12 Quotes on Finding Light & Inner Peace

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I’ve spent more than 20 years on this journey of finding inner peace. It began in a very dark space, searching for a glimmer of light and over time the light increased and started to shine brighter and brighter. 

In that search, I listened and was guided by the words of wise souls that had found the light. I took time to read and reflect on meaningful messages that were written by various inspiring gurus and authors who were using stillness to connect with themselves.

As I read through their writings, I noticed a common thread. These thought leaders, gurus and authors seemed to agree on how they found light and peace – that one must seek for it within themselves and not through others

Would you agree?

From the likes of Buddha, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and more, these wise words have given me profound thoughts that have strengthened my mind, body and soul in my quest for light and peace. And I hope it does the same for you!

  1. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

  1. “Silence is the great teacher and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.”

― Deepak Chopra

  1. “Let’s forgive the past and who we were then. Let’s embrace the present and who we’re capable of becoming. Let’s surrender the future and watch miracles unfold.”

― Marianne Williamson

  1. “Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

– Ramana Maharshi

  1. “Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

  1. “If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart.”

– Lao Tzu

  1. “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

― Eckhart Tolle

  1. “Ultimately there is light and love and intelligence in this universe. And we are it, we carry that within us, it’s not just something out there, it is within us and this is what we are trying to re-connect with, our original light and love and intelligence, which is who we are, so do not get so distracted by all this other stuff, you know, really remember what we are here on this planet for.”

— Tenzin Palmo

  1. “When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

– Peace Pilgrim

  1. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

– Buddha

  1. “Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: you won’t be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.”

– Ajahn Chah

  1. “I learned that the interior of life was as rewarding as the exterior of life and that my richest moments occurred when I was absolutely still.”

– Richard Bode

What are your favorite quotes on finding inner peace? Share them with me at the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Find Out How To Shift Your Karma

Karma1 (1)

A good friend of mine, Anne McCue was in the country performing a gig last week. (She’s a rock star, look her up!)
She introduced one song by saying: “This next song is inspired by a Confucius saying that goes like this- ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.’”

The next morning I read about how a couple killed a number of people in San Bernardino, only to then be shot and killed themselves, leaving behind a trail of pain, suffering and also a young child. Relevant song Annie.

Karma is a sensitive topic. We generally think of karma as a negative force that is here to punish us when we do something wrong.

I saw a young child trip over a step in the footpath the other day and I heard his sister say to him: “There’s your karma for being mean to me.”

Radiohead sang in their cult song Karma Police: “This is what you get when you mess with us.”

I prefer to think of karma as a scientific law of cause and effect. It never ceases to amaze me at how simple this is when I watch it play out in my life. Many times in my life I have been slapped and whipped by karma and many times I have had a life flow with abundance and joy by karma. It never fails or falters. It might take some time to respond, but respond it will.

Every action flows from an energy, a vibration, or let’s call it a feeling. That feeling level that motivates the action will set forth a flow of events that respond to that feeling. From there, a reciprocal action will ensue in your life based up that vibration.

In my past, if my actions were driven by hate, anger, fear, selfishness or other low-grade feelings, then interestingly I experience events that inspire more of those feelings. I would get parking tickets, end up in arguments, fights, get sick or things go ‘wrong’ in my life. If my actions are motivated by love, kindness, compassion and selflessness, then my life flows effortlessly with a lightness and abundance. From there joy and love flow through each day and life is smooth.

Karma plays out in our lives everyday. It’s transference of energy. Everything is energy. It has become a trendy word that you see splashed across yogi’s t-shirts and on Instagram images daily (over 1,600,000 karma hash tags!) But in essence, it’s a simple flow of energy creating a ripple effect.

Often we are trying to change our ‘actions’ in our lives when we are not realising the action is motivated by energy. How we FEEL determines how we act. When you feel angry, you act very differently than when you feel calm and kind.

The Dalai Lama wisely once said, ‘My religion is kindness’. Kindness is not an ideology, its not a belief, its not a principle. Kindness is a feeling, an energy. You either feel kind or you don’t. The basis of kindness is love.

