What Is The Difference Between Your Ego And Your Soul?

Soul_Vs_EgoHave you ever felt lost? Or that you just don’t quite know WHO YOU ARE? Well you are not alone. We all go through some level of disillusion about our true identity at times. If I was to ask you when you were 5 years old “Who are you?” no doubt there would be a very different response than when you were 15, 25 and then 45 years old.

So who are you? Let’s explore from a purely subjective viewpoint and one that’s always open to discussion.

There are the outer layers of who you are, which keep getting added to as years go by. Think of them like cloaks that get put on top one after another. Each cloak has a different look and feel to it just as each life experience adds different layers. Each layer adds another level of complexity to our identity as they all start to blend in on top of each other. What defines the nature of these layers is the experiences that we have through life. Where you were born, the religious upbringing, the way you were treated by your parents, the school you went to, the daily experiences you had, some light and fun, while others potentially dark and harrowing.

In Sanskrit these experiences leave an affect on us called samscaras. These samscaras are like ’scars’ that are an effect etched into us that influences our current experience in life. So when some was to ask you “Who are you?” in effect you’d be the sum of all your past life experiences. Welcome to your egoic identity. This is the ‘I’. Who we perceive ourselves to be is the story that we’ve constructed around us throughout our lifetime.

So who are we if we shed those cloaks? If we were to peel back those layers what would we discover? Who are we without that story?

Deep within us, right back underneath all those layers, is a Soul. What is a soul? It is the aspect of us that is completely uninfluenced by our life experiences. It was there before the life experiences were even experienced. It is the ‘I’ without the egoic layers. It is the Source, it is Light, it is Love. It is the part of us that is non-changing and always a constant. It is subtle and due to the thick layers that we have accumulated over time, it becomes very hard to experience, yet it’s always there.

The Soul is pure; it isn’t influenced by any life experiences. Think of a lamp that is pure and bright. Then add over the top of that lamp a thin coloured scarf. The scarf will impede the purity of the radiance glowing from the Source of Light. The scarf will dim it somewhat. Then add more layers and more layers and eventually the full radiance of the light will be impeded completely. Eventually we are only able to recognise the thick layers as our identity because our original pure identity, the one without the stories, has become smothered.

So how do we re-connect to our Soul if it is always there? We start to peel back those layers. One by one, strip them back, letting go of the old stories and attachments. This can be a painful process as we feel we are letting go of who we are. Each layer that is peeled back and released can leave us feeling vulnerable, raw, and naked. “If I’m not that layer, and I remove it, then who am I??”

This process can take many years. Even to this day I find I am peeling back layers as more egoic identities are being shed. Each thick layer that’s removed takes me through a dark mourning experience as another false identity of me is let go of. However with that letting go, what follows the darkness is a clearer realisation about who I am without the layer. More of the inner light is revealed and we can get glimpses of our True nature within.

Shedding these layers can be done through numerous pathways. There are plant-based medicines, energetic healing sessions, therapy, psychology, yoga, breath work, detox retreats and meditation among many other modalities. Finding the one or numerous pathways that suits you is up to each individual.

St John of the Cross, a Spanish mystic in the 1500’s, wrote a book on this expulsion of layers to discover the Light within and how painful this process can be. The book was called The Dark Night Of the Soul and in one line he wrote:
“In the inner stillness where meditation leads, the Spirit secretly anoints the soul and heals our deepest wounds.” For St John, meditation was the process he chose to use to reveal the inner light.

We just finished a 6-day retreat in Bali where we used a number of modalities to carry out this shedding process. There was yoga, meditation, breath work, cleansing food, massages and workshops that are all formulated to enable this ‘letting go’ of our outer layers. Part of this process saw emotional releasing as sadness, fear, anger was purged from the body. The attendees felt lighter, clearer and more love within them as part of connecting deeper to their Source, the Love within.

What a fascinating journey this is. We start out adding layer upon layer, then as the pain of the disconnect from our original Source, our Light, inspires us to initiate a process of rediscovering that, we begin the return leg of the journey, to then start peeling back those layers. From Soul to Ego, then Ego to Soul. Enjoy the ride!


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7 Things That Happen When You Increase Your Brain Usage


lucy-scarlett-johansson-picture1 You know those times when you see a film and you just can’t stop talking about it? It moves you in a way that you want to share it  with someone? Well I’m having one of those moments. Why? Because this film is all about what happens when you use more of your  brain. To think most of humanity after the thousands of years of evolution is still only using less than 10% of our brain. What would  happen if you used 20% or 40%? Find out!

Introducing the film Lucy.

Sure the film has guns, car chases and drugs, but that’s just the packaging to get people to the cinema. Think of that as the wrapping  paper, once your gift is unwrapped, you discard the paper and the box it came in. It’s what’s in the box that’s important.

Brief storyline first: Synthetic drugs are made that when ingested increase your ability to use more of your brain. Girl ingests huge quantity of the drug and the use of her brain increases as the film proceeds. We then see what happens to a human when they increase the use of their brain. (Fill in blanks with good guys, bad guys, car chases, gunfights and Scarlett Johansson being very cool calm and collected!)

Is this all science fiction or actually, not only something that other people are currently experiencing, but something that you can also experience without the drugs? Read on and find out more.

According to Lucy, here are 7 things that happened when she increased her brains potential:

1. Obstacles start dissolving.
– Obstacles are those circumstances where we feel stuck, trapped, impaired and can’t flow forward in life. As we increase our brains potential, we don’t have problems, we just have creative solutions. You spontaneously attract things like abundance, car parks, and harmonious relationships and effortlessly find solutions to all your problems.

