How To Heal From Discontentmentitis

I recently asked a large group of people to put up their hands if they were feeling deeply content in their current relationship. About 3% of the group put up their hand.

I asked another group of people at a different time, to put up their hands if they were feeling deeply content with their current life. Again about 3% of the group put up their hand.

Now I’d like to ask YOU, from 1 to 10 (10 being incredibly content and 1 being very discontent), how do you rate your:
– financial situation
– relationship
– career
– health
How did you go?

The reason I ask this is in a recent study, run by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, a group of people were asked to place a sticker on a wall of their good and bad experiences from the past. On another wall, to post their good and bad expectations for the future.

The first wall comes out about 50/50. The one for the future comes out about 80/20 — with more good expectations than bad ones.

What does this mean? That we generally have very high expectations about life and those expectations are rarely met. This aligns with the survey I did when I asked people to put up their hands if they were content in their relationship or life in general. More often than not we feel that our life isn’t as good as it could be, and we suffer from discontentmentitis.

I believe discontentmentitis is an epidemic of the 21st century! Hey, I’ve been infected with it too! Yes, we could be healthier. Yes, we could have a better house. Yes, we could have a better relationship. Yes, we could have more money.

There will be days when your relationship with your partner or your family will be challenging. There will be times in your career that will be very uncomfortable or mundane. There will be periods in your life when you might be financially stretched. And all of this is ok.

Are you seeking perfection in a realm where perfection doesn’t exist? The field of relativity, the world around us, is diverse, it fluctuates, it twists and turns and is filled with unexpected changes. Yet many of us tend to have an ideal where that simply won’t happen.

So how do we heal ourselves of this contagious infliction that has spread across the world? I feel the key to this comes down to one thing….GRATITUDE. Gratitude is a powerful force of recognition that regardless how many challenges we face right now, there is still something in our life is right now that we can be grateful for.

Gratitude is acknowledging that life is an amazing place and no matter how many of your expectations aren’t being currently met, there is till magnificence around you, right here, right NOW. When we are grateful we emit a vibration of abundance. When we are grateful, we send a message to the Universe that yes, I am filled with greatness in my life. This is a subtle yet powerful shift of awareness that will flow through into all areas of your life.

When we embrace gratitude we shift our feelings from lack to abundance. The moment you feel abundance in your life you change what you attract. Explore this for a few weeks and let your own research validate this concept.

Gratitude can come in many ways, but here are some tips to get you started.

1. Offer gratitude before each meal for the mere gift of being able to eat some nourishing food that will sustain your health.
2. Express gratitude each morning to the sun, for its light and warmth that sustains all life here on Earth
3. Write a letter or email to someone special in your life offering gratitude for their presence
4. Speak to your body, you carry this vehicle around every day, it’s amazing what it does for you. Thank it and nurture it.
5. Be thankful for the people who push your buttons, who challenge you, and make you feel uncomfortable. They are your greatest teachers…what a gift!

So there are few ideas about how to overcome the increasing level of discontent on the planet. I’m sure you have a few yourself, it would be wonderful if you could share some of those below with our readers as well. Thanks, I’m very grateful 🙂

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