Each day I observe an escalation in global turmoil. More hate, more separation, more anger and of course more chaos. The way I see it is only one thing will change this…not ideologies, not regions, not politics, not guns and not warships. That one thing is HOW WE FEEL. There are only so many feelings we can have. Is it fear, anger, hate, shame, guilt, or is it love, kindness, compassion and joy? (Or variables of these?) The only true power we have is how we feel. This alone is our source of power.

When my life is chaotic, when I am suffering, I know it’s time to pause, and look within. I ask myself, “Heck Tom, what feeling are you emitting to have attracted all this mess!?” Then I know it’s time to step back, calm everything down, and work on shifting my energy. One simple technique I find helps more than anything else, is meditation. It’s not the cure-all, but it sure helps re-centre me and shift my feeling level.

Karma will always play out in your life, the choice is do you shift it from chaos to smooth, from sickness to health, from tired to energised, from heaviness to lightness, from war to peace.

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How To Heal From Discontentmentitis

I recently asked a large group of people to put up their hands if they were feeling deeply content in their current relationship. About 3% of the group put up their hand.

I asked another group of people at a different time, to put up their hands if they were feeling deeply content with their current life. Again about 3% of the group put up their hand.

Now I’d like to ask YOU, from 1 to 10 (10 being incredibly content and 1 being very discontent), how do you rate your:
– financial situation
– relationship
– career
– health
How did you go?

The reason I ask this is in a recent study, run by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, a group of people were asked to place a sticker on a wall of their good and bad experiences from the past. On another wall, to post their good and bad expectations for the future.

The first wall comes out about 50/50. The one for the future comes out about 80/20 — with more good expectations than bad ones.

What does this mean? That we generally have very high expectations about life and those expectations are rarely met. This aligns with the survey I did when I asked people to put up their hands if they were content in their relationship or life in general. More often than not we feel that our life isn’t as good as it could be, and we suffer from discontentmentitis.

I believe discontentmentitis is an epidemic of the 21st century! Hey, I’ve been infected with it too! Yes, we could be healthier. Yes, we could have a better house. Yes, we could have a better relationship. Yes, we could have more money.

There will be days when your relationship with your partner or your family will be challenging. There will be times in your career that will be very uncomfortable or mundane. There will be periods in your life when you might be financially stretched. And all of this is ok.

Are you seeking perfection in a realm where perfection doesn’t exist? The field of relativity, the world around us, is diverse, it fluctuates, it twists and turns and is filled with unexpected changes. Yet many of us tend to have an ideal where that simply won’t happen.

So how do we heal ourselves of this contagious infliction that has spread across the world? I feel the key to this comes down to one thing….GRATITUDE. Gratitude is a powerful force of recognition that regardless how many challenges we face right now, there is still something in our life is right now that we can be grateful for.

Gratitude is acknowledging that life is an amazing place and no matter how many of your expectations aren’t being currently met, there is till magnificence around you, right here, right NOW. When we are grateful we emit a vibration of abundance. When we are grateful, we send a message to the Universe that yes, I am filled with greatness in my life. This is a subtle yet powerful shift of awareness that will flow through into all areas of your life.

When we embrace gratitude we shift our feelings from lack to abundance. The moment you feel abundance in your life you change what you attract. Explore this for a few weeks and let your own research validate this concept.

Gratitude can come in many ways, but here are some tips to get you started.

1. Offer gratitude before each meal for the mere gift of being able to eat some nourishing food that will sustain your health.
2. Express gratitude each morning to the sun, for its light and warmth that sustains all life here on Earth
3. Write a letter or email to someone special in your life offering gratitude for their presence
4. Speak to your body, you carry this vehicle around every day, it’s amazing what it does for you. Thank it and nurture it.
5. Be thankful for the people who push your buttons, who challenge you, and make you feel uncomfortable. They are your greatest teachers…what a gift!

So there are few ideas about how to overcome the increasing level of discontent on the planet. I’m sure you have a few yourself, it would be wonderful if you could share some of those below with our readers as well. Thanks, I’m very grateful 🙂

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What is New Age Spirituality?

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New age spirituality refers to a non-unified set of beliefs and practices that emerged towards the end of the twentieth century in the western world. The foundations of new age spirituality are built upon both eastern and western religious traditions, and the belief system is inclusive to ideas from self-help books such as The Secret and the Law of Attraction, a holistic approach to health, motivational and positive psychology research, studies in both consciousness and awareness, and scientific principles such as those explained in quantum physics. “New agers,” as they are called, don’t limit their belief system to one particular doctrine.

