Why This Woman’s Body Dissolved In Her Second Meditation

There’s no doubting the explosion in mindfulness and meditation in the last 5 years. (Yes I know it’s unusual to use the words explosion and meditation in the same sentence but its true right?!) This is a wonderful thing to see, as the world seems to be in a space where a little more calm needs to be found. But it is also creating some confusion with many seekers. It’s like when you get to a restaurant and they have 200 choices on the menu, and you just get overwhelmed with the amount of choice! Eeek, where to do I start??

So today I made a short video for you, sharing why over 20 years of researching numerous meditation techniques, that I choose to not only use myself, but also teach a meditation technique that uses mantras or sounds in it. After you watch this video you will have a deeper understanding about how to get deep quickly, so much so that in this woman’s second meditation, her body began to dissolve!

Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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5 Tips To Achieve A Regular Meditation Practice

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.47.05 pmI meet many people that tell me they have tried meditation but sadly they found it too difficult to continue. So I decided to put together some tips that might be able to help you establish a regular meditation practice. 

  1. Do away with distractions. When meditating, remove all possible distractions from your external environment. Choose a quiet place and dedicate that place to your meditation practice. When you are able to associate that place with meditation you will be more likely to stay on track.
  2. Make your practice your own. Some people get too caught up in what they think they should do while meditating. Believe it or not, what matters is what is going on in your mind as you meditate, not what you’re wearing or how you’re sitting or how long you can do it for. Most often those who have a deep experience during meditation go back for more.
  3. Release tension in your breath. The importance of letting go of exertion in your breath when you meditate should not be overlooked. As you deepen in meditation, your breath will become fainter. Allow the breath to be smooth and gentle.
  4. Let go of your thoughts. Ask anyone and they will tell you that the most difficult aspect of meditation is trying to ‘control’ the thoughts that enter your head. It’s only natural: you may have a clear head one minute and the next you’ll find that you’re thinking about what you are going to cook for dinner or how you have to go into work early the following morning. When it happens, let that be ok. Be aware of the thought and release it.
  5. Listen to your Stillness Sound. When you listen to a Stillness Sound or mantra, as you meditate, you connect with your mind on a deeper level. Your Stillness Sound will help you to achieve a state of relaxation right away and to start nurturing the sense of bliss that comes from your mind naturally wanting to dive deeper with that sound.

So there you have it, some simple tips to help you set up and maintain a regular meditation practice. Just as consistently as the sun rises every morning and sets every evening, we aspire to have that consistency in our meditation practice so that we can experience more bliss and calm in our lives. 

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Clearing The Confusion Between Mindfulness and Meditation

Should you do mindfulness or meditation?

Should your mind be empty or your mind full?

It’s confusing right??

And understandably so.

One minute students are being instructed to ‘empty their mind of thoughts’ then the next minute they are being told to be ‘mindful’.

Well to clear up some of this confusion I have a clip to share with you that should help. Once you see this you’ll have a deeper understanding about the difference between the two. This will help you to live in the simplicity of the present moment with an open heart of love.

When you live from that space, wow, life is magnificent!

Now you may have some other thoughts about meditation and mindfulness that are different to mine, if so, please share them with us as we’d love to hear more on this interesting discussion.

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5 Tips To Improve Your Meditation Practice

There are many ways to meditate from concentration techniques, to chanting, to mantra based meditations. Regardless of your technique, there are ways to improve your experience that will benefit all types of meditations.

Today I have 5 tips that will take your meditation practice to a new level. You can apply these tips to any meditation technique you like.

You may have some other recommendations that I left out, so if you do, please share them with us below in the open forum. We’d love to hear more.

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The ONE THING To Kick Start Your Day! (And No It’s Not Coffee)

Each day as you roll out of bed I’m sure you ask yourself the question:

“Hmmm, what shall I do this morning to take my life to a place of the ridiculous magnificence that I deserve?”

Then you look down the list of choices like coffee,  yoga, qi gong, pilates, weight training, cross fit, barre classes, pole dancing, jujitsu, boot camp or any of the other hundreds of things that you could do to improve your life.

It can get overwhelming right? Well I’ve made it easy for you.

To help you with this decision making process I’ve put together 40 benefits that you’ll get out of sitting in a chair, closing your eyes and meditating for 20 minutes. Sure, meditation will help still your mind, but what’s the point of that anyway? Is stilling the mind the objective or is it the benefits of stilling the mind that we are really seeking?

