Why Did This Facebook Post About Not Posting Have More Likes Than Any Other Post?

It’s ironic isn’t it? I post about how I didn’t feel like posting on Instagram and Facebook and I get more likes and comments on that post than any other post I’d put out. Life is such a polarity yeh?! Why did this post get so much traction?

In the post I explained that I had experienced a number of events and experiences that were confronting and challenging, and this inspired me to go inward, to pull back, and be introspective. As a meditation teacher there is often a preconceived idea that you are blissed out and exuding love and light all day every day. Well not only is this not the case for me, it seems it is not the case for any teacher, leader or sage that I had come across in my travels and research. Even great enlightened Masters like Paramahansa Yoganada, Ram Dass, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Osho revealed their own inner conflict at times on their path.

For this reason I felt compelled to put the post out there. I grappled with it for a couple of days before posting it. Did I really want to show my vulnerability? Did I really want to expose myself like that? Did I want to pull everyone else into my story? Well interestingly what this post inspired was a huge opening of discussion and heart felt support. Support not just for my own current situation but also support for being open, raw, real and vulnerable.

It felt to me that the one thing people are appreciating more is realness and authenticity. It’s all too easy to share our joyous moments drinking turmeric chai lattes at sunrise on a beach, some awesome yoga pose on the edge of a forest at sunset or drinking champagne in your business class seat on your way to Maui! How do we manage social media and the realness of life? I’ve grappled with this for a while. How do I find balance in what I share? Obviously we don’t want to be posting our drab days sulking around the house in our worn out tracksuit pants and t-shirt (I.e. read pyjamas) navel-gazing about the meaning of life. It seems by default that social media will only reveal one aspect of our polarised existence, and that’s our happy, successful side.

I haven’t seen too many (any at all!) selfies in the bathroom mirror at 6am with bags under your eyes, hair like a birds nest, spots on your face and bloodshot eyes after a restless nights sleep grappling with a busy mind and a bombardment of EMF’s into your brain all night supported by ensuing hashtags #lovemylife #feelawesome. What you will get is a cheeky snap of someone in the mirror of their apartment block lift dressed to the nines, made up like a supermodel and on their way to the opening of a new restaurant. #rockstar #glamourlife

Up until now on the days that I don’t feel completely blissed out and eternally grateful for life I simply don’t post. But then this is extreme filtering and not really representing my true life. Do you want to hear about the mundane dull days where nothing much is going on and I am just getting through it as best I can? I doubt it. So how do we proceed into this new frontier of documenting all aspects of our life? I know some friends that post 1 photo a day and 6-10 story videos each and every day! And in each one they are doing epic things and they look like they are living a perfect life. In reality I know this isn’t the case and what it has the potential to do is make other people feel like their life is substandard in relative terms.

I don’t have the answer…. I’m simply asking questions. Perhaps you have more insight into this? Please share, as I’d love to open up a discussion below on the role of social media and how it might be causing an undercurrent of discontent and disconnect.

7 Things You Need To Know About Spiritual People That You Won’t Read In A Spiritual Book

spiritualMany years ago I started on this path of ‘waking up’ and ‘becoming spiritual’. I learnt to meditate, attended numerous courses, retreats, workshops and devoured hundreds of spiritual books! I looked up in awe to masters, saints, sages and swamis to guide me to the light. I was inspired by their perfection and tried so hard to get to ‘their level’. Each time I would fall and make a mistake, I would beat myself up and drop into a state self-loathing at my ‘badness’. I so wanted to be like these holy men and women- pure, light, eternally loving and unflawed. Yet in my quest I found that my humanness kept coming through and getting in the way. I would get frustrated, sad, and impatient at my slow progress.
As time went by I started to find the gaps between being a stressed, anxious, negative person and feeling light, calm and positive started to get wider and longer. I started teaching and when I was in front of students or writing a book or blog, words would seem to come through me that at first surprised me. I would be like: ”Whoa, where did that come from?” It was like there was me, AND something else that came through me. Over time I realised this pattern, that when there was enquiry from someone, I (that’s me the Egoic identity) would simply get out of the way and then the knowledge would flow through me from Source to goal. But still, when that wasn’t happening, there was me, the bloke, the guy, the everyday human.

