness Effect is centered around mindful meditation, and how it can help you to overcome your own inner limitations and achieve abundance. When you regularly focus on quieting your mind, you teach yourself how to express gratitude, feel pure happiness, and adopt the right attitude to attract the things you want. It’s really quite simple. Take some time to find out more about Stillness today.

The ‘Less is More’ Mentality

When you have the right mindset to manifest, you don’t focus on negative or defeating things. For example, instead of saying “I have so little” or “I wish I had this or that” you make yourself believe that you have enough. You go over the blessings that you have been given and try to feel real gratitude for those things.

When you are appreciative of all the things you do have, you will naturally act more like someone who is happy, successful, and fulfilled. You see your negative beliefs will naturally stand in the way of you achieving your goals. For instance, if you keep telling yourself “I have no money,” you will become ‘stuck’ in that situation. All you will experience is having no money, and all of your interactions with money will reflect your attitude towards money – that you don’t have enough of it.

But, using the principle of manifesting abundance, you can take on the attitude that money comes and goes, that you don’t need to cling to the money you have because there is always more to be had. This doesn’t mean spending your money recklessly; instead, it’s finding the optimum balance between saving your money and spending it on things that make you or others happy. Having a positive outlook on the future – that money will come and go but ultimately your happiness won’t be affected by it – can also help you to manifest financial abundance.

Ultimately, manifesting abundance is all about how you see yourself in the world. If you believe that you are worthy, that you are entitled to having the things you want (with a little hard work of course), and that good things will come to you because you are a good person, then that will be your reality. But, your mind is behind these attitudes and opinions. The first thing that you need to do to inspire this kind of thinking is learn how to eliminate self-defeating thoughts. To support you with this we have created The Empowerment Series. These are three 1 hour audios on how to attract abundance in relationships, wealth and your life purpose. Find out more about this by clicking below:



How To Create A Vision Board And A Magnificent Life!


vision-board-2014-crossfit-round-rockFor the past few weeks I’ve been re-assessing my Vision Board. I visit this regularly and check it is up to date and aligned with my vision for life.

What’s a vision board did I hear some of you ask?

Some of you will not only know of them, but actually use them. One friend of mine told me that she manifest everything on her vision board this year!

So a vision board is a large board with affirmations or images of things that you would like to manifest in your life in the year ahead. Each morning and night, as you rise and as you go to bed, you look at this board, feel the energy of the images or affirmations and then let it go.

How does it work? Well by looking at the image and feeling the energy of it, this leaves an imprint of it embedded into your body. By letting it go and not being attached to it dissolves the neediness and the “wanting” which would normally push the vision further away from you. What’s important here is to not ‘wish’ for the outcome, but to feel what it feels like for the outcome to have already happened.

The laws of attraction will simply do the rest. You’ll be quite amazed at how Nature, The Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it, effortlessly goes about creating circumstance that enables the manifestation of your visions.

It can be anything from where you’d like to be in your career, relationships, wealth, living environment, level of consciousness, amount of love or happiness you are feeling, or state of health.

Think of it like the captain of the ship knowing which port he is going to before he embarks upon his trip.

So how do you want life to pan out? Where do you see yourself in 12 months time? How would you like your life to change? Because it’s going to change, that’s one thing you can be assured. It’s a matter of how much do you want to play a role in it ?

This is how we become Creators of our lives. This is empowerment. To receive ongoing assistance with realising your visions, you might like to consider the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a powerful 12 month program that has been changing lives all over the world!

“There are no words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this amazing group. Thanks Tom”- SC
“Thank you sooooo much, very excited and inspired to get this journey really rolling!!!!”- ZT

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6 Tips For A Magnificent 2016!

new year

It’s hours away here until the close of 2015. What a year! No doubt you have experienced twists and turns with some incredible highlights and also some challenging times. This is life yeh? It moves, it ebbs and flows; it will be ecstatic at times and painful at times.

This time of year can be a time of sadness for some and for others an exciting time of growth and cleansing. I was out surfing the other day and I over heard one of the surfers say to another one:

“Mate I just can’t wait for this year to end!”