A Sign of the Times: History of the New Age Spirituality Movement
New age spirituality started to appear in the early nineteen-sixties as people began to reject formalized institutions and question the cultural values of their parents’ generation. As the masses spoke out in favor of racial equality, gender equality, sexual freedom, and peace, there was a movement towards pluralistic religious beliefs. A number of people began to reject religious institutions in favor a personalized belief system encompassing a wide range of metaphysical ideas.

The shift represented a change in the way that people view their own spirituality. Instead of confirming to inflexible, restrictive, and outdated religious dogmas, people realized that they could take their spirituality into their own hands in order to get closer to the divine creator. Moreover, due to the inclusive nature of new age spirituality, there was a sense of acceptance and liberalism towards other belief systems and values.

New Age Spirituality Today
Today, the new age spirituality movement is still thriving. Many people choose to reject organized religions or to pick and choose the beliefs that they identify with. This method of developing one’s spirituality draws from the idea that spirituality is innate and one must find his or her own path towards spiritual nourishment.

Meditation has become one of the core tenets of new age spirituality. With recent research touting the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of meditation, a lot of people have opted to access this technique in order to promote their own total well-being. Even those who still identify with an organized religion such as Christianity can benefit from meditation, because it promotes relaxation and is non-intrusive to one’s pre-existing beliefs. Meditation is a way of cultivating inner Stillness and bringing oneself closer to the divine.

New Age Spirituality and You
New agers have no specified spiritual leader and no rigid belief system. As such, if you are looking to further understand your spirituality, you can adopt this worldview. Within the realm of new age spirituality you are free to believe what it is that you want to believe and engage in the religious traditions that help you to connect with God. Regardless of what you believe or what you may have been taught growing up, you’re given the freedom to understand the world from a viewpoint that makes sense to you. Instead of conforming, you choose your own set of spiritual guidelines.

Meditation is one core practise of new age spirituality that you can truly benefit from. Not only can it provide a practical solution to a hectic, stress-filled lifestyle, but regular meditation also comes attached to health benefits such as increased longevity, reduced susceptibility to the common cold and flu, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. People that meditate have also been found to be happier overall and more likely to show compassion in their day-to-day interactions with others.

The concept of Stillness is so simple but so powerful. New age spirituality recognizes this important goal and enables followers to find it through their own means. When you join the Stillness Movement you open the door to experiencing a spiritual re-awakening. You gain the knowledge and the tools you need to take your spirituality into your own hands and start nourishing your connection with your creator. If you would like to find out how to start practising Stillness, take some time to learn more about this exciting spiritual undertaking with this simple Gentle Breath Meditation here…

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Who Would Have Thought Such A Violent Act Would Inspire So Much Love?

flowersThis week in Sydney has been a challenging week for many people. I’m sure you would have heard about the events that occurred here. But this morning I found myself very moved by what was unfolding. Not so much the event, but rather the reaction to the event.

It’s circumstances like this that in many countries might invoke rage, revenge, fear or hatred. However something different happened here in Sydney. Not only has a huge sea of flowers, candles and cards been created in the centre of Sydney out of respect and love towards the people involved, but something else happened that I feel was truly beautiful.

It began with a woman named Rachel Jacobs, on the morning of the siege, who saw another lady at her train station take off her religious clothing out of fear of reprisals. Rachel said to her to leave it on and that she would walk with her for safety. The woman starting crying and hugged her for about a minute.

Rachel then tweeted this incident and from this tweet a huge movement spread across Sydney with the hash tag #iwillridewithyou. All across the city people were offering safe travel for others who may fear reprisal attacks. There was no anger, hatred, or revenge; rather it was a beautiful solidarity of Oneness and love. #iwillridewithyou then became a global phenomenon as spread across the world, trending to number #1 on Twitter. People in other countries then began offering the same support of companionship on public transport to assure their safety.