I started spending more time with other teachers, sages and thought leaders, speaking at conferences, yoga events and even interviewing them and them interviewing me. As I ‘hung out’ and researched more about these people I realised something very profound. When they weren’t writing, teaching or responding in an interview they were very much like everyone else. They had many of the flaws I still had that I was beating myself up over. Some things I found out about them I was like “SERIOUSLY?? You too??”

I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. I wanted to live in hope that I would reach their level of perfection only to now find that it didn’t exist. I learnt that no matter how holy and ‘spiritual’ these people were they had a number of traits that I would never read about in their books and lectures. I stopped beating myself up so much and acknowledged that I am human and yep, so are they. So here are 7 things about spiritual people that you won’t read in a spiritual book:

1. They get impatient: In an interview with one highly respected thought-leader and best selling author he showed a great deal of frustration over the internet not working very well and the interview taking longer than expected.
2. They argue: I recall Esther Hicks sharing how she and Jerry (her late husband) would argue over what floor boards they were putting in their home. Being ‘spiritually aware’ doesn’t mean you agree with everyone and everyone agrees with you.
3. They get cranky: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great holy sage, stormed out of a 60 minute interview, throwing his microphone head piece down on the ground when challenged about buying land for a TM centre in Sydney.
4. They get moody: I spent some time with a leading spiritual guru to find that he would fluctuate from light and bubbly to sombre and very quiet.
5. They have desires: Yup, if they are in a body, then there are desires. It could be desire to eat, desire to sleep, desire to have intimacy, desire to be more enlightened. Either way, there are desires.
6. They have fears: One great sage I know still had fear and wanted to conquer it. He decided to do sky diving to over come it. I couldn’t wait to hear how it went. “How was it?” I asked. “It scared the shit out of me and I will never do that again!”
7. Other than the 11 breatharians on the planet (i.e. people who live on air alone) everyone else eats food. Because they eat food, they have waste that has to be eliminated. And guess what, that waste doesn’t smell like roses!

So if you are on the path of ‘waking up’ and exploring ‘spirituality’ go easy on yourself when you screw up or don’t feel all blissed and enlightened. It’s ok. It’s a process that just keeps going and going. There are infinite degrees of refinement and making mistakes is part of the process. If it’s uncomfortable, then that’s a gift, because feeling uncomfortable is Nature’s way of notifying you about change. Enjoy the ride, it’s what you came here for yeh?


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My 7 Top Travel Tips To Get You There Replenished and Revitalised!


So I’m writing this on the plane and felt inspired to share with you some of my travel tips so that you can arrive at your destination after a long haul flight feeling as fresh and energised as possible! Being on a plane in small spaces, breathing in recycled air for a long period of time can take its toll on your mind and body.

So here are some of my tools and tips for getting through those flights blissfully and healthily. The key to this is in the preparation, and for me, the process begins well before I even leave my home.

Here we go:

1. Abhyanaga: No this is not an Italian pasta. This is an Ayurvedic oil massage that I do at home before I leave the house to go to the airport. My body type is vata, which is a lean build, and the appropriate oil for my body type is organic sesame oil. If you have a strong athletic build use organic coconut oil and if you are prone to being heavy set, use sesame oil. So for abhyanga, I massage the oil into my skin all over my body, including face, then have a warm bath or shower. This creates a protective layer from the harsh air-conditioning of the plane and also soothes your nervous system during the long flight. Flying, changing times zones, and checking in and out of the airports can all be an intense time on your nervous system and this is a great starting point to soothe your body through this process.

2. Before boarding be sure to stock up on your water. Two large 1.5L bottles for flights over 8 hours would be recommended. Rehydrating your body through the flight is critical to arriving refreshed. Even if you don’t feel like drinking any more water, just keep drinking! (Some airports like Kuala Lumpur and Bali don’t allow you to buy water after customs and take it on the plane which makes this not possible unfortunately.)

3. Stock up on your healthy snacks. Lets face it, most meals on the plane are not going to be the healthiest. You’ll get a little tub of sweet orange juice, a tub of yoghurt, some crackers and cheese, a hot dish of something, to be washed down with coffee or tea. So if you avoid gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine, things might be little tight for you. Pack things like tinned tuna or wild salmon, bags of vegetables like carrots, celery and cucumber, avocados and nuts.

