How This Group Brought Stillness To The Heart Of The City

Two weeks before Christmas I led a group of people into a state of stillness right in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District. There was a period of time during this Med Mob that meditators reportedly experienced a distinct drop of activity and a suspended silence and calm overcame them. This a phenomenon that occurs when groups of meditators come together in a collective calm, just as the opposite happens when a group of angry or excited people come together in riots or rock concerts. You can watch the video of this event below and to find out more about group meditation sessions like these in the Sydney area click here and enter your details.

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A Movement Of Stillness

How is your daily meditation practice going? It’s common for people to get distracted by life’s demands and let it slip.

So today I thought I’d share with you a short clip we made recently during a MEDMOB we held in Sydney. After watching this you will be motivated to put aside some time each day to sit in stillness and rebalance. You’ll hear from many attendees sharing how much meditation changed their lives for the better.

So please check it out here and feel free to comment below.

If you haven’t already begun your journey into meditation you may like to try Faster Deeper Bliss. This is a journey into meditation over 21 days that will have you meditating deeply and blissfully in no time.

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