5 Tips On How To Stop Sabotaging Your Life


I’m reading a great book at the moment and I couldn’t help but feel like sharing some of the revelations that I’ve had from it with you.

How many times have you gone from having amazing moments in your life only to be followed by some disaster? Like having a beautiful nurturing relationship with someone only to have it abruptly end in fighting. Or being in optimal health only to then go and get sick or injure yourself. Or perhaps having lots of money only to find yourself badly in debt and struggling to make ends meet.

The book was called The Big Leap by Gay Hendrickson and suggests that we all have an Upper Limit Barrier and when we hit this upper limit in our life, we start a process of self-sabotage because we simply don’t believe that it’s possible to have greatness in our life for a sustained period of time.

You’ve been told that life has ‘ups and downs’ right? This concept is so deeply ingrained into us that when we have an up, we just inherently know that following that will be a down. So we subconsciously start to do things that will take us off that high and drop us into one of those ‘downs’.

This was like a lightbulb moment for me because I realised I had done this all my life. I would have these amazing bursts of wealth creation only to then go and blow it all and lose it. Or I would reach a peak level of fitness and then go and get sick. It was like I was the one creating the ‘ups’ AND downs’ all along.

We do this on an individual level, national level and global level. We have times of prosperity then times of recession. We have times of peace then times of war. We have big deep connections in our relationship then break ups.

What if we changed that belief system and embraced another paradigm. What if we didn’t have to have the ‘downs’ after the ‘ups’?

WHOA!! That is totally out there!

How do we prevent ourselves from sabotaging our life when we are on an up so that we can go from a ‘down’ to an ‘up’?

Here are some simple tips for you to prevent you from sabotaging those great moments in life:

1. Believe that you are worthy of sustained greatness. Yes, you! It is possible and you are worthy. Start with this belief system.

2. When you are having a ‘wow’ moment, start to observe if you are sub-conconsciously looking to find a flaw somewhere in the situation. Then pause and re-direct your attention back to the goodness in that moment.

3. Each day spend a little bit of time going over each portion of your life, from health, wealth, relationships and life purpose and imagine the feeling of what it is like for each of them to be flourishing.

4. Things will change in life, relationships will change, careers will change, however when you are open to the idea that this change is an opportunity for an ‘up’ experience it usually will become one.

5. Let go of the past. This sounds easily said than done, and this is where meditation comes in. Meditation helps bring the mind into the present and dissolves the attachment to the past where a lot of our negative belief systems come from.

There you have five simple tips to help you to live a life of ups and then more ups. You are worthy of amazingness in life and now it’s time to let go of the sabotage. I can’t wait to hear how things go for you so please share with me your results!

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