4. Multi-vitamins and supplements. I might look like a chemist when I go through bag check however these bags of goodies are one of my essentials when it comes to flying. One bag has fish oils, vitamin C + B, zinc, probiotics and the other has my raw green powder from my good mates at Amazonia. Both help keep my body highly efficient through the long haul flights and thereafter.

5. When you finally get to your seat on the plane, the very first thing I do is meditate. Let’s face it, from the time everyone boards to the time the plane is up in the sky and you are able to access technology or drop back your seat to rest, it’s going to be a good 30- 45 minutes. No movies, no using computer, no music on your phone, so the best option here is to meditate. If you are on a long haul flight I would recommend meditating a number of times. This will help keep mind and body aligned and reduce symptoms of jet lag.

6. Noise cancelling headphones, eye patches and earplugs. Once you fly with noise cancelling headphones you’ll never want to fly without them. A good pair that covers your whole ear will cost between $200-$400 however it is a worthwhile investment. They reduce white noise in the plane and reduce the constant over-stimulation of the nervous system. When it comes to sleeping, I use a full eye and ear patch from The Sleep Master . These are heavenly and it feels like your whole face is in a cosy sleeping bag. I love them! molded earplugs that are like blu-tak that block out a lot of the sound when sleeping.

7. Set a schedule. Ok, I know this is going to sound very specific and structured but I found that setting a schedule and following it for the flight has made a huge difference to my flying. This may sound strange, but there have been many flights where I have had flight attendants tell me to put my things away as we are about to land and I would be not only surprised but disappointed that I didn’t get everything done that I intended to on the flight. So my flight schedule would be in blocks of 1-2 hours with things like reading my book, cleaning up my computer and phone (i.e. desktop, documents folder, unwanted photos and old emails), writing a blog or upcoming book, movie and of course sleep. Give it a try and you’ll see how productive those hours can be!

Flying can be a real drain on your body or it can be a productive and relaxing time without internet to take time out for yourself. A little bit of planning and structure to it and you’ll relish sitting in that confined cabin for many hours. If you have any other tips please feel free to share them below as we’d love to hear more suggestions!

One thing that has also helped enormously on flights is meditation. Let’s face it, you will be confined to a chair for a considerable amount of time and one great healthy way to use that time is to meditate. It has been proven that meditation has numerous positive effects on the mind and body from lowering high blood pressure, improving sleep to increasing serotonin and oxytocin. If you would like to learn how to meditate then try our meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. This program will have you meditating deeply anywhere anytime.

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How To Have Your Own Resurrection From A Death

freeI had a death then a resurrection once also. It wasn’t as dramatic as nails on a cross and a crown of thorns, and yes, it wasn’t actually a full death, however it was initially dark and painful, then on the other side it was like a rebirth, lighter with more love and life. In fact I’m sure you also have been through your own mini-deaths and rebirths like this. The actual meaning of ‘resurrect’ is to restore to life. There are times on our journey of life that we may feel like we are sleep-walking, numb and lifeless. Then a shift will happen and we will transition through a window and come through the other side with more awareness and feeling lighter and clearer. It’s like a resurrection of sorts.

During this contemplative time of Easter, we can embrace the resurrection of Christ as a literal historical event or a metaphor for the process of evolution. It’s all subjective to each person. These transition points or resurrections are well described in one of my favourite books by St. John of the Cross, Dark Night Of The Soul. In this book he writes about letting go of attachments to who we think we are, as we delve deeper into our Soul and the connection with Divine Self, in other words Pure Love. He writes:
“As the soul becomes purged and purified by means of this fire of love, it becomes ever more enkindled in love.”

The process by which St John urges the reader to make this journey is through quiet contemplation and stillness-
“a calm and repose of interior quietude.”

This is the pathway I took through those dark moments or metaphoric crucifixions. When the turbulence is whirling around you, try slowing everything down, and find a silence within. It won’t be easy at first, and that’s ok. The mind and world of sense will distract you and pull you externally. Observe how your ego gets pulled into the story of life ‘out there’. Then continue the inner path, towards a deep quietness within. It takes time, however it’s here that you find solace and true peace.

Then each time after each meditation, as we return to the outer world, the world of ego and senses, we bring with us some of that deep soulful connection. This is an ongoing process, that will continue on through life. Each time we let go a little bit more of what we thought we were and discover the Truth of who we really are. Divine Love. The letting go can be painful, as we often become very attached to our outer layers. These outer layers are the measuring rods for who we think we are. It’s what we have come define ourselves by.

