A Tip On How To Keep Your Sanity And Thrive While Being A Parent!

So you have just been through an intense few months of carrying a young human around in your belly, then you go through a 20 hour labour that is beyond any pain you may have ever experienced or will ever experience, you’re completely exhausted, then you are given a little fragile child to look after 24/7 with no manual!

Welcome to parenting! I realise this isn’t the way it is for everyone, but it’s how it was for my wife only it was slightly different, it wasn’t one child it was two! Being a new parent is an incredibly challenging time that can place a big strain not only on your own health and happiness but also on your relationship. Yet ironically it’s in this time that you really need to bond and support each other, and also have a heap of overflow for these beautiful little beings that have entered the world.

In this clip I share how meditation can play a big part in you getting through these difficult and challenging times. For instance, my wife would meditate while breast feeding during the night which would help throw off fatigue and release more serotonin and oxytocin into her body keeping her feeling elevated. So if you are about to enter into parenthood or are currently a parent check out this this clip below.

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The 4 Most Important Words That I Said To My Teenage Children


I’ve been surprised lately that in 3 separate conversations where I shared that I had teenage twins, I received a response of “Oh you poor thing!” or “Far out that must be challenging.”
Yet it has not only been the most enjoyable period of my parenting life, but also the easiest!

So this made me ponder as to why my experience parenting teenagers is so far from other people’s expectations of what it would be like. Of course they are surrounded by lots of love and as parents we communicate to them how much we love them all the time. But I didn’t feel this was the only reason that parenting teenagers was easier than others expected.

Then it came to me…I realised it was 4 words that I constantly say to my children that has helped my parenting so much. I feel these 4 words help them feel empowered and they get to realise that in many respects, they are the creators of their life.

These 4 words were “It is your choice.”

Ok, so now you’re thinking “What? You just let them do what they want?”
No, definitely not. But we do let them know there is a natural law of cause and effect. Every action has a corresponding reaction, and it’s their choice as to what effect they want to cause.

So when you study and do well at school you receive accolades and good marks from the teacher plus lots of nice words and positive vibes from your parents. When you respond rudely to your parents or don’t do what we ask you to do, you lose your phone for a week (yes a HUGE pain point!) If you say something impolite or negative about a peer you receive in someway something negative back. When you do something good for someone, you receive something good back. I explained to my children that it’s a flow of energy. Good goes out, good comes back. Negative goes out, negative comes back. It’s all energy playing out in forms.

When we sit down together and go through examples of this they can clearly see how this works. They can see the sequence unfold in their lives everyday and it never misses a beat. So now they realise that they are the creators. They are empowered. They get to choose…negative or positive.

Of course, it’s not perfect. None of us are, but it sure has made a huge difference by empowering them to realise that it’s not US against THEM, rather them and the Universe playing together as energy. It’s a bit woo-woo I know but they get it over time 🙂

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This Man Was Asked How To Raise Kids To Think Like You…His Answer Surprised The Host

This video I’m sharing with you today is one of the most compelling pieces of parental advice I’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t have children, or have had children and they no longer live with you, it’s still worth watching because it’s one of those nuggets of gold that will resonate with everyone.

It’s an extract from an interview with Vishen Lakhiani about his soon to be launched book, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, where he untangles deep-rooted belief systems that can ‘clog’ up our lives.

I hope you enjoy it and resonate with it like I did.



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How To Create Boundaries For Your Child And Have Them Still Love You In The Morning

Father hugging son and laughingIf you have children or are considering having children then one thing you will be surely doing in the future is creating boundaries for your child. This is something that every parent will do at some point in their life. It could be simply telling them to turn out the lights and go to sleep, pick their clothes up off the floor of the bedroom or not to hit their sister.

If you’ve been in this position you will relate to how tiring this might be. Every day as a parent of two 12 year olds (yeh twins) I have to create a boundary, guide them and establish protocols for living in a house together.

  • Taj, please take your dirty plate and put it in the dishwasher.
  • Lauren, can you please put the iPad away and do your homework.
  • Kids, could you please turn volume down on the TV?

This is simple day to day process that’s required so that a group of people may live together happily, lovingly and efficiently.

But what if it’s something much bigger than these day to day chores? These small requests don’t attract a huge emotional response or resistance from the child. But sometimes discipline can take on a whole new perspective. Sometimes we have to establish boundaries for our children where they don’t want them and they will try everything to get their way. This creates a lot of friction.

This is a challenging process in our home because I promote the idea that they push boundaries. I want to inspire them to explore, to question life, to challenge authority AND belief systems. I feel it’s my duty as a parent that I inspire my children to be free thinkers and to tap into their own inner knower that will help them to soar and reach their fullest potential.

This can involve anything from jumping off the 10 meter high cliff into Sydney Harbour, exploring abandoned buildings that have NO ENTRY on the front gate, to questioning politics, religion and social constructs.

And yet this can get confusing for them when I insist that there are certain things they aren’t allowed to do that they want to. What ensues can be a battle of determination between us. Yep….it can get intense as these little free thinkers start to push up against the boundaries where we as parents have put them in place. Tears will flow and yep, they will sulk.

However whenever the dust has settled, the tears have stopped and they emerge from the sulk, we always conclude with the same conversation. I ask them:
“Why did I create that boundary?”
To which they now know the answer.
“Because you love me Dad.”
“Yes…I love you like crazy. I love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. And when I tell you off, when I create boundaries, when I discipline you, it’s always coming from love. It’s not because you’re bad, it’s not because I want to punish you, it’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I see your potential, I see your greatness and I love you so much.”

Then we hug, and we never look back at that experience. It’s past. What flows from that moment is lightness and happiness. And it’s back to doing something fun and crazy again!

Reaffirming your love for your child after those intense moments of conflict is a very powerful way to continually inspire lightness and harmony in your home. Children are very soft and malleable, and love is the most nourishing of foods for them.

Do you have any other tips for parenting and creating boundaries for children? I’m always learning as a parent, so I’d love to hear your suggestions below. And if you have some young children they might like to read Missy Moo Meditates. This book takes you on a journey with Missy Moo and her sister Boo as they discover meditation. You will also receive a bonus guided meditation that you can listen to with your children….it has had huge results in helping children relax! Click below to receive your copy 🙂

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