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Do You Want A Career As A Transformational Leader, Teacher or Coach?

Wow, we are in February already! 2017 is flying by and I wanted to check in with you as to how your year is progressing so far. Are you on track still to reach your goals? Did you even set any goals? Or are you kinda floating by hoping that things work out?

Well I’m sure deep down inside you, below your fears and self doubt, that you have an urge to do more. You might feel a hunger to share your gifts with the world but:

1. You don’t know where to start
2. You don’t have the belief or confidence to do it

This is why I created the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership. This is a coaching program to help those people ready to step up and share their gifts with the world. Now just to clarify here, I’m don’t mean in a nice woo-woo sort of way where you do an instagram post with a Buddha quote on it. I mean to do what you love, helping others, and making a career out of it from anywhere in the world!. Yes, it’s possible…just watch this video here where I just finished a coaching call on an near empty beach!

learn-more-buttonIn the Zen Academy you will not only break free of your limiting beliefs around your potential but also learn the practical tips how to do this from income targets, book writing, speaker training, creating online programs, web site set up, and so much more!

Obviously this isn’t for everyone. However if you are feeling called to make this transition in life then click this link here and apply at the Zen Academy For Transformational Leadership now.

Chat soon,


PS. This is what some of our members of the Zen Academy have had to say so far:

“This morning’s opening session rocked Tom. Thank You! Lots of pearls in there.” MT

“There are no words to express how blessed I feel to be a part of this amazing group. Thanks Tom” SC

“Thank you Tom, this session has been awesome. I feel back on track, motivated and energised.” AM

“Thank you. I always feel better after I listen to you.” SC

“Hi Tom, firstly I want to say a huge thank you for your responses to my challenges last month!!! They were absolutely on point and have helped me get through the month and move forward!! THANK YOU!!!!” ZT

So if you’re ready then apply now by clicking here>>>

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