The stories we constantly remind ourselves of each day and night are just stories, however we can be very affected by them. In essence they are just the story, and beyond that, when we let go of the story and pass through that dark night of purging, we become more of the expression of Love and Light. As St. John so eloquently writes:

“The soul feels its love to be increasing and growing in strength and refinement to such a degree that it seems to have within it seas of fire which reach to the farthest heights and depths.”

It has been a turbulent month for many, with your own challenges and mini deaths, but beyond that, is your next resurrection. Onwards we go, towards the light of Love.

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What is Ukiyo And Why Is It Good For Your Health?

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.05.34 am

UKIYO- ‘The Floating World’. How beautiful.

This Japanese word is something that I seek to embrace daily. Often I can feel myself getting pulled into life’s stories.

“Will this venture work out?”

“What if no one turns up to my event?”

“Why did I say that?”

“How will I find the time to get all of this done?”

Do you find there are times when you get pulled into the expectations of life, the gossipping stories, the fear of the unknown? When I feel this occurring I come back to my base. This is where I ‘float’, in this blissful moment called NOW. In this moment, when there are only my 5 senses, what I see, taste, touch, hear and smell, a simplicity exists. Life slows down, and I find myself floating effortlessly. Peace arrives and bliss prevails.

To master the art of ukiyo I recommend two things:

  1. Mindfulness: the act of being aware of the content of the mind and having authority over those thoughts, selectively choosing where your mind goes.
  2. Meditation: the act of sitting in stillness daily using either a mantra or focus  on the breath to still the mind.

Our minds are becoming busier and busier with today’s flood of information. Last night at our group meditation session I asked a few people why they wanted to learn to meditate. Most of them said to help remove the static of all the thoughts so they could think more clearly and to slow life down.

The challenge with this, as one woman said, is where do we find the time to meditate daily? It’s a great question. How we allocate actions to our time is all a preference. We all have 24 hours in our day and those 24 hours comprise of 3 blocks of 20 minutes in each hour. Which gives us 72 blocks of 20 minutes to seek fulfilment with your actions. TV, work, Facebook, gym, sleep, eating, personal hygiene, making love, reading, etc etc. Why do we do it all? To be fulfilled. So if your current actions aren’t delivering fulfilment to you, then make some adjustments. Tweak your day a bit. Once I set aside 2 out of 72 blocks of 20 minutes to meditate, my entire world changed for the better.

Over time, I began to master ukiyo. It’s still a work in progress mind you. See how you go, after reading this, sit for a few moments and take in the world around you through your 5 senses.

What do you taste?

What do you feel?

What do you smell?

What do you hear?

What do you see?

Let go of needing to be somewhere, be someone or do something. Just BE.

You will notice you will be calmer, you will sleep better, you will have more energy, and you will think more clearly and creatively. Over stimulation of the mind leads to over-stimulation of the body. Your body is a complex web of moving parts and intelligence and it requires optimal conditions to function optimally. Restfulness is where our body’s restore balance and health is achieved. By practicing ukiyo daily, you will be improving the conditions for your body to achieve optimal health. Sounds incredibly simple doesn’t it? Maybe it is…

After all, we are human BEings, not a human DOings yeh? What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this below…

*Gratitude to Daniel Dalton for the graphic and inspiration.


Learn To Meditate

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Why I’m Ok With Eating Non-Organic Food And How You Can Perform Alchemy

vegetables and fresh fruitsHow would you like to perform alchemy? Yes you can be an alchemist, and you’re about to find out how.

When you discover your own alchemist capabilities you’ll be able to heal yourself, protect yourself from other people’s negative energy and live passionately and dynamically everyday! Check this out…

During an interview this week for an organic blog site, I was asked how do I live a Certified Organic lifestyle. Umm, “I don’t”, I replied. In fact I’m not sure that’s even possible in today’s world. I’m sitting here in the Qantas lounge, about to leave my Bondi Bubble and fly to Fiji for a long overdue family holiday. In my Bondi Bubble I have access to a plethora of organic juice shops, organic veggie shops, organic restaurants and organic growers markets. Yep, wherever I can I will take the option of organic over non-organic any day. However, now as I embark on a trip to a relaxing resort in Fiji, I know that’s not going to be available to me. Oh no, the foods not organic in the resort! Do I stress? Do I panic? Do I worry?

