Could Enlightenment Simply Be A Shift In Perception?

The search for enlightenment has taken many people down many windy roads and to many far off lands. Some have immersed themselves in ancient rituals and traditions, in monasteries and temples, ashrams and yoga studios. Some have thrown themselves into fasts and detoxes, meditation techniques, healing and therapy. We’ve gone to the Himalayas of India, the monasteries of Tibet, retreats in Bali, healing in Hawaii, had Ayahuasca Experience of the Amazon, prayed at temples in Thailand, and paid visit to the Zen monks of Japan. Time , money, and energy has been spent in search for this highly prized goal …the big ‘E’….Enlightenment.

What if there was another way? What if it was as simple as shifting your perspective? What if it wasn’t in a place, a technique or a ceremony? Here the wise sage Adyashanti offering another perspective. Check it out below and please share your thoughts below.

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