Must have been a tough year! However wishing time to pass quickly because life is unbearable will not create any new experiences going forward. It will only attract the same experience just with a different calendar. So how do we create a magical 2016? Well it’s yours right now to create. A blank canvas for you to design an awesome life!

Here are a few tips for you to build your foundation of a magnificent year ahead:

  1. Let go. Let go of the pain, the anger, the regrets, the suffering and the stories of the past. It’s time to look forward and not back. Holding on to grudges, and ‘should have’ stories won’t serve you in 2016. Let’s shrug it all off, shake it away and let go of that load of heaviness. 2016 is all about being light!
  2. Be thankful. No matter where you are in life, there is always something to be thankful for. When we acknowledge the beauty of life around us, it changes the way we feel, and when we change the way we feel, we change what we attract.
  3. Commit to something new. Yep, I started last night. I was asked what is my new year’s resolution and I was stumped, because I didn’t have one! So I decided my new year’s resolution would be to write in a notebook each night before I go to sleep all the things I was grateful for that day, and just that day. I was amazed at how many things I found to be grateful for and how good I felt to write them all down. So this is my ‘NEW’ thing for 2016. (Which ties in well with number 2) What will your ‘NEW’ thing be for 2016? Yoga twice a week? Meditate each day? Do an act of kindness each day? Attend a retreat? Please tell me below this article, we’d all love to hear and get inspired!
  4. Set your goals for 2016! The captain of the ship always has their port of destination in their sites. Do you know where you want to go? Do you know what you want to do? Get clear on these goals and write them down. This is something we will be covering at our 1 day Urban Retreat & Vision Day on Jan 16th if you need some assistance with this.
  5. Choose excitement over fear. You can fear what’s ahead or be excited about what’s ahead. You get to choose. Fear and excitement are very similar feelings, with a very slight shift. One is positive and one is negative. One is contraction, and one is expansion. Fear moves you away from something, and excitement moves you towards it. “I’m afraid of speaking on stage”- CONTRACTION. “I’m excited about speaking on stage”- EXPANSION. Get excited about the life ahead!
  6. Love. No, not ‘I need you’ love; not ‘I can’t live without you’ love; not ‘I hope someone will love me’ love. This is a love that is found deep in your heart. It’s there right now. It’s a radiant burning glow of fiery love right in you NOW. Seek and you will find. Get out of your head and into your heart and radiate love. This will totally change your 2016 BIG TIME!

I am EXCITED to be part to your journey in 2016. I am GRATEFUL for you being part of our journey in 2015. Thank you! You’re amazing and I feel so much love for this Stillness Tribe. Let’s do some massive things in 2016! And again, please share with us below something new that you will be doing in 2016. It will be inspiring to hear.

These Women Had A Choice To Make…What Would You Choose?

If someone asked you whether you were average or beautiful what would you say?

Well in this short video clip a group of women were asked this question and you might be surprised by their response.

After you watch this you might start to rethink how you feel about yourself.

Many of us are waiting for someone else to ‘make’ us feel beautiful. We want others to say things or act in a certain way to improve the way we feel about ourselves. Is this really someone else responsibility? Do they really have the power to do this or perhaps it’s a choice we all have the power to make ourselves?

How can you NOT be beautiful??? Every aspect of you is sheer beauty. Your eyes, your skin, your hair, your breath, your nails, your beating heart, and yes, your soul. You are an exquisite expression of beauty.

If you could put aside 4 minutes today to watch this clip it will elevate the way you see yourself.

Then after you’ve watched this please share with us below what choice would you make? One word – Average or Beautiful?

And if you feel like some support you on your path to discovering your inner beauty, we have created The Empowerment Series! This powerful three part series on LOVE, ABUNDANCE & LIFE PURPOSE will bring you clarity, strength and support so that you thrive in these three key areas of life. You’ll receive three 1 hour audios, 3 books of the audio and 3 Companion books to write in. After you have experienced The Empowerment Series your life will soar to a new level of excitement and magnificence! Find out more here.