Not in the slightest.

This is where the alchemy comes in. At a quantum level food is energy, just like me. And energy is vibration. Vibration is a frequency. My intention is to align the foods vibration with my body’s highest frequency. This is called entrainment. The dictionary says of entrainment:

“To adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronizes with an external”

How does the work? I get to choose, do I align my body’s energy with the food I eat or does the food I put into my body align with MY energy? The intention here is to hold the highest vibration possible at all times and alchemise the food to synchronise with my frequency. Love is a frequency of 528Hz. Above the love vibration are frequencies like joy, ecstasy and bliss. Low grade vibrations are anger, fear, shame, sadness. This premise was shown clearly by Masura Emoto’s water crystal experiments, where the crystal shape would actually change depending on the music that was played to it, the words that were said, or if a prayer was offered over it. As seen here:


Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.57.21 am Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.56.41 am Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.56.28 am Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.55.46 am Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.55.28 am

Often fanatically healthy people will stress over not being able to find their organic gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free, yeast-free, grass-fed, wild-caught, fermented wotsitcalled food, not realising the stress of not being able to eat it is doing more damage in their body than the actual food itself.

Now I must say here, I’m not advocating going out and eating deep fried, insecticide and pesticide filled, hormone injected, maltedextron and corn syrup ladened fast food. Not at all. Like attracts like and more often we are drawn to these low vibration foods because it’s will be in alignment with our own inner low grade vibration.

On the flip side, when we feel inner joy, bliss, love and gratitude, we are drawn to foods that are aligned with that vibration also. So my priority here is to hold a highgrade vibration in my body and choose foods, where possible, that are already in sync with that.

How do you hold that highgrade vibration of love, bliss and joy, especially when there is a lot of negativity around you? Here are 5 things to do to keep you in that space:

  1. Spend time in nature. It’s said the energy of a rainforest is up around 1000Hz! But even being in parks, by the ocean, or surrounded by trees will help. Spend time each day in nature.
  1. Read positive uplifting books, and avoid negative things like the news, horror books and films. Everything you watch and read has an energy to it. As you read or watch it, there is an alignment occurring. This is why people watch horror films, to feel the fear that the film invokes. When you read and watch positive uplifting content it will help your vibration remain at that higher level. To find out some books that I recommend go to my blog of my top 10 books here.
  1. Listen to peaceful harmonious music. If you look above at the crystals you will see how much the heavy metal music influenced the shape of the crystal. An angry person will create angry music and a peaceful person will create peaceful music. The vibration of the composer will transfer into the music and then into you. Be aware and selective about the music that you are aligning with. 
  1. Surround yourself with positive people. There is a reason I host regular large group meditation sessions called Stillness In The City. The collective energy of a room of 70 people meditating together is phenomenal. A study was done in Washington DC where they brought 2000 meditators into the city and measured the criminal activity during this time. The study recorded a 25% drop in crime and police activity during the exercise and a rise back again of 25% once the exercise was over. Entrainment. This can be found also in yoga classes, conscious parties and events, or simply being selective about who you are spending time with.
  1. Daily meditation. By meditating daily I reset my frequency to a blissful loving nature. Each time I quiet my mind and place my body into deep rest, I re-align to my inner essence of love and throw off the stresses of fear, sadness, anger and any other low grade vibrations. Many a time I have had students learn to meditate with me and they start crying or feel agitated during their meditation session. Without correct guidance they wouldn’t know why this is happening. This is where the teachers role is crucial when it comes to learning to meditate. This phenomenon is a result of the body’s vibration being raised and the lower frequencies being expelled from the body. This is a healing, purging process that eliminates unwanted emotional toxins.

There you have it. 5 tips that to use to keep your energy level up in the frequency of joy, love and bliss. So when I line up this week at the buffet in the Sofitel on the shores of Fiji, will I be stressed about whether it’s organic or not? No, this is a celebration, a time to be joyous, and I’ll be very aware that I remain in a gentle, loving state and the food will be a fun joyful experience. It will alchemise, so it’s all good. Hmm, I wonder what they have in the desserts section!


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Why Did This Student Feel Rage After Meditating?

When we think of meditation we think of calm, peace, and happiness. So why was it that this week I received an email from a student who felt a ‘rage’ after their meditation and wanted to punch their computer?!

