NEWS ALERT! Doctors Discover The Solution To Health

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I heard something last week that totally shocked me. It was something that I could never have imagined coming out of a doctor’s mouth. Not only was I stunned, but very excited at the same time. It was a clear sign that things were changing in the health and medical industry!

It was a great honour to be invited to attend The Global Health & Wellbeing Collaborative. Sitting in on this round table were some of the heads of Australia’s health and wellness industry. The intention was to re-think and re-design our approach to health and wellness. The first thing that we were asked to do was to share with the room what health was to each of us. It was at this moment that I heard something that I never thought I would hear. The doctor to my right said true health comes when we are balanced and connected to our divine source. *Gulp!* Did I hear right?
Then to my left a prominent person at the foundation to one of Australia’s largest hospital’s said that health was achieved when we are one with the soul. *Eh?!* What’s going on here I thought?

Now I know this may astound or even upset you to hear some professionals talking like this. I must admit it does sound a bit out there and as some would say “woo-woo”. But why do we suffer poor health? Why does sickness come into our lives like it does? Why are our hospitals overflowing? Why are we not radiating with vitality and zest every day?

Anita Moorjani has recently had a Near Death Experience from cancer and she shares her insights on life in her book “Dying To Be Me”. Since the experience she says…
“I can’t say this strongly enough, but our feelings about ourselves are actually the most important barometer for determining the condition of our lives!”

Prior to her NDE, Moorjani was so afraid of dying. She thought she was the healthiest person in the world because she had daily wheatgrass shots, ate raw organic foods and avoided all the nasties like alcohol, sugar and gluten. What motivated her to be so healthy was a fear of getting sick and a fear of dying. Isn’t this what motivates most of us to be healthy? But what she found on the ‘other side’ was something remarkable. She discovered that death wasn’t to be feared and that she was simply love. In her words…
“I knew that was really the only purpose of life: to be our self, live our truth, and be the love that we are.”

When she came back from her NDE she had let go of any fear of dying. She realised that life is about reconnecting to the inner magnificence of the soul. Now that she had realised this, life was about sharing and living it. Is this what the doctor was talking about to my right? Will we be full of vitality and zest when we have discovered that?

Recently I spent some time looking at my shadow side. My attention shifted from my light and inner love to my flaws and weaknesses. I felt negativity seeping in my mind with seeds of doubt and fear. Within a day I could feel a sore throat and a cold coming on. It was a reminder of everything Anita Moorjani and the doctor beside me had said. I was becoming disconnected and my body was printing this out. It’s said that physical ailments are the fifth and final stage of an imbalance or a disconnect with mind and body.

The intention of the Health Collaborative was to find a way to inspire people to be in a space that the fifth stage wouldn’t arise. That is, to help people make that connection of mind, body and soul. When there is harmony there, our physical apparatus will be a print out of the divine light within us. It’s in this space that true health reigns within us. We all agreed this is not only going to be a process for all of us that were present, but for the community as a whole. Education, awareness and patience were some of the key ingredients to help this unfold.

Stay tuned to find out more of the results of our collaboration. In the meantime, take time out each day to sit in stillness, quieten the mind in meditation, and deepen that connection to your inner heart. The greatest challenge we face is being the love that we are. Start now and take it one step at a time. You are love.

To assist you with this process I have created a guided meditation called Golden Heart Meditation to help expand your heart space and feel more love. Check it out here…


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