These are just a few of the benefits that will take your life to that point of RIDICULOUS MAGNIFICENCE!

Once you watch this you’ll be a lot clearer about that choice you’re looking to make as you sit there on the edge of your bed each morning.

If I’ve left any out please share them with us below, we’d love to hear more of them and if you’d like to find out more about how to meditate check out our store page where we have a number of meditation options for you here.


How To Receive Criticism And Be Comfortable With It

one-way-to-avoid-criticism-aristotle-quotes-sayings-picturesPut your hand up if you like to receive criticism.

Of course you kept your hand down. No one likes to be criticised. To the point where we often hold ourselves back from doing many great things in fear of being criticised.

I saw a quote this week by Aristotle:

“There is only one way to avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

Criticism can cut to the core of our ego. It challenges all the false beliefs that we’ve had about ourselves. We tend to measure ourselves by the perspectives of others and when that perspective becomes negative, then OUCH! It hurts.

I’ll let you in on a secret, which is not so secret now. I’m a recovering perfectionist, recovering in that I’ve been in ‘perfectionist rehab’ trying to wean myself off being a perfectionist. One thing about perfectionists is that we love to be perfect…. and what does criticism from others say about our perfectness? That it doesn’t exist! Our illusion becomes shattered and it’s brutally painful.

It was for this reason that I held back from writing, speaking, and teaching. I mean what if someone faulted what I did? Heaven forbid! But the compulsion became stronger and it was a tussle between what was the natural flow forward and my ego holding me back in fear. The block was in my ego, so that’s what I had to work on…dissolving that pesky little thing (only it wasn’t little, it was gargantuan!)

Through my meditation practice I was able to slowly dissolve the big E and allow my clear fearless expression to shine through. (Mind you its not totally dissolved, there is still some there)

Sure, I get criticised. It’s going to happen. But now I see criticism as something very constructive. It’s up to you; it can be destructive or constructive. I find it useful market research that helps me refine what I do and become better at it. In fact, only the other day I asked my children to critique me as a parent. I sat them both down and said to them (true story):

“Hey kids, so I have never been trained as parent and this is my first time at it. So I may be doing things wrong or things that you don’t like. I’m still learning. I want you to let me know how you’d like me to change as a parent and what you think I could do better?”

To which they replied along the lines of:

“Nah, we think you’re doing a great job Dad, you don’t need to change anything.”

It was a nice to hear but I was seriously looking for some constructive criticism to help me become better at parenting. I used to really struggle receiving criticism, it was a painful experience. But not I welcome it with gratitude. It teaches me to evolve and adapt.

But coming back to Mr. Aristotle, and his quote. What would you prefer? Not being criticised and playing the small safe, game or growing, expanding and inspiring others while you expose yourself to potential criticism?  You think Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela were never criticised? The choice is yours and you have greatness within you to share with the world. So what are you waiting for? Share with me how you would like to share your gifts with the world below 🙂

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What Did this News Anchor Man Do After A Panic Attack On National TV?

If you’ve never experienced an anxiety or a panic attack, then you’re very lucky. They are crippling, dreadful, even terrifying experiences that you simply don’t want to go through. Now having a panic attack is one thing, but going through one on national TV must be a whole other ball game!

Dan Harris was a highly respected TV anchorman for ABC News in the USA. His life changed forever when one day, on national TV, he went through one the toughest moments of his life. He had a severe panic attack and had to go off air during a live segment.

For some this could be the straw that broke the camels back. However for Dan Harris, it was the biggest turning point in his life. He had a choice here to go one of two ways, breakdown or breakthrough. Fortunately for Dan and the many people around the world that he now gives hope to, he broke through.

What he did next is inspirational. Now he is changing lives all over the world. Check out from Dan Harris himself how this one thing has changed his own life.

As you saw, Dan Harris speaks so highly of meditation. He, like me, found a particular style of meditation that helped so much to remove the anxiety and panic from his life.

I’ve been teaching meditation for many years now and still to this day I love watching someone transform through the power of stillness. You may not have discovered the very real benefits of meditation yet?  Or maybe you’ve been meditating for a while now, and would like to take it to a new level, or have someone guide you?

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