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Why Most People Fail To Meditate and How To Get Around It

So you know you should meditate, you know it’s good for you, you have enough facts to support its benefits, but darn, you just don’t have the time to do it! Is this you? It’s ok if it is, and you’re not alone. In fact, it is the main reason why most people don’t start to meditate, or start to meditate, but then their practice drops away. Many people seem to switch their meditation mantra to a new mantra ”I don’t have time.”

So how do you get around this challenge? How can you find time in your day to meditate? There is a way to get meditation into your day and it does require only a slight tweak to make that happen. The thing is, no one has less time than 50 years ago. There’s still 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. We all still get up relatively the same time as we did 50 years ago and go to bed around the same time, maybe slightly a bit later but on the whole it’s probably not much different.

Life isn’t any busier either. We are still awake for two-thirds of the day and in a state of ‘doing’ for that period of time as we were 50 years ago. It’s not like everyone was just sitting around 50 years ago doing nothing all day…they still went to work, dropped kids off to school, prepared and ate 3 meals a day, had meetings, showered, went the toilet, took the garbage out, did the the grocery shopping etc etc. So why do we feel life is busier? Why do we feel more stressed? Why do we feel we don’t have time to meditate? One word….pleasure.

We are constantly seeking pleasure in our lives. We have an insatiable appetite for it, and in our incredibly savvy and smart way, we have been geniuses (or is that genuii??) at creating it. Everything that motivates us into action is the quest to find more pleasure and we will take the shortest and fastest route to it, usually with little disregard of the consequences. It’s in our programming as an animal. So when we say we are busy, what we are really saying is I’m flat out searching for pleasure in SO many places. Emails, Netflix, social media, work, shopping, sport, drinking, news feeds, texting, and devouring information. I asked a client why they spend many hours late at night scouring the internet, and they replied: “because I enjoy it.” Indeed, it’s why we do pretty much most things because in some way it brings us pleasure.

So why not just keep doing it? Why meditate when I can get so much pleasure from all of those other areas? Because when we derive pleasure from an external source, we are trapped in a dynamic of outcome-oriented fulfilment. This means that we are being affected by the outer world, we crave more from the outer world and our entire basis for fulfilment is sourced from the outer world. I’ve had to grapple with this for years because I struggled with many addictions and addiction is an insatiable thirst for pleasure that keeps you going back for more.

So if pleasure is sourced from the outer world, and the outer world is constantly changing, then we can also have our pleasure removed. If a form or phenomenon doesn’t meet our expectation or it is removed from us, then our fulfilment will be removed and we are now in the pain dynamic. Also, too much of an outer word pleasure can have a karmic consequence of delivering pain too. Just look at eating too many hot chips, sitting up all night on Facebook or spending all your weekly income on gambling or drinking. Goodbye pleasure, hello pain. Now the thing that brought us pleasure is the source of my pain. Recently Gallup released a poll of 155,000 people in 140 countries that revealed that we are now angrier and sadder than ever before even though we have created a life with more affluence than ever before.

To free yourself of this pleasure pain-dynamic is to find inner peace. Inner peace doesn’t depend on an outcome, it’s not subject to fluctuations and change, it’s not dependant on another human being, or the weather, or how many likes you get on a post. It’s a state of internal fulfilment that is sourced from within. Inner peace is an experience attained through regular contact with a non-sensory and non-thinking world. It’s deep within us beyond thought and feeling. It’s not a fluctuating high and low dynamic…its simple, subtle and steady. Its always there for you, regardless of what is happening in your life. It’s only a matter of asking ourselves how much time have we spent connecting with it?

The path to inner peace from my experience is through meditation. Meditation is a device or tool to get you to what you already are, only it’s just not as dynamic or immediate as a bowl of caramel salted ice-cream or an Instagram feed. Meditation is something like a long term investment, slow and steady, which pays off over time. So when you next say “I don’t have time to meditate” what you’re really saying is I’d much prefer to get some short term pleasure in my life and not invest in a state of inner peace. It is all a matter of preferences. Each day we make a multitude of choices based on preferences – one thing placed as a higher preference over another thing. That’s all. We can choose to do less, however, it’s not a high priority for most of us, me included! There are times I have to really force myself to pause from all my doing, find a chair, close my eyes and sit to meditate. When I do I always come out of the meditation full of gratitude that I did take the time out.

So if you are feeling too busy to meditate just ask yourself “Where am I at with my life?” If you feel ‘busy, stressed, anxious, can’t sleep properly or are one of that Gallup poll, angrier and sadder than ever before, ask yourself “what is another option to what I’m currently doing?” You might find that adding some meditation into your day could be the solution.


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