How can something so relaxing make someone feel so angry?

How can the practice of sitting in a comfortable chair, closing your eyes, and quietening the mind with the repetition of a sound create a feeling in someones body that they wanted to punch a computer??

Well there is a very good explanation for this and it’s not only testament to the power of meditation, but also the key to you feeling light, happy, and calm. Find out not only why this occurred, but also how to release this anger safely so that you don’t destroy your computer or start a huge fight with someone.

This video is key to understanding your meditation practice, your body, and how to live life peacefully.

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How To Re-Wire Your Brain To Be More Positive

positive thoughtsDid you know most people’s minds, and possibly yours also, tend to occupy negative thoughts about 60% of the time?

For some people it will be even more than that. I know when I was in my late teens and 20’s it was probably more like 85% of the time! I would spend hours listening to wallowing of The Smiths and Siouxsie and the Banshees, and have my head in books by existentialists like Jean Paul Sartre, Charles Bukowski or Albert Camus.

Yep, dark and broody would best describe my life back then!

But things changed for me and can for you too. How would you like to have positive thoughts about 99% of the time?

Well you can.

Two things made a big difference to the way my mind operated. The first thing was meditation, which you’ve heard a lot about from me before. But the other thing was positive affirmations.

Now you maybe thinking “Oh they are so cheesy and just not for me.”

Well I understand because I was the same. But after studying the mind for 20 years now I can surely say, when you combine meditation and positive affirmations you will change the way your mind works. The mind is malleable which is an idea supported by respected writer and author of “The Brain That Changed Itself’ Norman Doige. He says:

“The brain is a far more open system than we ever imagined, and nature has gone very far to help us perceive and take in the world around us. It has given us a brain that survives in a changing world by changing itself.”

So if you’d like to rewire your brain and think more positively, try meditating each day and after each meditation, finish with some new thoughts that will be fresh new data for your mind. This is your step towards having a mind that spends more time in positive territory each day.

Affirmations are statements about you and your life NOW. Not ‘I hope’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘I will’, but AFFIRMATIVE and NOW.

How affirmations work is what you think today, will become your world tomorrow. Buddha once said “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” So by changing your thoughts today, you will change your world in the future. The key to affirmations really working for you is you need to actually FEEL the idea as a sensation in your body. Hold that feeling, that is, the energy, of the thought.

Patience is needed here. It’s going to take time to rewire deeply conditioned neural pathways to travel along new routes. However if you continue to reshape the way your mind thinks daily, in time it will naturally operate this way. Again to refer to Norman Doige, he says:

“If you want to lift a hundred pounds, you don’t expect to succeed the first time. You start with a lighter weight and work up little by little. You actually fail to lift a hundred pounds, every day, until the day you succeed. But it is in the days when you are exerting yourself that the growth is occurring.”

Some affirmations you may like to try are:




Give these a try after your meditation session and start to watch how you will feel more positive, act more postive and attract more positivity.

Maybe you have some affirmations that you’d like to share with us that other readers could use? We’d love to hear from you….

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Some Tips On How To Get The ZEST Back In Your Life!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.37.16 amDo you feel like life is a bit like ‘groundhog day’ sometimes?
Do you feel like you are trudging along the same path each day going to work on the same bus, seeing the same people, going to the same parties or dropping the kids off at school day after day?

What happened to the zest, the fun, the buzz, the excitement in your life?

One of the key ingredients for a joyful exuberant life is diversity, randomness or in other words, the UNKNOWN. Yet this essential ingredient for an exuberant life is one of the main ones we avoid most because of fear. We fear the ‘unknown’. For this reason we keep ourselves safe, way back from the boundary line of change, in the ever recurring KNOWN and wonder why life is boring, tiring and well, dull! *yawn* (Yep, it’s why I stayed in the same job for 26 years!)

So how do we get more randomness back into our lives when everything is already so structured and routine? I recall years ago my meditation teacher recommended that once a month we should go to the train station and jump on any train without even knowing where it was going, then get off at the last stop and spend a day there walking around exploring something new. (Interestingly, my next door neighbour is a lovely 85 yr old gentleman named Pete, and at least once a week he heads off with his pensioner travel card and traverses all over Sydney exploring unchartered areas to keep things new and interesting in his life.)

