Getting My Car Stolen Taught Me An Unexpected Lesson!


Life’s Lessons Come In The Strangest Places

Two weeks ago I woke up to find my 2 month old car no longer in my driveway. Now I know my memory is a bit soft at times but I distinctly recalled parking it there the night before. There was only one reason it wasn’t there, it was stolen. (The fact that my smashed window was there in the driveway gave it away too)

Needless to say it turned up 2 days later on the other side of Sydney. Apparently other than the smashed driver side window, it was in good nick and the insurance company told me it would be sent to my repairer within 5 days to get fixed.

3 weeks have passed, the clock is still ticking and still no release of the car from the insurance company to my repairer. Now I’m generally a pretty patient guy, (20 years of meditating daily will do this) but every now and then this gets tested. This situation is one of them.

So as I felt myself huffing and puffing with the insurance people, trying to find out why these delays were happening, I noticed one thing. My huffing and puffing was having little to no effect on the car getting back into my hands any quicker, but it was having a huge effect on my body and mind.

Patience Or Impatience…Does It Change Your Outcome?

This is the thing with patience and impatience. Whether I am patient or impatient, it has no effect on the speed of the desired outcome. But it does have a HUGE effect on how I feel, and how I feel has a HUGE effect on the things that I attract. What I notice when I’m impatient, and feeling that tension in my body, is I set in motion a series of events that start attracting situations that exacerbate that feeling. I seem to get every red light in traffic, car parks stop turning up for me, waiters forget my order and everything takes SOOOO long!

However when I’m patient and in the flow of life, amazing things happen all the time. My lesson here was to let go of control. Control doesn’t affect the speed of outcomes. The timeline for outcomes will be determined whether I’m patient or impatient. I can’t control the timeline of the outcomes but I can control my feelings. This is one area of life that I do have some power over. Do I want to feel tension in my body or do I want to feel calm? I know tension and happiness can’t co-exist. Impatience and love can’t co-exist. Love and happiness is my essence, and control and impatience moves me further away from who I am.

So with this, the lesson is simple: breath, let go, and let things unfold in whatever timeline they unfold in.

PS. Astonishingly as I write this, I am called by the repairer and the car has arrived….<seriously!>

How To Develop More Patience With Yoga Nidra Meditation

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