5 Tips To Help You Get More Balance With Work And Life

At a certain stage in life, you might find yourself struggling to manage your professional and personal life. Once you’ve settled into a routine, it can be easy to neglect one or more aspects of your holistic wellness and to feel ‘caught up’ in life without feeling like you ever get a break. Indeed, you need to give attention to every aspect of yourself in order to strike the perfect work life balance. Focusing on only one thing (i.e. your career) and neglecting another (i.e. your relationships) will leave you feeling dissatisfied with your life. The following work life balance tips can help you if you feel like you’re suffering in one area or another.

1. Schedule time to relax.
Your own downtime is often the first thing to be dropped when you’re busy. Your job might demand results that others rely on, so spending time on yourself (which produces a result that you rely on) is easily sacrificed. But your ‘me-time’ isn’t selfish. In fact, it will improve your mood and your subsequent actions with others.

Think about the things you enjoy and make a point of incorporating them into your weekly schedule. For instance, plan on spending some one-on-one time with your spouse or doing a fun activity with your friends. It’s easier to incorporate these kinds of activities when they’re scheduled, because you can finish your work around them. The most important thing is to make time for something that will help you to unwind and relieve stress.

2. Make small changes to your routine.
You don’t have to make huge changes in your life in order to achieve balance. In fact, you’ll be less likely to follow through with your goals if you make them extreme. Instead, take small steps when it comes to incorporating relaxing activities into your routine.

Even on your busiest days, taking out a few minutes in the morning or at night can really make a difference when it comes to helping you de-stress and unwind. Relaxation activities such as meditation are highly effective and don’t require a huge time commitment. As an example, the Stillness Movement is a shift towards a meditation-centered lifestyle that only requires twenty minutes worth of practise twice per day.

3. Get regular exercise.
If you see exercise as just another thing to check off on your list of things to do, you should change your perspective. Yes, it takes a huge amount of motivation to stay active when you have a busy work and home life, but ultimately it can help you to accomplish more by increasing the amount of energy you have and helping you to concentrate. When you make time to exercise, you feel better throughout the day and it will be easier to maintain your focus and complete all of the tasks you have to do. Of course, that’s in addition to all of the other benefits of exercise, from improved health, to increased longevity and improved confidence.

4. Do away with activities that stress you out, take up your time, or suck your energy.
It’s easy to waste time on things that are counterproductive, or that wear on you unnecessarily. For instance, you might spend an hour time listening to your mother-in-law complaining about her arthritis flare-ups over the phone. While it’s good to devote time to the people in your life that matter, it’s not good to spend too much time indulging others when it comes to activities that aren’t getting you anywhere.

Being unproductive at work is a major problem for many people. Some people even find that if they cut down on the amount of time they spend on social networking sites, news websites, and sifting through emails they get a lot more done. If you can identify sources of wasted time in your life you can work on minimizing them.

5. Know your goals.
If you feel like you’re life is in a constant state of chaos, it might be because you’re lacking direction. You need to take some time to identify what you would like to accomplish over both the short- and long-term. You might want to create a list of things you would like to do in your life, so that you can choose one or two things now and start working towards them. If you write down what you want to do without giving yourself a time limit, you’ll feel directed without feeling stressed about achieving your goals within a specific time frame.

To help you find direction in your life, we have the 12 month Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership program. Here you will be guided by Founder of The Stillness Project to find your passion and inspiration as a leader in the world today. Click below to find out more…

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Find Out How To Transform Pain Into Love

green growth after fire

Ok this may ruffle a few feathers but hang with me for just a minute. I was at Gabby Bernstein’s event last Saturday and there were a lot of people sharing their stories of pain, suffering, addictions, trauma and tragedy. Yes tears flowed and there was a supportive compassionate audience. I empathised with those attendees that shared their story because I recalled the time when I was experiencing similar things many years ago.

The question is, did the pain motivate them to buy their tickets to see Gabby? Did it motivate them to go in search for answers, to seek more love and more light in their lives? If so, isn’t that a good thing? I know it was the pain that urged me to start meditating each day. It was the pain that inspired me to change the way I was living and it was pain that inspired me to learn from others.

Is pain an essential part of our evolutionary process and something for us to not run from but rather embrace?

I recently had a green smoothie with a mate of mine who was telling me about a book called Antifragile. This book is all about how things can actually grow from chaos and disorder. In one review it says:

“According to the author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, there’s an entire class of things that don’t simply resist stress but actually grow, strengthen, or otherwise gain from unforeseen and otherwise unwelcome stimuli.”

The principle here is that disorder, chaos, pain and challenges can actually lead us to a whole new level of growth. Think of this like two steps backwards then three steps forwards. Have you ever noticed a stock market rally on a chart? It’s not a straight line but a series of steps up, back, and then up again to higher ground. You can apply this to individuals, relationships, businesses and countries when there is openness and adaptability to progress and order.