We can actually train (no pun intended) ourselves to be more open to change. When we are able to handle change and randomness more effortlessly, we will have less stress in our lives. Most stress and friction is a result of resistance to change, which is fear of the unknown. The more adaptable we are to change, the less stress we will have in our lives.

See if you can find ways to break your routine and step out of your safe zone. Try something different each week, like a new evening class, present a talk, go horse riding, go rock climbing, take a different route home, go somewhere random on the weekend. If you want to really step things up, then change jobs, change houses, change countries! You’ll be amazed at how invigorated and alive you will feel when you do it.

With that said, I’m about to jump into a world of diversity and randomness! In a days time I’m going to be officially OFF THE GRID for a week!

What does that mean?

No internet, no telephone, no electricity, no running water, no money, no politics, no religions, and yes, no Facebook!

How? Where? Why? You might ask?


This is a 6 day festival in the Nevada desert where 70,000 people converge in a cohesive harmonised collaboration literally in the middle of nowhere. It is described in Wikipedia as “…an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.”

That’s about all I can tell you right now because for me it’s all the UNKNOWN. But rest assured, I’ll give you a good debrief when I return. In the meantime I think this is one of the best videos I’ve seen of Burning Man made by my good friends Richard and Heather from Lightworks Creative.

After you watch this short video please share with me below it, how you have lept into the unknown and enlivened your life with change!

If you are seeking some encouragement to do something truly amazing then head to our retreats page where you can explore some of the amazing things coming up with The Stillness Project by clicking here.



6 Ways To Get Off Your Phone And Bring The Gaps Back into Your Life.

Do you check your phone when you are on the toilet?

Do you text on your phone when you are walking?

Do you check your email and facebook at the red traffic lights?

Do you snap photos of those quiet moments on the beach or park and post it on Instagram and facebook?

Do you check your phone while you are in bed just before you go to sleep?

Do you send a picture of every meal to Instagram?

(Yes, guilty to some of these!)

It appeared to me the other day that I have filled in all the gaps in my day with the distraction of my phone. I realised that I didn’t have any spaces in my day that were voids of restfulness and simply ‘Being’. You know those brief moments of just sitting, be it at a traffic light, in a park, on the train, or yes, even on the toilet!

When I grew up part of our daily routine was morning and afternoon tea. So around 11am and 4pm everything we were doing would stop, and the entire family would sit around for cup of tea and small snack. It was a moment of respite from work and ‘doingness’. This tea break would last about 20-30 minutes and would be spent simply sitting around in the sun on the porch, sometimes chatting, sometimes just in silence.

Up until 2005, the year the iphone was born, our days were often filled with small gaps of emptiness.

These were moments of respite to contemplate, ponder and just BE in a simple state of awareness.

In observing my life and the lives of others around me, I have realised that slowly we have removed all those gaps in our day and we’ve filled them in with more and more data processing without even noticing. Emails, facebook, twitter, sms, kik, heytell, instagram, news feeds and google. Data, data data!

Some of our most creative impulses and intuitions are born in those gaps.

At the moment we are relying on someone else’s post of a Rumi quote or a You Tube clip of a waterfall for inspiration rather than connecting with our own inner voice of wisdom.

So how do we bring back the gaps? How do we regain those small daily moments of respite that are free of data? Try implementing these suggestions for a week and let me know how you go:

  • When you arrive home at night, put your phone on silent and leave it in a draw. Set a time to check your phone to see if there are any urgently missed calls. If there are none at that time, then put it back in the draw.
  •  If you are taking a toilet break at work, leave your phone at your desk.
  • When you get in your car, place your phone in your glove box and on silent mode.
  • When you are out walking, bring your attention to the world around you. Look at the sky, the trees, the sun, feel the breeze, what do you smell, see, hear, taste, touch? Be conscious of not being distracted and pulling out your phone to text someone.
  • When you are on public transport, set aside moments that are purposely free of interaction with your phone, including music.
  • Implement Stillness Sessions into your day. These 20 minute sessions of mental quietness are a powerful way of structuring a break from data absorption and promote mental and physical rest.

Those little gaps in the day serve us a tremendous purpose. They are for rest, rebalancing and cognitions. If you’d like a more structured ‘gap’ in your day you could try this deeply relaxing guided meditation of mine called yoga nidra. In this meditation you will lie down on the floor and I will take you through a body scan meditation. After this experience you will feel so rested and relaxed! To try it click below.



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