Love finds many ways to express itself, from lighting a candle, buying flowers and placing them at a memorial, to offering someone you have never met before companionship and a safe trip home. We may not be quite there yet, but it was heart-warming to see humanity make a choice of love over fear or hatred. #loveoverfear


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How To Find Your Inner Sanctuary When Life Is A Little Crazy!

meditating-1024x682How’s your life right now? It keeps changing right, and no doubt it’s moving faster and faster? Sometimes it’s like the amplifier gets turned up really loud don’t you find?
I am noticing a lot of people around me feeling this myself included.

But through all that intensity, behind the constant movement and demands, there lies a sanctuary within us. There is a stillness and calm that we can keep coming back to that is like a sea of peace. It’s always there, only sometimes we disconnect from it or ignore it.

The overwhelm we feel in life is when we aren’t present and connected with it. This usually occurs when we are doing one thing and start to think about the other things that we have to do. This is when our nervous system gets overloaded. While I am painting window frames, cleaning the kitchen, or driving in my car, that’s all I need to think of. But when I also think of the workshop I have to prepare, the blog to write, the flights to book, etc etc, that’s when we feel that haste in our breath, our heart beats faster and our nervous system is processing more data than it needs to. Warning bells start ringing and we move into overwhelm.

So how do we stay calm amid all that change? How do we stay immersed in our inner sanctuary?

Yogastah Kuru Karmani

No, this is not a dish at a Turkish restaurant! It means ‘Established in Being, perform action.”

Being is the underlying essence of life. It’s the stillness at the bottom of the ocean. It’s the silence behind the thoughts.

We all have BEING within us. It’s who we are. However, we become so identified with our story, our mind, our reactions, that we have forgotten or become disconnected to the BEINGNESS. We are human beings, not human doings.

When I forget about my beingness I get flustered, overexcited, overwhelmed and attached. When I am in Beingness, I flow, my life is smooth, effortless, abundant. I feel joy, love, lightness.

How do I remain in beingness? Regular meditation connects me to my Source. When I transcend the field of relativity, the ego, thinking, I am Being. It’s the stillness of meditation that reconnects me to my Beingness. I recommend meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. This regularity helps stabilise the calm and sanctuary of Beingness amongst all the change and turmoil.

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How This One Instagram Post Changed My Life!

universe-mindI have to share with you that lately I was feeling some resistance and friction in my life. Not what you’d expect from a meditation teacher but yep, I became attached to outcomes and the more I forced things to happen, not only did I move further away from it happening, but I actually found there was more turmoil and friction occurring in my life. Interestingly enough this caused me to TRY even harder to make things ‘work out’ and of course what happens? Even more craziness! I was getting tired, frustrated, and yep, even sick!

Then one day as I scrolled through my Instagram feed looking at plenty of wings of planes with fluffy clouds in the background, sunrise shots of Bondi Beach (Oh wait, that was mine! :)), people performing yoga poses, and some organic, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free salads they had made, I came across one that said “The Universe Has Your Back”. Hey I’ve seen this one numerous times before with very little impact, but today it spoke to me. BOOM!

It was what I needed to hear at that point in time.

How could I doubt that things aren’t working out?
How could I doubt that there isn’t a beautiful sequence unfolding that will continue to unfold that is serving my higher purpose?

How could I doubt that there isn’t perfection in this imperfection?

And so I paused and meditated.…..Tom, stop TRYING, stop CHASING, stop FORCING.

Let it come to you….

This Universe has been expanding and contracting and will expand and contract for infinite time. For a glimpse I am me, Tom, in this space to explore, learn and play, and yet, I’m part of this Universe, no, I AM the Universe simultaneously. How simple. I am part of that continuum. How beautiful.

Wow, the relief, the freedom, the ease that came after this.

There is an old Vedic saying:

“Take it as it comes, and as it comes, take it.”

Note it didn’t say “Go after it, and if you don’t get it, try harder?”

If you feel there is friction in your life, if you feel you are TRYING hard to make things work, then…




Let go of the attachment and watch how things unfold. You’ll find life will become lighter, smoother and you’ll be smiling a lot more 🙂

Have you had any moments where you let go of your attachment and things unfolded gracefully after that? I’d love to hear from you awesomeness!

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What Did this News Anchor Man Do After A Panic Attack On National TV?