Let’s look at some examples:

1. New growth is inspired after bushfire

2. A business that is struggling will look to change its operations and improve its margins.

3. A struggling relationship will start new levels of understanding and communication

4. You car isn’t running very well, you take it in for a service

5. You get the flu, and decide to rest and not push yourself so hard

6. You have anxiety and learn to meditate

7. You’re unhappy with your job and decide to find your life purpose and change careers

You can see these examples all through our society on a micro and macro level. In Vedic Philosophy there is an understanding that evolution has three forces operating within it. Brahma, the creative operator, Vishnu, the maintenance operator, and Shiva, the destructive operator. Shiva, this remover of irrelevance, is highly revered in India as it is seen as the key force of evolution. Without Shiva there would be no evolution. Shiva can be seen as this force of disorder that paves the way for Brahma, the creative force to enter and rebuild with a new level of cohesiveness.

Is it possible that rather than seeing disorder, chaos and suffering as a negative, what if we are able to see this is part of a sequence that evolution operates through? Each and every moment of discomfort is a guide to do something different and adapt. It’s our cue, a little (or BIG, depends on how resistant we are) nudge from the Universe to adapt and evolve.

I’ve been playing with this idea lately and there are many opportunities to test this. When you feel there is an area of your life that’s not feeling GREAT ask yourself, what is it inspiring you to change?  It could be the way you are running your business; it could be to do with your health, or your relationships. Which ever it is, rather than being glum and feeling crap about yourself, get excited that you are being guided to evolve and adapt. After all, there’s always and only evolution.

Yes, pain sucks. It hurts, and sometimes it feels unbearable. But it’s guiding us home. Isn’t that a gift?

If pain is guiding you to explore now areas of life and to make a deeper connection with yourself, you may like to try our 21 day meditation program called Faster Deeper Bliss. You’ll receive daily guidance from me PLUS receive 37 support videos, ebooks,  and a yoga video! By the end of this course you will be totally trained in the art of meditation and living a more peaceful happier life. We receive testimonials like this below every day from all over the world.

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How To Avoid The Busy Life

busy life

Have you noticed that the usual response you receive from people when you ask them how they are is “SO busy!”

Everyone is busy, busy, BUSY.

Days just fly by and it seems like no matter how much you get done each day its never enough! Do you experience this also?

Yesterday I stopped to have my meditation and ‘check in’ with my body and I noticed how busy everything was. It was a much welcomed respite to stop, sit still, quieten the mind, and not be stimulated by more data and social interaction.

It had me thinking about society. I wondered what it would be like to not even have that 20 minute period each morning and evening in stillness. What would it be like to just go, go, go all day, with no rest for the mind, body or nervous system. Yeh, we all sleep at night, but it’s been proven that sleep isn’t the deepest most effective form of rest. Have you ever found that you woke up after a night’s sleep and you’re either cranky, tired, low on energy or worse, have a cold or flu?

After numerous tests it was scientifically validated that deeper states of metabolic rest were achieved through deeper transcending styles of meditation. The reason being, when the mind is alert and awake, yet not in the thinking process, then the body will go into a very deep state of rest. This 20 minute period of respite from a day of activity is welcome relief for the body as it is a great opportunity to repair itself.

Yes, life is speeding up, however we can effortlessly move through it without the busy reaction within our body. Transcendence in meditation is a powerful process of being aware and yet being free of the effect of life’s events. Meditation frees you from the binding effect that grips the ego and pulls it into the daily fluctuations. Each moment of life has a story and will leave its imprint on you. When life is busy, like most of ours is now, this constant fluctuation has a deteriorating impact on our mind and body. This is leading to sickness, depression, ADHD, anxiety, stomach disorders and more.

Through daily meditation and retreats, we can achieve a freedom whereby we are in the world, and yet blissfully un-attatched from the impact of those events on your mind and body. In Sanskrit this is called moksha- liberationTo attain moksha, daily meditation is recommended. The transcending experience on a daily basis will over time deliver you to this space. To boost this process along, 4 or 6 day retreats can have a very powerful effect. It has been said that the compounding effect of the deep meditation and yoga practice done on the retreats is equivalent of 2-3 years of daily meditation.

As one retreat attendee said:

“I have had some spectacular and spiritual experiences in my 43 years on this planet but so far none has initiated the lasting, life enhancing, goose bumping change and connections like the retreat in Bali led by the awesome and inspirational Tom Cronin” -LR

When you add to the daily meditation and yoga, healthy nourishing food, massages, swimming, and breakthrough workshops, you will come through feeling lighter, clearer and certainly less busy! If you feel you need to slow down, be less affected by the busy-ness of life then click here to find out more.


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