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5 Top Tips in Manifesting Your Dreams


Vision boards, goal setting, manifesting mantras, mind movies and more, are becoming ever more popular, and for very good reason.

The possibility for change, great change, amazing change is born through positive thought manifesting. When you manifest in a positive way you shift away from thought patterns focused on ‘what you don’t want’ (thoughts that are no longer serving you). Instead you invite in ‘what you do want’ a shift that can bring real and noticeable change.

Of course, there is a level of commitment and growth involved when it comes to manifesting. What a world it would be if we could quickly jot down all the things we want in life and suddenly they came true! Our beliefs about life and about ourselves greatly impact our ability to manifest our hopes and dreams. For example if we choose to manifest a new job that fulfills us creatively and rewards us financially yet are holding onto a belief that ‘Well paid work is never enjoyable’ this kind of belief can counterbalance your manifestation work. A huge part to successfully manifesting is a true belief that things can and will change.

Many years ago I was taught by my meditation teacher to ‘follow the charm’ in life and just let it flow. I did just that and manifested my dreams and followed those charms, yet as time went by with my daily practice I discovered that following that ooze of charm kept taking me off track. I became distracted by my ego that was searching down other pathways for fulfillment that weren’t necessarily doing my Higher Self a favour.

I since then discovered that as well as observing my beliefs, some will power is also required to keep me aligned and on focus to manifest those dreams. This means resisting some of those niggling desires that pull you into the decisions that have negative karmic consequences.

Life seems to be speeding up, the pace of life is increasing, the information flow is beyond anything we have ever seen before and many people are trying to keep up with it all. If you find ‘staying on track’ with your manifestations challenging and you get pulled of course, you aren’t alone.

Revisiting your goals and your dreams can help to keep you on your chosen pathway. Your ego can distract you at times, so if this has happened to you, without judgment, simply go back to stillness and remind yourself where you were heading.

If you are new to manifesting, you don’t need to wait until next January to start. You can begin to manifest your future at any time.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Create a vision board and place it in your bedroom or desk at work. (Somewhere you will see it everyday).

On your board stick words and images that will represent what you’d like to create, i.e. your hopes and your dreams.

2. Write a list of 5-10 inspirational books that you would like to read.

I recommend Philosophers Notes where they condense some of the most inspiring books! Look at areas in your life you feel you could use some extra guidance and seek out knowledge in this area through reading.

3. Keep a manifesting journal or write a list of areas you wish to manifest great change.

A good friend of mine, Melissa Ambrosini suggests writing a letter to yourself today and then open it in December before the new year. Mel suggests starting the letter something like this:

Hi, Gorgeous,

WOW! Wasn’t this a kick ass year? Your book was published. It was an instant, massive hit, becoming a New York Times bestseller.

Then Melissa says…

Your letter can be one page long or ten. It really doesn’t matter. Get as specific and creative as you want. GO nuts! Dream big and do NOT hold back, beautiful. The idea is to paint a BIG picture of how you want 2014 to pan out.

4. Take some time to sit quietly, and be totally honest with yourself about where your pathway has lead you and where you had wanted to be at this time in life.

Observe if any unpleasant sensations come up? Use those feelings to inspire some change. Often we can do things we don’t like for long periods of time without really being honest with ourselves. You are worthy of living an amazing life. Step up and embrace the change to do something incredible!

5. Make a commitment to yourself to put aside time each day to nourish yourself in stillness.

Opening life up ‘to the possibility of change’ really speeds that change up. Can you feel it already? To help you through this create spaces in your day for stillness in meditation. Take time out to BE and to feel. If meditation and stillness is on your to-do-list, make a commitment to put this to action.

So it’s time to pause, re-assess, check in with yourself and ask if are you still aligned with your hopes and dreams. And if you haven’t moved towards them, it’s not too late. There’s plenty of time to set your visions and create something truly beautiful for yourself. Why? Because simply you can, and you’re worth it!

If you need assistance with this then come and join our monthly live global meditation sessions and training. here you will be uplifted and re-inspired each month to stay on track with those visions and all for less than around 2 cups of coffee a month! Find out more below or click here.

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