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Three Life Changing Questions From World’s Leading Transformational Coach

Don’t you love a “Hero’s Tale”?

You know those stories where someone climbs out of the ashes and rebuilds their life to one of greatness? These stories offer us hope and inspiration.

Well I have one for you that stands out. Introducing Brendon Burchard. This guy was on death’s door after a car accident at the age of 19, and three questions inspired him to look at his life at such a young age:


Did I live?
Did I love?
Did I matter?

Three powerful questions that really make you sit up and think. What are you here for? Are you loving fully in every moment? Why are you waking up each day and are you living a relevant life?

Brendon has gone on to do some amazing things. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive. He is also a public speaker, and online trainer on the topics of motivation, high performance, and online marketing.

One thing Brendon puts a lot of his success down to is meditation. He’s been meditating for 10 years now and says:

“It is the magic method for improving people’s lives mentally and psychologically, and many people would argue spiritually as well.”

I have to agree with Brendon because it was transformational in my life. With just 20 minutes twice a day of setting time aside for stillness, my whole life changed for the better. Who would have thought that by doing something so effortless and seemingly inactive that it could have so much power in changing your active life. Brendon explains it so well here how simple it is:

“I close my eyes and do the meditation and in 20 minutes I’m fresh and feel like I just woke up in the morning, like I had a great nap and bam! Now I can write creatively, unattached to all the previous activities.”

We are accustomed to looking outside ourselves for fulfilment….

…yet happiness is not outside. It’s only when we go within do we truly find peace and happiness.

As Brendon says:

“It’s a sensation, a presence, an aliveness and freshness that most people have never experienced in their lifetime.”

So if you are trying to find happiness and success or trying to find love and money, then start by setting aside time each day to connect to your inner stillness in meditation, then watch what flows from that space.

If you already have a meditation practice, then that’s awesome! Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to go to that quiet space within.

If you need some assistance with meditation, then you may like to join my 21 day meditation journey where I will be there with you every day for 21 days to help you experience a deep, relaxing, meditation technique called Faster Deeper Bliss.

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