2. Desire begins to fade.
– Desire is what drives us to seek fulfilment. It’s the base motive for most of our actions. It’s the idea that I’m separate to that thing or experience and if I get it, I’ll be more fulfilled. As our brain usage increases the experience of the separation between you (subject) and the experience (object) fades, and an internal fulfilment flourishes, dissolving desire.

3. Fear starts to fade.
– Like desire, fear is the experience of subject (you) and object (something other than you) and the separation between the two. It’s the experience that the object could threaten you the subject and that your survival is finite. With increased brain usage, one acquires awareness that they are more than physical limitations, in fact, there are NO limitations. I.e. they had no beginning, and no end, just as the wave regardless of its time frame, is always the ocean. As Lucy says in the film, “You don’t actually die.”

4. Control over your body.
– No longer at the mercy of the responses in the body, living as a slave to it, one now is aware of the powerful intelligence within body and is now the conductor orchestrating how it functions. This ranges from not only healing oneself but also having mastery over the seeming physical limitations and controlling the cells.

5. Reduced emotions.
– Emotions are responses to circumstance indicating a binding affect that person or event had on our experience of life. We feel happy, sad, and angry in response to situations. The Sanskrit word moksha is liberation from the effect those events have on us. We are now free from the ups and downs of the emotional state responding to life around you. Some would say it’s a blissful fascination that one retains throughout.

6. Empathy.
– Lucy said: “I’ve access to 28% of my cerebral capacity. I can feel every living thing.” Admittedly this wasn’t conveyed very well in the film as she shot dead a number of people (ok, I didn’t say the film was perfect!), however as we do open up regions of the brain and dissolve the experience of separation with other entities, one actually feels how they would feel, because they are connected through the field of Oneness. So just as you have a finger, a hand, an ear, a toe, and they all look different and have different functions, if you hit your toe, your entire body feels it.

7. Oneness
– Professor: “Lucy, where are you?  Lucy: “I’m everywhere.” At 100% brain capacity separation dissolves, one merges with the Unified Field. (Ok, I’m not saying much more on this one…it’s up to you to decipher :))

So there you go, 7 great reasons to increase your brain’s potential. Now in the film this was all done by taking some weird looking blue crystals but its actually been proven that you increase your brain’s potential through meditation. Simply google EEG-brain-meditation and you’ll find numerous studies and images that validate this.

If you want to increase your brain’s potential, meditate. Meditation is an easy simple process and anyone can do it.

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A Simple Tip On How To Go Deeper In Your Meditation

Do you find that some meditations are quite challenging and feel very busy?

Or perhaps you just can’t seem to go deep and feel unsettled for a lot of your session?

If you’re struggling to get deep into your meditation there may be a simple reason for it.

It could be that you are releasing some stress in your meditation, which will keep bringing you back up to the surface, and stirring up the mind. Or it could be that your mind, body and nervous system are just too over stimulated from all the activity of your day and need a calm preparation before your session.

In this clip I share with you some easy tips on how to create a space that will enhance a deeper meditation.

You’ll be surprised how simple and easy it is to get into your meditation by following these short tips.

Check it out here:


Please share us below how you prepare for your meditation. Do you light candles, burn incense, play Tibetan Bowls or perhaps you do a headstand in your sarong listening to rainforest music???

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Gentle Breath Meditation

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.12.39 am

I Broke All My Rules And Paid The Price…

stillness-project_001I usually have set rules about my daily routine that I have in place because I know when they are there, life flows beautifully. But in the last few weeks I broke those rules and it was great research, because everything about my day changed. This was a great reminder about why I put those rules there in the first place!

Do you get those times when you feel overwhelmed, or that you just have so much ‘to do’ you are not sure where you’ll get the time to do it all? Or that things just aren’t flowing and there is friction and tension in your life? It’s easy to get pulled into the whole ‘doingness’ of life. For that reason we put aside very little time for the ‘beingness’.

What is beingness? It’s simply being present, in your inner stillness and calm, not needing identity, or definition from results. Its a deep comfortability in knowing that everything is going to turn out just right.

This is a very subtle experience and easy to ignore because the success of our results overwhelms the subtlety of the doing. Hence we will compromise important things like, meditation, pausing when eating, exercise, stretching or sitting on the grass looking up at the sky.

This is what happened to me lately. I bent my rules and paid the price. Some of my rules are:

– no technology after 10pm

– start the day with stretching and meditation (preferably at the beach)

– having a siesta and afternoon meditation

– being present throughout the day

– placing my attention on the single task at hand

– stretch and read before bed

– acknowledge the future will unfold gracefully and effortlessly

– eat slowly and consciously

I know that if I apply these simple guidelines, my days will be a blissful effortless experience that leads to more blissful effortless experiences under the laws of attraction. But lately I had some big deadlines and I was working till midnight then getting up at 5am to do more work. I skipped my morning routines, I ate food as if it was getting in the way of my ‘doing’, I was multi tasking like driving and checking phone calls, and I allowed my mind to project forward into ‘what if scenarios’.

What happened then was a series of comical events. Firstly small things like stubbed toes (sign of not being present), and not sleeping well, to eventually things like technological failures, missed meeting times and an over stimulated mind that starts to drift towards a negative forecasting. All this of course continues that snowballing effect of getting attached to your outcomes and the out comes then not gracefully unfolding.

When we entertain ‘neediness’ into our life, it totally changes the outcomes of your day. Sure, we need to perform action, but when you perform action from that place of peace and calm, then the results of your actions will be very different. There is a Sanskrit saying ‘yogasthah kuru karmani’ which means ‘established in being, perform action’.

When you do, life will be timelessly in the bliss of the present moment. Needless to say, after my research was complete I returned back to my rules and have a beautiful meditation by the sea this morning.

Talking about meditation … I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

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