5 Tips To Overcome The Distraction Contagion

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I have to share this experience that I had while I was eating my lunch on Sunday. The reason that I feel I have to share it with you is because the insight taught me so many things that I am sure you will relate to you in your life.

It’s ok though, you and I aren’t alone. I am seeing the same thing everywhere and it’s a chronic disease! I call it the Distraction Disease and I tell you, this thing is contagious and spreading like another global viral bug.

So there I was, eating my lunch on a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. I was pushing the food into my mouth and scrolling through the news feeds on Facebook on my iPhone while I was eating. It’s not often I have time to go through the feeds but thought since I am just sitting there, I may as well see what everyone was up to.

I read about how someone was going to the markets to buy groceries in their boots, how someone had just moved house and loved it, and how someone’s daughter had just played a piano piece. On and on it went….through the news feed I devoured this information while I was shovelling food into my mouth.

And then it happened…I paused, took a breath and then looked up from the Facebook page. I was amazed at what I saw. There before me was a stunning site. You see I live on a hill and have this stunning view over the city of Sydney. The city was covered in clouds and my rooftop garden that I looked across was lush and wet. The water on Sydney harbour was steely grey and very still.

It was one of these dreamy days where the air is warm and thick, but it was rainy and grey. There wasn’t a breath of wind outside and I could hear the drops falling on my tin roof.

How could I have been ignoring this?? Then it also dawned on me as my senses started to awaken, that I had also been ignoring the incredible food that I had cooked and was eating. I didn’t even know what it tasted like I was so distracted. So I stopped, I regathered and went through my five senses. What was I tasting, seeing, touching, smelling and hearing?

Mmm…yes! There was so much beauty around me but I had temporarily caught the Distraction Disease and wasn’t taking it all in. Now after pausing and re-grouping I became present again. The food tasted so much better, I felt calmer and more engaged in the now. I could feel the food nourishing me, I delighted in the sounds of nature dropping on my roof and the sight of the clouds floating by. Bliss filled me. I was aligned again.

Here are 5 tips on how to shake off the Distraction Contagion:

1. Above all, meditate! Meditation helps you be more present throughout the day. It also trains you to observe your mind rather than BE your mind. I recommend 2 meditations per day for 20 minutes each.

2. Yoga. 1 – 2 yoga classes a week is a really good way to align your breath, mind and body into one unified present experience. Forget if you can touch your toes or not, who cares! It’s all about if your mind, body and breath are connected.

3. When eating put away all technology. If it’s there at the table, the sweet lure of information will suck you in easily.

4. One screen policy. In our house we have a one screen policy. Ie. No iPads, iPhones or laptops while watching TV or any other double or triple combinations of screening!

5. Conscious Nature Walks. It doesn’t matter where you live you should be able to find somewhere that you can take a slow conscious walk amongst nature. Even if it is a local park. Stop, look at a leaf, smell a flower, watch an ant, feel the breeze or look at the clouds.

The Distraction Contagion is an epidemic now. But you can get your vaccination and avoid catching it if you follow these 5 steps above. As we mentioned, meditation will help a lot with this. I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

If that’s you, then you’d really love our 21 Days to Faster Deeper Bliss program.  This has over 20 years of my experience studying meditation, all condensed into an easy, simple and effective daily program that guarantees to have you experiencing the deep and proven benefits of meditation within just 21 days … in fact you’ll notice the benefits much sooner.

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Why Social Media Has You Addicted


Do you check your social media at traffic lights?

Do you take your phone to the toilet?

Do you feel compelled to share an image of your meals on Instagram?

The reason you can’t help but post your feelings and photos on social media could go deeper than you think.

I was at the beach this morning and went for a walk on the rocks with my family when we came across these amazing rock formations.

It was really quite beautiful and I went to grab my phone to take a photo and share it on Instagram and realised I didn’t have my phone with me as I was in swimmers.

I was quite surprised at how disappointed I felt when I realised I wasn’t able to share it with you all.

Then it got me thinking. Why was I so compelled to share something as simple as a rock feature with you?

It wasn’t that exciting, I mean it was rocks! But I saw something beautiful and felt compelled to share it not just with my family, but with all of you also. This phenomenon is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

There seems to be a planetary shift where the world is drawn to sharing many of their experiences with as many people as possible.

Each day on Instagram I scroll through photos of green smoothies, cappuccinos, glasses of wine, fireworks, feet in the sand, flowers, clouds … it goes on and on. Is this the WE era Michael Drew talks about in Pendulum? In this book, Michael proposes that these cycles from ME to WE swing back and forth every 30 or so years. He suggests we entered a WE era in the early 2000’s and the creation of social media is part of this process. In the WE period, you will see the growth of communities, collaborations and sharing. There will be a sense of Unity, that we are all in this together.

Portals like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Kik and Voxer are they manifestations of this energetic force of cohesiveness?

It’s impossible to deny that humanity is more technologically connected and than ever before. I have friends in remote regions of Bali, Burma, India, Albania and Kenya among many other countries. They are able to send me photos and thoughts daily through social media.

We can resist as much as we like but the shift is here and it’s going to continue to evolve. Cultures, religions, and traditions- all barriers of separation are slowly breaking down.

It just so happens that social media is one of the vehicles that is driving this process. Another one that is a big part of the WE period is meditation. In meditation we dissolve the boundaries of separation, whether they are ideological or physical. In meditation we transcend our separation and individuality and merge into the field of Oneness. We are also seeing the formation of large groups of people meditating together more often. These large group sittings of stillness such as Med Mobs and Stillness In The City are spreading across the globe as nearly as fast as social media!

If you have yet to start a meditation practice and would like to learn it’s really simple. Try our 21 Steps to Faster Deeper Bliss Program with a 60 day trial period.

You’ll receive daily guidance from me PLUS receive 37 support videos, ebooks,  and a yoga video! By the end of this course you will be totally trained in the art of meditation and living a more peaceful happier life. We receive testimonials like this below every day from all over the world.

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