The One Question To Ask Yourself Each Day

Simon Sinek Sinek TED TEDtalk awareness inspirationNO! Not that ‘why’!

The ‘WHY of life’ is a whole new blog and conversation for another time.

This WHY is the why do you go to work? WHY does your business operate? WHY write, create, build, sell, and do the things you do?

Why do you get out of bed each morning?

Most people and businesses look at the WHAT and the HOW, but how often do they ask themselves WHY?

Simon Sinek calls the WHY of business the “golden circle” that is at the centre of the HOW and the WHAT.

The WHY is what motivates you, what drives you; it’s your mission, your inspiration, your life purpose. Your business and your drive will take on a whole new momentum when you place the WHY in the centre of your focus.

Sinek explains a whole lot more about this and how Apple and the Wright Brothers were both so successful in his inspiring TED talk because they focused on the WHY.

I highly recommend putting aside 18 minutes in your day to watch this amazing TED talk, and then share with us what your WHY is down below.

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