One Clip That You Must Watch…

This is one of my favourite videos. It is the very wise words of Alan Watts, the English philosopher.

In this clip you will explore the premise that you are all of  THAT, all of Reality. You are the omnipresence of God, and as Mr Watts says “Only you are pretending that you are not.”

Life is fascinating isn’t it? How did we make it so complex, with so much suffering?

This is 3.38 minutes, and of all of the 3 plus minutes in your day today, this is well worth allocating your attention to.

Enjoy and please share with me what you thought of it by leaving a comment below.


If you would like to explore this further you might like to delve into the 7 States of Consciousness. These are advanced levels of awareness that open up within us when we start to meditate. Most people live in only 3 out of the 7 states of consciousness. Why do we ignore those other 4 states of consciousness, how do we discover them, and what is life like when we do experience them?

All of this is revealed in my recent book Spirit & Soul. One reader named Phil says:

“Your book Spirit and Soul was astonishing in it’s clarity and simplicity. It is so revealing and inspiring.” – Phil

Spirit & Soul 3D


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