Paris Attacks: What Can You Do About It?

What the heck is going on here on planet Earth?? Are we in 2015 or am I in some time warp back in the 1600’s??
Are these things really happening on the beautiful planet of ours?

I’ve moved through a number of emotions and had various thoughts around these recent attacks in Beirut, Paris, Turkey and Egypt over the last few days. I’m coming through the other side with more clarity, which I will share with you in this video.

In brief, I see it really simply now. There is darkness and light. This battle is being played out within each of us and also on the planet. I don’t believe this is about ISIS, the US government, Christianity, the West or anything else. They are all mere pawns for the force of light or dark. Darkness is greed, fear, anger, rage, sadness, hate and light is bliss, joy, love, kindness and compassion.

We cannot remove darkness with more darkness. We cannot bomb darkness away. You cannot shoot darkness away. Darkness exists when there is no light.

Our only real power in this situation is to ask ourselves are we contributing to the dark, or are we contributing to the light? What removes the darkness from a dark room? What removes the darkness from a dark street corner? What removes the darkness from your own life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What do you think?

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