If you’ve never experienced an anxiety or a panic attack, then you’re very lucky. They are crippling, dreadful, even terrifying experiences that you simply don’t want to go through. Now having a panic attack is one thing, but going through one on national TV must be a whole other ball game!

Dan Harris was a highly respected TV anchorman for ABC News in the USA. His life changed forever when one day, on national TV, he went through one the toughest moments of his life. He had a severe panic attack and had to go off air during a live segment.

For some this could be the straw that broke the camels back. However for Dan Harris, it was the biggest turning point in his life. He had a choice here to go one of two ways, breakdown or breakthrough. Fortunately for Dan and the many people around the world that he now gives hope to, he broke through.

What he did next is inspirational. Now he is changing lives all over the world. Check out from Dan Harris himself how this one thing has changed his own life.

As you saw, Dan Harris speaks so highly of meditation. He, like me, found a particular style of meditation that helped so much to remove the anxiety and panic from his life.

I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

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How I Found My Inner Peace Anywhere, Anytime – 4 Tips To Achieve It

Stillness Project_094

In the busy bustling world that we live in it’s almost difficult to achieve inner peace without being in a quiet place. From environmental pollution to social media distractions the ‘noise’ is endless and can really make it difficult to find that zen place in yourself.

But after years of practicing stillness I made it a point to try this in locations where I knew noise and distraction was imminent. And what I discovered was we all have it in us and can achieve that inner peace even in the most chaotic environment. So the next time you’re in a distracting place, try these four exercises to see if it brings you closer to inner peace!

1. Acknowledge the sound around you and make it part of your meditation

Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to find somewhere to meditate without any background noise. Noise being heard from the other room, the washing machine whirring, the hum of air-conditioning and the busses passing by. It can be quite distracting but it can also disappear if you don’t see those sounds as ‘noise’. Think of it this way, if you’re sitting on a bus thinking, and there is noise all around you, like people talking or listening to music on headphones, it doesn’t impede your ability to sit there and think. It’s not like you say to yourself, I just wish the bus engine and those people would stop because I can’t think. Noise doesn’t impede our ability to think, and so it doesn’t impede our ability to repeat our mantra effortlessly. And while we let our thoughts float by while we’re repeating our mantra, we should also allow the noise around us to continue without bothering us. Try it and let me know if it works!

2. Let go of expectations

Most of us are very attached to the outcome of our meditations. A lot of my students will say to me they had a ‘good’ meditation or a ‘bad’ meditation. We live in goal oriented society and we even relate to our meditation this way. Each and every meditation will be different. Some you will have lots of thoughts, some you may fall asleep, some you may go into a deep transcended space of stillness and some may be darn frustrating. Starting your meditation with the intention of ‘take it as it comes, and as it comes take it’. The mere intent to sit for 20 minutes in meditation is having a huge effect on your mind and body. This is not a race, its a process.

3. Get comfortable with your space

Let’s face it. Not everyone has that chance to be in an amazing spot to meditate. Especially when you’re living in a busy city with a dense population – finding that wide space let alone quiet environment is virtually impossible! But if we altered our frame of mind and created a comforting space for ourselves you’d be surprised how easy it is to achieve inner peace. The key here is to find the spot that you can sit comfortably in and sit in a way that makes you feel comfortable – and remember you don’t have to sit cross legged just because you’re about to meditate. You won’t be feeling at peace if you were sitting in a position you’re not used to would you? So get comfortable in the space that surrounds you!

4. Your mantra is your vehicle

Trying to still the mind is not an easy task. Even the Dalai Lama said this is near impossible. So that’s where your mantra comes in. Using a specific mantra will help the mind settle down and shift from the active beta brainwave state to the deep meditative space of delta brainwave. The word ‘mantra’ is where we derive two english words: manas- mind and tra- truck. So a mantra is a mind vehicle that exports your mind from one place to another place. Once you have your mantra and start repeating it in your head, it’s important to remember that we’re not attached to the sound. There may come a point in your meditation where the mind will surrender the thoughts AND the mantra as it dives into the blissful ocean of stillness. It’s like when we arrive at our destination we are no longer attached to our vehicle as it was simply our means of transportation, not our destination.

Have any other ideas that you’ve tried to achieve inner peace? Share your ideas with me below, I’d love to discuss them with you.

Talking about meditation …I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

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